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This is just another variation of dumplings. You can stuff it with anything from vegetables to all kinds of meats. It is a type of dumpling native to Tibet and Nepal. Over the years it has become very popular in India, specially in the North Eastern regions. Its quite similar to the Japanese gyoza or Chinese baozi. It is extremely healthy and filling except that of the use of refined flour. It is generally served with a specially made chilli sauce or a clear soup.
My men being too much in love with roti-parantha and meat, I hardly do it though it is  such a hassle free recipe. My love for momo dates back to the 90's, when I was in college. Momo was a very new concept in Kolkata then. A very dear friend who just stepped into Kolkata from Nagaland said....Soma .... a momo joint has opened up at Elgin Road, definitely will like it. Soma....being a foodie, did not take much time to go on the mission. I clearly remember me, my friend, her elder sister, two other friends had a nice stroll at the Kolkata Zoo and then ventured into the small cosy eatery to taste those white dumplings filled with meat, accompanied by a simple bowl of soup that tasted heavenly. Later I took my mother a number of times there as she loved them.
My friend heads an NGO at Bangalore today, and while preparing those momos how I wished to sit with her and have them together over series of unending chitchats. May be someday, sooner or later. Momos can be had fried too but I prefer the steamed ones. I prepared a simple veg soup to accompany with carrots,onion,green peas with a dash of lemon,a pinch of black pepper with drops of soya sauce.

Refined Flour : 2 cups
Minced Chicken : 250 gm
Minced Garlic : 1tbsp
Minced Ginger : 1 tsp
Finely Chopped Onion : 2 tbsp
Finely Chopped Coriander : 1 tbsp
Soya Sauce : 2 tbsp
Salt : As per requirement
Oil : 2 tbsp.
Black Pepper Powder : 1tsp

Wash the minced chicken. Add the minced garlic n ginger, chopped onion,coriander, salt, soya sauce and black pepper powder to it. Mix very well all together and keep aside.

Take the flour in a big bowl. Add little salt and the oil. Mix well. Now add water little by little and keep on rubbing with your palm until it turns into a soft dough.

With help of rolling pin and a base roll out small round shaped puris. They have to be thin. Put one spoon full of minced chicken filling in the middle. Close it from all sides and they will take such round shapes as in the picture.

Put a deep bottom vessel half filled with water on the oven. Cover and let the water come to boil. Take a flat metal vessel with holes in it. Add few drops of oil in it and spread. Place the dumplings on it one not touching the other.

Once the water comes to boil, place the vessel with dumplings over it and cover. Let steam for 10 to 15 minutes. And your soft chicken momos are ready to be served.

Please note, they taste best when done with minced pork. The fat released from the pork enhances its taste.

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