Monday, 30 March 2015


Healthy....Wealthy....Tasty....Fruit Smoothies are meant n taste.... ultimately helps one to be wealthy....hahaha...that was on a lighter note...yet there is a lot of truth in it.... and I am happy that I could ultimately made good use of those little sour mangoes. I hope most of you will agree with me on the fact that mangoes should be eaten in two ways.... either it has to be too ripe and sweet or raw made into sour/sweet chutneys or otherwise. There is no halfway in eating mangoes. Since the mangoes I got last week turned as little sour, they will not be eaten just as a fruit. Hence, I had to plan something else with them... which had to  be healthy, yet tasty.

I prepared this Yogurt-Mango Smoothie for my family. In fact, I have planned a row of chilled health drinks for this summer to keep hydrated. Excuse the colour of the smoothie, perhaps because I used good amount of yogurt, they did not turn dark yellow, which is usually the natural colour of mango. Besides, I used Thai Honey mangoes which are light yellow in colour. To prepare this smoothie you need very few ingredients and done in few minutes.

Ripe Mango : 3
Plain Yogurt : 1 coffee mug
Milk Powder : 2 tbsp
Honey : 1/2 small cup
Chat Masala : Sprinkle 2 pinches in each glass[optional]
Garnish as you wish with dry fruits or fresh ones.

Wash and soak the mangoes in clean water for half an hour.

Peel and take out the pulp. Discard the seeds.

Pour the pulps in a blender.

Add the yogurt, milk powder and honey.

Blend at high speed for 2 minutes with intervals.

Pour in glasses and refrigerate for 2-3 hours.

Garnish as you wish, sprinkle chat masala and serve chilled.

 If you don't want it too thick, add half cup water.

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