Sunday, 28 May 2017


"Raah Pe Kante Bikhre Agar...
Uspe To Phir Bhi Chalna Hi Hai...
Sham Chupale Suraj Magar...
Raat Ko Ekdin Dhalna Hi Hai...
Root Ye Tal Jayegi...
Himmat Rang Layegi...
Subah Phir Aaegi ho...."       .... from the movie Dor by Nagesh Kukunoor...

..... and finally after more than a decade of its release it is available on youtube.... I watched the movie long back and I highly recommend it to those who have not seen it yet. A director par excellence like Nagesh Kukunoor does not require an introduction. What attracts me the most in his movies is their story line.... each of them so different from the other.... so unique by their own right and with a strong message. Nagesh treats each of his creations so well taking care of every details just as we do to our kids. When he was in this island for the launch of "Dhanak"... he narrated how he left a lucrative job in the west to pursue his passion and his struggle in the process. This particular film "Dor"... literally meaning string..... bandhan or a bond is a beautifully woven story of a bond between two women.... from two different setups... of totally opposite characters who meet over a very much unpleasant circumstances. Throughout the movie, you get to see the plight of people in remotes of India.... specially of widowed women.... how a newly wed bubbly girl turns onto a victim of oppression within the family just because her husband dies? How to translate the above lines?... well... its cliched but true.... however rough the road is.... we cannot stop midway... we must make an effort to go ahead... the colours of strength within you makes you shine through... the dark night ends with a sunrise.... and you get sun kissed..... so go to Youtube .... type "Dor"and watch..... feel deep within the attributes of relationship and B+. I am an ardent music lover, I particularly love this song or any number or kind that is melodious and touches my soul. I just click Google for lyrics of songs that I wish to learn... you too can.

Yesterday too was our movie day and again watched a meaningful movie "Hindi Medium" at 'Shaw Theatres' in the island. It is based on the topic.... how mad Indian parents can be to get their kids admitted in top schools. I could completely identify with the movie because I was a living example of that kind of mother back then .... it was the wise senior at home who did not allow me to turn mad on our son. As he always say... I want my son to be happy... he will make a decent life for himself... I will not allow you to push him into number game. When we fight on an issue 'our' son becomes 'my'. The senior at home is actually a year younger than me but a far more liberated soul full of wisdom. When people talked about us... he said just give a deaf ear... we will build our own home... and a happy one... where these people will not feature, we are in charge of our lives. The movie also indicates some serious issues... how the propertied class take advantage of reservation even during admissions at school. Can we really blame them for turning against the society? If we grab all that is good by money power.... what will the underprivileged do? Reservation of seats in any field should purely be based on one's socio-economic status, it is a necessity in a diverse society to uplift the backward classes. Few malls, good roads, proper sanitation and educational benefits, all confined to few cities do not account for an overall development, each of the facilities should reach the grassroots level. The one who is giving such big talks in her blog is not so much of a saint though but try her bit in a small way... each one of us should. Whatever exaggeration you will see in the movie otherwise can be excused  as cinematic license. Irfan Khan is a class apart who knows how to keep you stay fixed to your sit throughout the entire movie.

After two good movies, we need some good food too. Malpoa or Malpua is a much sort after sweet / dessert / snack for many of us. It is usually done with semolina, sugar, refined flour, rice flour. We keep on adding various other things like  banana, shredded coconut and so on. Since mango is in season now and we get very good variety of it in this tropical island... we are having it to our heart's content. I just cannot listen to any health warnings when it comes to mango. We are having it as a fruit and I am also using it in different desserts ..... frozen or otherwise. Though I do not always wish to translate "desi" kind of dishes but we have to do it.... we must. Well for those who do not have an idea what a malpua is... it is actually a kind of pan cake. This time I have tried a mango flavoured malpoa with fresh mango puree. I would call it a sweet snack as I have not dipped the fried mango pancake in sugar syrup.... if so we can call it a dessert. Come let us prepare them following the stepwise pictures given.... let some good background music be on.

Please Note: I used artificial sweetener instead of sugar but I will not recommend unless I talk to my doctor on how safe it is to consume.


Full Cream Milk : 1-11/2big cup or as required for a batter like consistency
Semolina : 1big cup
Refined Flour : 1/3big cup
Rice Flour : 1/2big cup
Mango Puree :11/2medium cup
Shredded Coconut : 1small cup
Sugar : 1small cup [I used artificial sweetener]
Fennel Seed : 1tbsp
Yellow Food Colour : 2pinches [optional]
Baking Powder : 2pinches
Oil : 1tsp + 200ml [to deep fry]


Take the semolina in a bowl.

Add milk to soak it and keep covered for sometime.

Open cover and add sugar to it.

Fold in well adding the fennel seeds.

Now puree the extracted mango pulp in a blender.

Add the mango puree, shredded coconut and yellow food colour to the malpoa / malpua batter.

Fold in the batter well and keep aside for at least 1/2 an hour.

Add 1tsp oil and the baking powder to the batter and fold in well. Heat oil in a wok. Take batter in a big round spoon and drop gently to the oil.

When one side turns brown, turn over and let the other side fry well. Keep increasing and decreasing the heat throughout the entire process as required.

Take out and place the malpoa on tissue paper first. I forgot to take picture of this stage. Once it soaks the oil, transfer onto serving plates. Have them hot / warm or at room temperature as per your preference. They taste the best on the next day. My family loves, yours too will.


  1. Mango malpua is definitely a yummy variation !! Love it :)

  2. Any dessert with mango is such a joy. I see it right now.

  3. Something which I have not tasted yet!!!Love to give it a try soon! Thanks Soma for the recipe ☺️