Thursday, 29 January 2015


Its pretty long time I have not posted a dessert recipe. I definitely do them over the weekend, click pictures and then suddenly a fish or meat curry comes in between. Today I thought I must post a bit uncommon kind of dessert. This is not as regular as rice kheer. It is mostly done in winter because orange is used in it which is found in abundance during winter at our place.

These days whenever I see an orange, I fly back to the mid 70's/80's. A lazy afternoon....winter time... a small balcony in our rented and my little brother basking under the sun sitting close to our mother's lap. She would be very busy peeling those sweet juicy oranges and putting inside our mouth. Just  as a mother bird feeds her kids. Those were the best time of our life may be. A morning school, an elaborate lunch, afternoon naps and mom's lap. We mostly ate oranges fresh. This dessert was not prepared at our home neither did I ate it anywhere. I perhaps saw the recipe somewhere.

Chinese New Year is approaching and a visiting friend got me a big box of oranges last week. I think its auspicious among the Chinese. I am not allowed to eat much sweets and fruits but I am not been able to resist the temptation of these red, juicy fruits. Here they are available in different varieties and names. I don't know much about them and end up calling them all oranges. To me its their sweetness that matters. So I am planning for  desserts and smoothies with those sweet round balls. This recipe requires milk, crumbled paneer, sugar/condensed milk and small pieces of orange pulp with the white portion removed.

Milk [full cream] : 1lt.
Condensed Milk : 1/2 tin
Paneer : 100gm
Orange : 2

Pour the milk in a heavy bottomed vessel and put on the oven. Boil at low heat till it reduces to almost half, stirring every 3-4 minutes.

Meanwhile, wash and peel the oranges. Discard the white skin from them and get the pulp. Break into small pieces. Get the zest of one orange.

As the milk is reduced to half, add the condensed milk. Mix well and boil further for 5 minutes. Crumble the paneer pieces with your palm and pour into the kheer.

Switch off and transfer into a serving bowl. Let cool. Now add the orange pulp and the zest. Put for refrigeration. To be served chilled!!

Please do not add the orange pulp and zest when  the kheer is still hot, it may curdle it. No need of using artificial orange essence as the orange zest and pulp will add a fresh mild flavour to the kheer. Adding nuts is really not required in this dish.


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    1. Thanks Meri Rasoi....Perhaps all kheer recipes are so....easy to make yet great taste

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    1. have always been so encouraging...

  3. Can we make the same recipe using mango pulp instead?

  4. It's a very refreshing addition to the kheer. The citrusy, tangy flavours will be a real feast along with the creaminess from the milk and paneer on the taste buds. I am surely gonna try this.