Tuesday, 11 April 2017


The son 'thing' is at home having his session break and mumma is onto quick and innovative recipes for her loving son 'thingi.' When I use such 'not in any dictionary' kind of words like 'thingi', I am really not imitating  anyone..... my son indeed used such words when he was this small. Such words in fact takes me back to those golden days when my boy was this small, for whom mamma meant the world. I had such a busy schedule then that only women whose men stay away from home for long periods will only understand. Waking up at 4 am, people always saw me on the road with my little boy... in the market, at school and in men's salon too. The son would only have a hair cut sitting on his mother's lap.... and how embarrassing it was to sit on a men's salon in the Kolkata scenario then. Kolkata / India was not used to the unisex word some ten years back. I always love my own freedom and it was a conscious decision to stay alone.... and if I do so, I should not ask my father-in-law or father to come and help me with outdoor works.... that is unfair. If we love our freedom we must take the pain of paying the price. I payed and happily lived with my son.... in the process forgot to even comb my hair on some days. I must mention my family on both sides, my helps, my neighbours had been very supportive though the very self respecting me did not like asking for favour every now and then unless required. They used to scold me.... you are sitting alone with a sick child all through the night and did not even call us? I took pride in saying I will not do it unless required. I loved the tag they used for me.... superwoman. I have no qualms in going public with the fact I carried five plus five kilogram of rice bags on my hands till we owned a car. It is not so I could not afford a rickshaw... but I am always my parent's daughter. You will not find me in such camps who says ..... my wife and family will not ride anything else but cars. Such talks pisses me off because I have seen my father taking local buses and trains to office..... who rode his son's bicycle to the market even when he was a branch head of a nationalised bank of India. There is nothing wrong in upgrading ourselves, wrong is when we stop taking pride in our roots and try to hide or refuse them. It was this daddy who gave me the first lesson on Socialism. I do not wish to discuss much on it as its birth place funds rogues now.

Then and now... there is a sea change. I am seriously looking for a cockroach supplier in the island, only then the junior comes and jumps on mamma's lap, mumma takes full advantage of hugging and kissing him. He definitely will not understand that mumma is nearing menopause, her emotional needs are to be taken care of. This morning, I told my man can you drop the idea of going to office today, I feel kind of emotionally drained. He complied... why not.... he happened to be my best friend at school. A piece of suggestion  for you all.... if you are planning to marry your best friend... you must remember he / she ceases to be your best friend.... remains a good friend though. You cannot pour in your entire heart anymore as you need to take care of their emotional needs too. He is sitting beside me and watching CNN and I am listening to some old hindi classics.... no fight but peaceful coexistence. I am happy that he is there. The very homely me is not so comfortable in an all girls party though I love my friends who are into it.... people should not be as unsocial as me. When I call my girlfriends at home to chat over some tea / coffee, I call in small groups and enjoy that way. Rest, its cooking, reading and music that keeps me going.

These mango and malai / mawa toasts were done for son's breakfast yesterday. Though my men are 'kheema toast' kind of people, I always try to bring variety in their food. This was instant and done within an hour. I myself is on a 'bare carb' kind of diet for few days and tasted tearing a small portion from the corner. I loved it and I thing you all will love, specially when your kids prepare it for you. Ever since I learnt the recipe of instant malai / mawa from a you tube video, I use it on a regular basis. The pumpkin seeds are bought as a part of my tryst with healthy snacking. Saffron is something my mother never used not because she did not wish to but its price was beyond our reach. I love its colour and its mild flavour, and use it as a miser. Let us prepare this super simple recipe of Instant Malai Mango Toast with a pumpkin seed and saffron topping or with a topping of your choice.


Bread Slices : 4
Mango : 1big and ripe one
Milk Powder : 2tbsp
Full Cream Milk : 1/2medium cup
Ghee : 1/4small cup [clarified butter]
Green Cardamom Powder : 1/4tsp
Sugar : 2tsp
Chopped Nuts : I used some finely chopped pistachios [optional]
Few Saffron strands and Pumpkin Seeds to garnish.


Prepare the instant mawa adding the milk powder, full cream milk and ghee together first.

Microwave at low for 21/2 to 3 minutes stirring every 30 seconds. It is done.

Wash, peel and get the pulp of the mango and blend to it to a paste.

Add the now cold malai / mawa, sugar, green cardamom powder, chopped pistachios to it and stir well. Chill for half an hour before using.

Place the bread slices on your grill tool.... I do not have a toaster. You can toast them to crisp.

I grilled them first for 21/2 minutes and then turned over and grilled for 11/2 minutes.

Now spread a thick layer of the mawa and mango paste mix evenly over the crisp toasts. I loved garnishing with pumpkin seeds and saffron strands, you can go ahead with your choice.


  1. Live life as you please, that's my philosophy. I don't owe anyone any explanation whether I am doing the right thing or not. This malai so appealing. I love its vibrancy though I tend to keep sweetness far out. Of course its still a pleasure every now and then.

    1. Absolutely Navaneetham... agree... many thanks and soon will post the achar recipe... next week may be...