Monday, 16 February 2015


Ajwain Parathas are parathas where carom seeds are added to the wheat flour and made into a dough. In many a parts of South Asia, flat breads are a staple. Hence we are used to  using various types of ingredients while making chapati or paratha to give them a different touch, making them even tastier and flavourful. Carom seeds have digestive properties, so using them in various recipes is quite common in many parts of South Asia. In India, it is more common in Northern India. In line with perfect cultural harmony it is prepared  in other states too. Food has no boundaries. Its acceptance depends upon our taste buds. One of my very known person is expecting and a punjabi. I get for her various Bengali curries and she happily eats them. I just have to take care of few things, suppose I omit using sugar, make it spicier to suit her taste buds.

With two roti lovers at home, I have to keep on experimenting with the ingredients I use in the flatbreads. They should not get bored of eating the same thing day after day, neither should I be a victim of monotony while cooking. A variety in recipes with a touch of difference leaves me happier at my den. Ajwain parathas are usually made with adding it to wheat flour and fried in ghee. But I made it with mixing besan[gram flour] and wheat flour in 1:2 ratio. As an healthier option, I used oil instead of ghee[clarified butter] while frying them.

Whole Wheat Flour : 2 cups
Gram Flour : 1 cup
Onion : 1 big
Green Chilli : 3
Ajwain [Carom Seeds] : 2tbsp
Salt : 1/4 tsp
Oil : 1 tbsp + 11/2 tsp for each paratha to fry.
Warm Water : As required

 Slice the onion and chop the green chillies and wash them.Take both the flours in a wide mouthed vessel. Add the sliced onions and chopped green chillies. Add the carom seeds and salt. Pour in 1 tbsp of oil. Rub very well with your palm for about 2 minutes.

Now add warm water little by little and keep on rubbing until a soft but firm dough is formed. This will take about 15 minutes. Keep covered with a squeezed wet cloth for 1 hour. After the standing period, prepare balls in size of tennis balls.

Roll out parathas with help of rolling pins in your desired shapes, square, round or triangular. Make the griddle hot. Fry each with 11/2 tsp oil. You have to constantly keep on changing the temparature. If the griddle gets cooler, the parathas will harden, if too hot, they burn. So we need to be cautious.

I served them with   red chilli pickle!!


  1. Thanks for this delicious post the paratha looks so cool in pic. just want to give one try, to taste it.

  2. Wow... spiced roti with pickle... iam drooling over. My favorite

  3. Ajwain Paratha my all time fav breakfast, I didn't add gram flour, thanks for this interesting ingredient, next time I'll use gram flour in a dough..Wonderful share chef Soma :)

    1. Thank You always dear Chef friend... love you...