Wednesday, 25 March 2015


Mango season is approaching and that is a reason to feel happier. Coming from a state which grows about 500 varieties of mangoes which are exported too, I can take the liberty to be choosy about buying it. In Singapore, we do get a variety of mangoes, I have tried and tasted quite a few of them. They are good, but somehow cannot appeal to my taste buds, I do not find them flavourful also. In my state or rather in India mangoes have a strong sweet smell, which when cut, the entire neighbourhood gets to know.

We cannot stay without having mangoes either. Hence, I have zeroed in on few varieties after much trying and testing. We do get alphonso and few other Indian variety here but not the much loved ones from my state. As they say we need to be flexible in life to move forward, the once rigid me has given  in to the demands of life. Like it or not, there is a predominance of mangoes at my home during its season considering its health benefits. It is extremely good for improving digestion and bone health, beneficial for skin and hair.

Preparing a cake topping with mango was in mind for a long time. Yesterday got the first mango of the season which happened to be little sour. So thought using one as a topping to my basic Chocolate Cake. Poor at baking, I always keep my cakes very simple. This is an eggless chocolate cake I prepared with a mango puree toping.

All Purpose Flour :1 1/2 cup
Cocoa Powder : 3tbsp
Sugar : 1/2 cup 
Baking Powder : 11/4 tsp
Baking Soda : 1/2 tsp
Banana : 2 medium
Plain Yogurt : 1/4 cup
Butter : 1/2 cup[oil can also be used]
Vinegar : 1tsp
Vanilla Extract : 1tsp

Ripe Mango : 1
Cornflour : 1tbsp
Icing Sugar : 5tbsp
Butter : 2tbsp[softened]

Take out the pulp of the mango and discard the seed. Now prepare a puree with the mango pulp, cornflour, icing sugar, butter in the blender. Refrigerate for 1 hour.

Preheat the oven to 180 deg C.

Sieve the dry ingredients together. Blend the banana along with all the wet ingredients. Add to the flour mix. Stir in to mix well.

Pour onto a greased cake tin and bake for 30 minutes. Check by inserting a fork in the middle which should come out clean if done.

Once cool, turn onto a serving plate. Apply the mango puree on top. Refrigerate for 1 hour. Enjoy chilled!!

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