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PARATHAS are unleavened flatbreads prevalent throughout South Asia. It is made by pan frying whole wheat dough on a tava[pan]. Usually we use ghee or oil to fry them. We can make it plain or stuff it with potato, cauliflower, spinach, radish, paneer or keema. Stuffed Parathas can be simply eaten with some pickles and yogurt. Plain parathas goes best with potato or vegetarian curries, dal or meat. They are made  in varied shapes... round, square and triangular are more common.

'PARATHE WALI GALI'....meaning the bylane of flat bread, is the name of a narrow street in the Chandni Chowk area of Delhi, India. It is famous for a huge number of shops selling paratha. It is said about 200 variety of parathas are available there. Since childhood I have visited Delhi six times...5 times with parents and once with hubby because whichever place of Northern India you visit, from Rajasthan to Kashmir to generally go via Delhi. The unfortunate me have missed visiting Parathe Wali Gali each time. On my next visit surely not to miss.

Roti and Parathas are extremely loved by my men. Back from office, almost everyday someone will it roti/paratha or rice today for dinner? If the answer is roti or paratha, there is a hidden smile on his face....hidden because he never asks for anything....he never had or have demanded for anything. He accepted what life has bestowed on him. For such people you always feel going that extra mile and try to give your best. Back to track, parathas, of different types are regular at my home. These parathas are made with a minced chicken filling.

INGREDIENTS :[for the dough]
Whole Wheat Flour[atta] : 2 cups
All Purpose Flour[maida] : 1cup
Salt : As required
Water : As required
Oil : 1tbsp

INGREDIENTS :[for the filling]
Minced Chicken : 250 gm
Onion : 1[big]
Garlic : 3 pods
Ginger : 2[1inch pieces]
Green Chilli : 2
Salt : As required
Black Pepper Powder : 1/4tsp
Oil : 2tbsp

We need 1tsp oil for each paratha to fry.
Let us prepare the dough first. Take the two flours, salt and oil in a wide mouthed vessel. Mix well. Add water little by little and keep on rubbing with your right palm. Continue doing this unless a soft but firm dough is formed. Cover with a squeezed wet cloth for 1 hour.

Prepare the filling now. Mince the garlic and ginger and wash. Wash, peel and slice the onion. Wash and chop the green chillies. Heat oil in a pan. Add the minced garlic and ginger. Fry till light brown and add the sliced onion. As they turn brown, add the chopped green chillies. Saute well and put in the prewashed minced chicken. Add salt and black pepper powder. Saute for 3 minutes and cover cook at low heat till all the water dries. The filling has to be very dry otherwise it will be very difficult to roll the parathas.

Now make round shapes from the dough. Make hollows in them and fill in with chicken filling. Close very nicely. See the picture below.

Dust and roll the balls into round shaped parathas with help of a rolling pin and base. Please do not press hard the parathas while rolling, they may tear. See the picture below.

Heat a tava[pan] on a gas oven. Put one paratha. Let cook for 30 seconds and flip over. Repeat 2-3 times. Pour in 1 tsp oil. Fry both sides well. This way fry all the keema parathas. See the picture below.

Once done serve with pickles and yogurt!! Please note, you can prepare your filling as per your choice of spices!!


  1. Wow... amazing recipe, I wish I could taste them. Thanks for the yummy recipe.

  2. Thanks Susan...they are on your way...☺


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  6. Clever invention Soma. Seldom is the call for paratha in my house, this, filled and then flatten with chicken keema is a divine invention.