Sunday, 25 October 2015


Diwali is approaching and we are all geared up for preparing home made sweets. I was thinking of preparing something new, different from the usual ones we do at home. At times we love to be experimental in the kitchen. There are times when ideas pop up, we want to implement them and see how it comes. It is not that every time the result is satisfactory, a lot of blunders happen in my kitchen... but we can only learn through trial and error.

There is no artificial colouring in this sweet. They are made of green peas, condensed milk and few dry fruits. Doing this I did not follow any recipe, followed my mind and the result was quite satisfactory. Only that we will use little ghee while cooking it because we need to get rid of the raw smell of the green peas paste. I can assure you will only enjoy taking healthy bites at the end. Let us do it.

Green Peas : 250gm
Condensed Milk : 150ml
Rice Flour : 2-3 tbsp
Almond : 4-5
Pistachio : 4-5
Cashew : 4-5
Raisin : 1 for each sweet
Green Cardamom powder : 1tsp
Ghee : 3-4tbsp

Wash the green peas and blend to a paste in the blender. Crush the almonds, pistachios and cashews into small pieces.

Heat ghee moderately in a wok. Pour the green peas paste and stir continuously at low heat for 5 minutes. Add the rice flour and stir for another 1 minute.

Add the condensed milk, fold in well and keep stirring till it turns into a sticky consistency and tend to come out of the surface of the wok.

Add the crushed dry fruits and cardamom powder. Fold in well.

Transfer to a greased plate. Let cool a bit. Make into desired shapes and top each one with a raisin.


  1. Wow this is really interesting and new variety of sweet to me Soma..beautiful recipe of peas barfi :)

    1. Thanks so much dear Jolly for the means so much....

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