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Rendang Curry is popular throughout South East Asia. It probably originated in Indonesia and later adopted by Malaysia with little variation may be. Going by wiki, Rendang is a spicy meat dish which originated from the Minangkabau ethnic group of Indonesia. Traditionally it is prepared during festive occasions by the Indonesians and Malays. Singapore, being a neighbour, Rendang is easily available and extremely popular.
There is a lot of Indian and Thai influence in Indonesian cooking we can see. Rendang, in general is a dry dish, simmered and slow cooked to perfection. I purposefully kept a little gravy in it. Use of kaffir lime leaves and lemongrass seems to be Thai influence, whereas use of turmeric, cumin, coriander is more of Indian influence. Any country, big or small has influence of its neighbouring countries in its cuisine with little variation according to the availability of the ingredients. Thats what I feel, others may differ. But very few people will differ with me when I say Rendang Curry is exotic and flavourful . I prefer doing it with chicken and eggs.

INGREDIENTS :( for the spice paste)
Red Chillies : 8(adjust as per your taste)
Shallots(or small onions) : 10
Garlic : 6 cloves
Galangal(or ginger) : 1 thumb size piece
Coriander Seeds : 1 tsp
Cumin Seeds : 1 tsp
Dried red Chilli : 3
Candle nut : 20 gm
Fresh Nutmeg : 1/4

INGREDIENTS :(for the chicken curry)
Chicken :1 kg
Kaffir lime leaves : 4
Lemon grass : 2 stalks
Star anise : 1
Cloves : 3
Green Cardamom : 2
Sugar : 1 tsp
Salt : As per taste
Coconut Milk : 100 ml.
Tamarind Juice : 1/2 tea cup
Oil : 4 tbsp
Toasted Shredded Coconut : 2 tbsp
Wash the chicken and marinate with salt and turmeric . Keep standing for 1 hour. Soak the dry red chillies in warm water for at least 30 minutes before putting into blender. Peel and wash the shallots. Put all the ingredients for the spice paste into the blender and blend into a smooth paste. Cut small the lemon grass stalks making bruises in them.

Heat oil in a wok. Fry the chicken pieces discarding the marinade. Keep aside the chicken pieces. In the same oil put the star anise, cloves, cardamoms . Stir till fragrant. Put in the spice paste. Keep stirring till the oil separates from the spice paste. Add salt.

Now add the coconut milk. Stir and let boil. Add the lemon grass pieces and the kaffir lime leaves. Keep stirring every 2-3 minutes to avoid burning. After 8-10 minutes, put in the fried chicken pieces. Cook for another 10-15 minutes till the gravy reaches at semi-dry to dry consistency. Switch off. Garnish with toasted coconut.

Serve with steamed hot rice!!

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