Sunday, 1 March 2015


A diabetic myself, I have been recommended to have more of vegetables and proteins in my diet. Being on a heavier side always, I am in a mission to shed few extra kilos at least. So sincerely need to incorporate more of veggies as an alternative to carbs. In such a scenario I literally have to hunt for more veggie delights. Yesterday tried this recipe of Char Grilled Tomatoes.

Tomatoes are so health loaded. They are rich source of vitamins A and C and folic acid. They contain a wide array of essential nutrients our body needs. Its beneficial properties makes it a must have in our everyday diet. I love this red, juicy, shiny fruit in salads, curries, whatever possible  way. It enhances the taste and colour of any curry.

Yesterday was my no rice day and was exploring through google for some alternative that can fill my stomach....which to my annoyingly big....God...have some mercy. I saw many a recipes of grilled and baked tomatoes, bell peppers and then modified into mine. Of late, I have developed a taste and liking for vegetarian food, may be for having too much of non-veg since childhood. I love paneer[Indian/South Asian Cottage Cheese], hence thought of using it as a filling to stuff the tomatoes and grill them. In much less time, a healthy dish made with no compromise with taste.

Red Tomato : 4
Red Bell Pepper : 1
Capsicum : 1
Onion : 1
Green Peas : 2 tbsp
Green Chilli : 2
Paneer[Indian Cottage Cheese] : 100 gm
Salt : As required
Black Pepper[crushed] : 1tsp
Oil : 2tbsp + 1tbsp

Wash the tomatoes, wipe and cut from the top . Take out the pulp and the seeds. Drizzle the tomatoes with little salt and oil. Get a smooth paste of the pulp in a blender.

Wash and cut into cubes the green and red bell peppers and onions. Wash and chop the green chillies. Crumble the paneer with your palms.

Heat 2tbsp oil in a wok. Add the onions. Saute till translucent. Add the tomato pulp paste and fry till the raw smell goes away. Add the red and green bell peppers, chopped onions and the green peas.

Add salt n pepper. Saute for 3-4 minutes and add the crumbled paneer. Stir for another 2-3 minutes at medium to low heat. Its done. Let cool.

Stuff each tomatoes with the paneer filling. Place on a oven proof tray. Grill for 8-10 minutes. You can add few drops of lemon juice at this stage. Enjoy!!

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