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These sweet , savory, coconut filled crepes brings back lot of memories. When I was 5-6 years old,  our mothers did not have gas ovens in their kitchens to enjoy little bit of comfort. Yet they were far more active and energetic than we are. All day long till night she would happily lock herself in the kitchen, sweating and conforming to our demands without a complain. These days I  feel very guilty when I remember how back from school and college I demanded exotic platters one after another without even thinking how difficult it was for her to work on a clay oven even on evenings. I remember, may be around 1984-85, our kitchen was for the first time shining with a a gas oven. Can I ever forget the glittering smile on my mother's face to get a faster medium of cooking?....Never. I have always taken a pride to admit I come from a very middle class, humble background and I will never compromise with the middle class values taught by my parents. I firmly believe if I forget my roots, I reach nowhere. I may be going offtrack, this is what happens these days. The quite little girl who remained unnoticed most of the time, is talking too much, signs of aging you know.
       The above lines are not irrelevant  altogether when I say these coconut filled crepes tasted best when prepared in clay ovens. It was a day long process....from soaking the rice....grinding it to flour...scraping the coconut, mixing it with right amount of jaggery. This was mainly prepared during winter season. Lets start with the recipe which is a tribute to all the elderly women in the family for whom I could dare to prepare it today.

INGREDIENTS :(for the filling)
Shredded Coconut : 300 gm
Jaggery : 100 gm
Camphor : 1small tablet or Green Cardamom Powder : 4 pinches.
Water : 1 coffee cup.

INGREDIENTS :(for the pancakes)
Refined Flour : 1 coffee cup
Semolina : 1/2 coffee cup
Rice Flour : 1/4 coffee cup
Sugar : 1/2 tea cup
Oil : 2 tblsp
Water as required

In a wide mouthed big bowl, take the refined flour,rice flour,semolina,sugar. Mix well. Add water to that much quantity which makes the batter neither creamy, nor too running, but just in between. Add 1/2 tsp oil and mix well. Make sure there is no lump in the batter. Adding oil helps the crepes to come out well. Keep standing for 1 hour.

Put a wok in the gas oven. Pour 1 coffee cup water. Put in the jaggery. Let it melt. When it starts boiling keep stirring. As it becomes sticky, put in the the shredded coconut and camphor tablet, alternatively the green cardamom powder. As the mixture gets sticky, switch of gas. The filling is ready.

Heat a nonstick frying pan. Put 1/2 tsp oil. Once the oil is heated, wipe the pan lightly with a wet cotton cloth. Now pour in one laddle full of batter in the pan and immediately spread it in round shape with the help of the back of the laddle. when its almost done, put in 2 tablespoon of coconut jaggery filling in the middle of the crepes. With the help of the spoon, spread it lengthwise. Now fold in from both sides and place in a plate.

Please note, you need not put oil before making each one. You put oil once in every 3 crepes you prepare. I always use a non-stick frying pan to avoid it from getting stuck to the pan admitting I do not have the expertise of our moms and grand moms.

Enjoy warm or chilled!!

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