Sunday, 14 February 2016


Well, I named the dish so because I was up to preparing something and landed into this. It is not a cake, more of a pudding with a cake like frosting... I was not satisfied with the look of the top, hence went ahead with the butter-sugar icing... Actually I was attempting at bread cups with a strawberry filling which did not satisfy me on the midway of its preparation. The not so patient me attempted for a quicker something and trust me.... you will like this quick fix dessert for sure.

Valentine's Day was never a part of our culture, neither do I believe in any one day of celebrating love. Isn't it a life long celebration? The senior at home jokingly says it started as sales promotion strategy of Archie's in our country. He has the same view about Dhanteras... the jewellery shop's sales promotion. Anyway, I thought if people of other cultures can stop by and show interest in my regional recipes, I should also wish them with something they can identify with... We will use fresh strawberry paste, bread, a little of agar agar, egg, yogurt and sugar in this recipe.

INGREDIENTS :[for the pudding]
Bread : 4-6 slices
Strawberry : 100 gm
Plain Yogurt : 1/2 medium cup
Sugar : 1/2 small cup
Agar Agar : 1tsp
Egg : 2

INGREDIENTS : [for the topping]
Butter[softened at room temperature] : 1/2small cup
Sugar[powdered] : 2tbsp
Strawberries[fresh] : 2-3

Beat together butter and sugar for 5-7 minutes. Keep aside.

Cut the sides of the bread slices. Wash and chop the strawberries.

In a grinder, put together bread pieces, chopped strawberries, eggs, yogurt and sugar. Prepare a fine paste with it.

In a small bowl, take 4tbsp water, add the agar agar powder to it and mix well. Microwave for 30 seconds- 1minutes stirring every ten seconds till it becomes little sticky.

Add to the paste and mix thoroughly.

Grease a cake tin with butter. Pour the mix on it.

Preheat oven at 160*C. Place a bigger pan filled 1/4 with water.

Place the cake tin on it. Bake at 160* for 20 minutes. Let cool. Loosen the sides with a knife and take out carefully.

Do the topping with the butter cream. Halve the strawberries and decor as you wish.

Serve at room temperature or after refrigeration.


  1. Hi soma,
    This is actually interesting recipe and this truly reflect your passion for food.This is such a beautiful innovative dish — I loved the color and presentation of this recipe.

  2. Senior and I think on the same lines. Neither do I buy a card on Valentine nor I buy any utensil or jewellery on Dhanteras.But anyways, it is good to celebrate love with cooking something specail and this is a beautiful pudding cake,

    1. Yes true that... I am a bit romantic kind of though....