Tuesday, 23 May 2017


Monsoon approaching back there... and in this tropical island... anytime... anyway we get it... as of my men or the entire family... anytime is a snacks... fries and fritters time.... and there is no limit to having tea but there is a major cut down on it by the demon wife. I do not always cook what they love. However I try to force feed them all kinds of vegetables.... they will stick to their love for meat and few fish. Their healthy eating gets into action when they get Sushi... Sashimi which their lady cannot prepare... not even following others. I do not even conform to their ultimate wish to have fries and fritters every night. I know they will leave aside everything and binge on that, specially my junior. Thats what happened on my India visit... my mashimoni.... mother's sister fed us fries and pakoras at every meal however I tried to tell her.... come on we are not for a picnic this time... we just need to fill our stomach. Moreover, it was very difficult for me to eat what my brother loves as he was surviving on fruits and tapioca pearls as per our rituals. The lady did not listen and was cooking all day long for so many of us... not allowing me to help. She did a lot for me when I was this small... enough reason to gift her a saree. She wished for a bag from the island.... off course I will.

Now what do you crave for the most with these fries and tea... a good read right.... I can introduce you to someone who recently published her work.... stays in this island... is such a good comparer, busy corporate honcho, complete with her big red bindi, uncountable number of sarees and yes a writer by now.... Does she require a recommendation from a peanut like me? Absolutely not... given the number of followers in her Facebook page... writing skills... wonderful PR skills she is a name by herself in the island. The very reclusive me never tried to publicise myself here, there or anywhere... I know her through some common friends... at any function we smile at each other and keep it to that. I just saw her at the launch party of her new  book or perhaps the first one and bought one direct from the writer. Come dear readers.... meet the author Ananya Mukherjee  and her book ARDH-SATYA.... The Half Truth & Other Stories.... I loved her writing style using choicest and simplest of words... just apt for readers like us who are not so literate. So beautifully she portrayed human emotions which need not be between two lovers or be an entangled love triangle.... She dealt with varied emotions in each of her stories. I specially loved the long story Neemesh.... of a young girl of Srinagar in 1947. How much I agree with her that if Raja Hari Singh could take decision in a more diligent way... if he could feel the pulse of his people better... bitterness and blood shed would have been less on both sides. She has her face book page in the same name if you may wish to check. You get her book at amazon.com perhaps.

Mind it... I do not get paid by her. I could have written it on my page.... oh my God! I do not want people jumping on oh... she is my friend.... who are you to poke your nose... she is my camp... you are my property..... this and that. There are so many reasons why I wish to be at home... its always a personal choice... I do not really understand protocols and camps. I know well I am 'too small a blogger' but 'self respecting' enough not to ask for any favour or mercy from big shots. If I visit their space that is because I respect their work and I do not want anything in return. If I have invaded someone's personal timeline to their utter dismay... I am sorry... it never meant to pave way into their lives or get into any kind of 'immoral act' either.... morality and immorality are always a matter of perspective. It is absolutely impossible for me to see who has a blue at the corner of their post... who has a red at top most left or a green just at right of the middle... Why do we have to measure all these? Now I know why daddy left this world so early. Had I have such abilities, do you think I would be sitting here as a small time blogger never to make it in the 'Hall of Fame'. Do not tell me I never wish so but I am kind of a person who knows her limitations well and too laid back to overcome her deficiencies. If I am been sarcastic I am hurting my father's soul... I know...... I am showing dishonour to my senior's choice too ... who said I married you because you are different.... Thats when I feel hopeless and helpless. I am again sorry.

So I prefer to praise talents here... uff how much I loved to flaunt my sarees.... now I have to upload those magician's beheaded ones in the forums... My next read is Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni's "Before We Visit The Goddess".... so eager to... this creative writer who teaches creative writing in Houston University does not require my recommendation either. Our sister like friend Ujjaini Bhaduri who stays in Houston and so many times rejected my husband's proposal calling him a 'dramebaz' will surely get an autograph of the writer for me I know.... just as I crazily asked my friend Dipa of Denver for an autograph of Madhuri Dixit when I saw a  picture of them together in a private party few years back. I have such couple of dear people scattered over Houston, Denver, Illinois, my own cousin sister in Boston....who are quite deep into us within a reasonable comfort zone.

Before I proceed with this mushur daler bora or masoor dal vada, red lentil fritter.....  I must say this was / is common at every Bengali home. So I can proceed with it freely. I believe in transparency... last year I wished to blog on kochu shaker ghonto and then I saw Debjani Chaterjee Alam of Debjanir Rannaghar who is quite a name in the Kolkata circuit has it on her blog and our pictures resemble. I messaged her with my picture and she beautifully answered me giving a nod. I finally blogged on it. Whatever little guilt I have, that is looking at old Dr.Chang's worried face yesterday.... for the first time he was visibly worried with my result.... yet said its the India effect.... watch your diet.... do your exercise well. I was super elated to see the same worries  in someone calling from the neighbouring country. I said hi... I wish to be sick for ever.... the answer is instant.... 'dumbo drama queen'. You see still I am going ahead with his and our son's favourite fries and fritters. I am a self proclaimed 'good w-omen'.... that is what you must be thinking.... I do not mind eitherway so long the world economy do not crash doing so.... thats how Kareena Kapoor reacted when the entire country perhaps pounced on her when she and Shahid Kapoor broke up.... come on she was already going through trauma.... stop bothering her... let her be. By the way are you following Twinkle Khanna's page... she is so versatile and cooks too.... love her style so much. Here is the super simple recipe of hot, crisp, fresh from the wok Mushur Daler Bora that goes best with your evening cuppa. Now I am all set to prepare a mutton biryani tomorrow.... because it is a home coming day.... of whom?.... you can say an once best friend, now and always a father figure who does not discuss his wife with any one in the world.


OIL : 100-150ML


Wash the dal and drain the water. Soak in freshly taken water for an hour. Drain and blend to a paste. Try not to use water or use minimal.

Add nigella seed, rice flour, chopped onion, green chilli, coriander leaves, turmeric powder, sugar and salt. Mix well.

Heat oil in a wok. Prepare small balls from the batter and drop in the oil. We will do them in batches.

Fry them at low to medium heat till brown. Take out and place onto tissue paper before transferring into a serving bowl.

Enjoy with your favourite coffee or tea.


  1. Similar to dhal vadai, our all time fav snack. Yum.

  2. The fritters look so crisp and inviting.