Tuesday, 30 May 2017


It is raining incessantly since last night and still on. A perfect day for a pathetically romantic me to sit quiet and gaze as far as my eyes can reach or permit may be. However colourful the plate seems.... the sky is like a weeping willow at the moment..... shades of black... white and patches of ash... a little here.... a little there. My favourite colours or moments need not be equally favourite with others. So... there has to be a touch of red... green... yellow... blue .... as per my readers' choices. However self- centric I am... I do care at times. Dull... Lifeless... Unattractive.... Melancholic... Boring.... that is how I was defined as many a summers back. There was 'incessant rain' somewhere within then too but the stubborn to the core continues to take pride in the adjectives she had been showered with. There is hardly any chance of a match-match with completely opposite likes or preferences. It is not the colour of the spectacles or that of a dress that accounts for a life long bond. The eyes or souls should be able to appreciate together a thing or a fact, a feeling or a belief in that case. What is destined not to be has to be left at that and be accepted as gracefully as possible.

Since I resemble with how the sky seems today, I am thoroughly enjoying it.... I can see some poetry written on the otherwise blank walls of the clouds and some soft romantic numbers adding to my pleasure. Such a weather calls for some pakora / fries / bhajabhuji and a hot cuppa of tea / coffee. I am reserving those for some visiting friends tomorrow. Moreover, my men are off to school.... office.... I never feel like cooking for myself alone..... but we should live for ourselves too. Yesterday, I felt like going for the second ear piercing to be done. It is a long standing wish. We are never too old to fulfil our wishes. Once the rain stops... I will venture out alone.... my romantic rendezvous with nature will continue. I will stop here and there for few random clicks... which I am too poor at.... enjoy a lunch date with myself and try to get my ears pierced at a decent place with cheaper rates. Quite a happening day. Age is only a number and this S is full of contradictions..... Most of the time I contradict my own beliefs because Uncle Podger's daughter cannot remember what she said last night but remembers few decades old stories. The senior says I have a selective memory... haha.

Not everyday is as cool as this. This island is hot but not humid. Whenever, it gets too hot... we are getting some rain as relief. This is not the picture everywhere. Since it is summer for majority.... we do need hydrating coolers to quench our thirst. For me nothing is as soothing as a glass of mango or watermelon or sugarcane juice. I very much wish to blog on Mumbai style adraki .... that is ginger flavoured sugarcane juice which I had back in 1999. Kolkata too sells it but my nose perhaps have raised a bit.... I am scared to have those uncovered ones.... as I said I am full of contradictions.  I watch Ritwik Ghatak while polishing my nails with OPI brand nail polish. There is no reason why you should spare me.... even I do not spare my man and call him an Elitist Leftist. We do not really have masala chai on a regular basis anymore. If I cannot have a good amount of sugar in a strong cinnamon-cardamom flavoured milk based tea.... whats the point? Then the whimsical me wished to try her hands on a frozen masala chai kulfi. Again I used artificial sweetener because this Ipsita is showing off her toned body too much.... in retaliation the angry me  sent her some parathas .... that is my kind of revenge... haha. Yet I would say do not use artificial sweeteners without a doctor's recommendation. The very flavourful, masala chai kulfi was liked by my son very much. This definitely will rock this summer. Come, let us do them together and enjoy having them on summer afternoons.


Full Cream Milk : 500 - 600ml
Tea : 3- 4tsp [ctc preferred]
Green Cardamom : 3-4
Cinnamon Stick : 2 - 3one inch stick
Clove : 5-6
Bayleaf : 2
Sugar : 4tsp [or as you prefer]


Pour the milk in a heavy bottomed vessel and bring to boil. Keep boiling for 8-10 minutes at low heat.

Add the sugar, green cardamom, cinnamon, cloves and tea. Give a stir.

Keep boiling for about 4-5minutes until you get a nice brown colour.

Switch off and let cool. Strain through a strainer and store in a bowl.

Pour till half of plastic or thermocol glasses. Refrigerate.

After 1- 11/2 hours, take out from the refrigerator and insert sticks. In my case they were wooden skewers halved. Refrigerate again for 2-3 hours.

Take out, tear the plastic or thermocol covers with a scissor and serve your kids once they are back from school... you too enjoy along with them.... Do not forget to click the happy moments.... they will make memories... beautiful ones...

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  1. Awesome, I am the biggest fan of chai. so. I must embrace this kulfi. Super tempting.