Friday, 20 May 2016


Fish is an absolute love for us Bengalis but Fish Pulao is not so much of an authentic Bengali dish. This is a modification I would rather say. Pulao in a Bengali home always meant sweet pulao, which is authentic. A plate full of pulao, a green chilli and a fish dry curry or dum aloo.... a combination much loved among us. We have visiting friends from India right now, I am unable to concentrate on writing recipes, more so because they are getting angry with me been engaged in all these activities. I thought today is the beginning of weekend, let me share something that can be done over the weekend.

I prepared this Mach Pulao / Fish Pulao for our friends day before yesterday. I had some fish fillets in the refrigerator, thinking fish fry would take longer time to prepare, I made this pulao with small chunks of fish and served with yogurt and salad. While doing pulao we do not strain the rice water but here I cooked the rice and discard the water as is done for fried rice. They loved it and I was happy. Let us do this fish pulao or Mach Pulao together.

INGREDIENTS :[for cooking the fish]
Fish Fillet : 300gm
Lemon Juice : 2tbsp
Red Chilli Powder : 1/2tsp
Coriander Powder : 1/2tsp
Cumin Powder : 1/2tsp
Turmeric Powder : 1/2tsp
Refined Flour : 1tbsp
Salt : As Required
Oil : 5-6tbsp[the left over can be used later]

INGREDIENTS : [for the pulao]
Rice : 1big cup[long grained]
Cashew Nuts : 8-10[halved]
Green Pea : 1/2small cup
Onion : 2medium[cubed]
Ginger Paste : 2tsp
Garlic Paste : 2tsp
Garam Masala Powder : 1tsp
Turmeric Powder : 1/2tsp
Salt : As Required
Bayleaf : 2-3
Cinnamon Stick : 2-3 two inch
Green Cardamom : 4-5
Clove : 2-3
Oil : 2tbsp
Ghee : 2tbsp[clarified butter]

Wash the rice and cook in enough water till 70% done. Drain the water and spread the rice on a big plate or newspaper.

Cut the fish fillets into smaller pieces, wash. Marinate for 1/2 an hour with all the ingredients except oil and refined flour.

Heat oil in a pan . Coat the fish fillets with refined flour and swallow fry on both sides well. Keep aside on tissue paper.

In a clean wok, heat oil and ghee together. Temper with green cardamom, cinnamon, clove and bay leaves.

Add the cubed onions and fry for a minute or two. Add the cashew nuts and fry for a minute.

Add ginger and garlic paste, salt and turmeric. Stir for 2-3 minutes. Add the garam masala powder and fry for a minute.

Add the green peas and saute for 2 minutes. Add the sautéed fish and fold in well carefully.

Add the cooked rice and fold in well very carefully, the fish pieces should not break. Add 2 tsp ghee if you wish more flavour.

Serve with your choice of sides.


  1. Flavorful and authentic fish pulao..looks really delicious, pass me the full plate dear friend 😊

    1. On your way dear... thanks so much....

  2. oo wow never heard about fish pulao..looks delicious just want to grab and gobble up