Friday, 2 September 2016


These Dalia n Dry fruit Ladoos were made a few days back as a part of a celebration at home. This is definitely not a family recipe, I hardly remember dalia [cracked wheat] been ever featuring on my mom's monthly ration list.... saying so I travel many a years back... visualising the lady carrying two heavy bags with groceries, carrying us to school and back, going to the wet market, cooking, cleaning, doing everything with only one help. Daddy being in nationalised banking services was most of the time posted elsewhere. This was perhaps the picture of every middle class homes back then. Though in decent jobs, their concept of living was different. They strongly believed in simple living and infused in us the valuable lessons of been down to the earth.We might have come a long way which is hard earned, yet we strongly embrace our middle class values. We should not stagnate at one place neither should we forget our roots. Yet when people too close to heart misjudge you as a snob, you feel extremely hurt and broken. You suddenly feel choked and speechless in the harshness of the situation. What if you do not wish or unable to share the pain with anyone? What if you firmly believe modesty is the finest jewellery one can adorn? One cannot or should not be disrespectful unless there is a serious attack on their self respect. In such situations, go for a movie, or relax yourself with some cooking. With a realisation that talking and expressing less earns you peace, I will do considerable amount of cooking this evening after I finish sharing my philosophical notes with the world with sweet something.

Yes, many of you must have known by now that my blog is less about food and more about life and philosophy. There is perhaps hardly any food blogger with so less knowledge of food as me, the ethics and protocol the food world works on. I feel suffocated at times. As some friends fondly say Soma, stop writing recipes and try at least some short stories. Knowing myself the best that I lack vocabulary, in-depth knowledge, deep insights perhaps, I reject their love filled suggestions. I believe writing skills are God gifted, one can sharpen it with time and experience but no way can we develop it. But given a choice, I would love to be in that bracket any day.

Just back from a lot of work, I got some 'me' time to share a recipe of a simply made sweet ladoo with you all. As said earlier, it is not a family recipe. Everyday, I go through a couple of such recipes of so many variety of amazing combinations. I do keep dalia at my pantry for myself as a substitute of rice. My men will definitely not have dalia khichdi or upma but trust me, they loved this little crunchy, ghee smeared sweet made of roasted dalia and dry fruit powder. Please do not go by their shapes, they tasted really well and were quick and simple to do. This time, I did remember to click some stepwise photos capturing the process. Lets do the yummy DALIA N DRY FRUIT LADOO together.

Dalia : 1big cup
Almond : 10
Pistachio : 8
Cashew nut : 12
Raisin :1for each to garnish
Sugar : 1/2 medium cup
Green Cardamom : 3-4
Milk : 1/2medium cup
Condensed Milk : 1/2small cup
Ghee [clarified butter] : 2-3 tbsp
Raisin :1for each to garnish

Wash and pat dry the dry fruits. Heat a wok and dry roast them for two minutes.

Transfer them to a grinder and let stand for a while. Once cool, coarsely grind the dry fruits and keep aside.

Pour ghee to the hot wok and temper with slightly torn green cardamoms.

As you get a nice aroma, add the dalia and roast till light brown.

Add the coarsely ground dry fruit to the roasted dalia and fold in well. Keep stirring for 2 minutes.

Add the milk and condensed milk together and fold in well.

Stir for a couple of minutes until the mixture becomes little sticky. Transfer to a plate. Let cool a bit. We need to shape the ladoo while it is still warm.

 Once cool store in an airtight jar. It can be refrigerated upto a week.


  1. Dalia ladoo?? Wow! That's a genius idea, Soma.

  2. I love dalia, especially in a sweet form..this is really such an awesome share dear Soma 😍👌 will try soon :)

    1. Thank you always dear friend n chef....

  3. What a healthy ladoos...looks delicious..

  4. Writing may be presumed as god's gift, but we can still try and we can still improve. I struggled for many years to write, I still do but I won't give up. Suppose as they say, to improve is to practice and to persevere.

    Beautifully and gorgeously made ladoo. Not a sweet tooth person, neither they are any takers for sweet stuffs in my house. That said, I would like to dive at least over one of these laddoos.

    1. You r very true Navaneetham.... thank you

  5. Very nice and a healthy recipe too. Can the small, medium and large cup be taken as a 1/4 cup, 1/2cup and a full cup measure?

    Thank you

  6. Great idea of making a different style of laddoo...!!