Sunday, 6 December 2015


I have learnt this dish from a dear friend. She prepares scrumptious starters. This Chilled Pasta Salad dish she usually serves alongside kebabs. I keep learning recipes from my surroundings. At times I improvise on them or sometimes just remake them in my kitchen. This typical Indian cook does at times cook different, if only she has the ingredients ready in hand..... My western and middle-eastern food loving men have to visit restaurants for those kinds. I do not like messing up with cooking, I do what I am comfortable in.

In this pasta dish, we can add things to our preferences. Lots of vegetables, sausage, boiled chicken, eggs, mayonnaise. In a low caloric version, we can substitute mayo with olive oil. Since I prepared it for my guests, among which there were little ones, I used mayonnaise. Let us do it.

Pasta[spiral or otherwise] : 200gm
Tomato : 1
Cucumber : 1
Green Pea : 2tbsp
Sweet Corn : 2tbsp
Parsley[chopped] : 2tbsp
Egg[boiled] : 2[to garnish]
Mayonnaise : 2-3 tbsp
Salt : As Required
Black Pepper Powder : 1/2tsp

Boil the pasta in enough water with little salt added to it. Drain the water and wash with cold water again.

Chop the washed tomato and cucumber . Boil the green pea and sweet corn for 3-4 minutes, drain water. Boil the eggs n cut into smaller pieces. Wah and chop the parsley.

Add little salt to the tomato and cucumber. In a serving bowl take the pasta. Add tomato, cucumber, boiled green peas and sweet corn, parsley,  black pepper powder and mix very well.

Cover and refrigerate. Take out after an hour, add the mayonnaise. Fold in very well and serve.

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  1. I love preparing this pasta salad with lots of raw and boiled vegetables. Served chilled, it tastes good.