Sunday, 11 June 2017


Aloo Tikki is something I am acquainted to since I was this small. In Kolkata, aloo tikki is usually served alongside ghugni as a chaat. Giant sized iron skillets and atop it aloo tikki and ghugni cooking. The ghugni was pre cooked, it was tempered and garnished on the skillet when the customer ordered. The mother thing never allowed us to have roadside food till we were at school. Once in college, we got some freedom and spread our wings. Our college was located amidst a number of eateries .... Capri.... the Indo - Chinese joint where we tasted Bengali style chilli chicken for the first time. There was a cafeteria serving coffee and mendu vada, idly and dosa, dahi vada .... we were regular at that.... Sanatan dar "roll er dokan." ..... Basanta Cabin selling mouthwatering fish fry with kasundi and onion rings .... though I do not know whether it is the branch of the famous one in College Street or not.... and then there was this aloo tikki seller who did full justice to it. We were frequently seen at this joints, at times we packed them and enjoyed them sitting at the college lawn.  We were a naughty gang and not as good and studious as the girls of the college located just opposite ours.... they were Bethune-ites who looked at us as step or half brothers and sisters. Yes, we were a notorious gang of Scottish Church College. It had a very enriched history with a big number of distinguished personalities graduating from there since the British era. It lost its pride in the 80's and 90's allowing admission to hooligans like us.... now I hear it is reviving its past glory. Some of us friends visited our college back in 2013... it was a total nostalgia .... I am deadly against any kind of make over of the building. Years before that in 2008 I took my little boy to my college.... see this is mumma's college. It was a saturday evening, I accidentally bumped on "Chipu da".... our book store supplier where we got books and note books at cheaper rates. Oh God how some of us irritated him not paying for the books in time. We took no time to hug each other with teary eyes ..... "Chipu da kyamon achish?"..... forgetting we are grown ups and married with kids. Does this male - female thing matter when it comes to friendship? That is when I ask the boys gang of college to arrange for an outing  on my next visit assuring them you can take your wives. The daddy thing ditched in between, so it has to be postponed.

If I am talking about our college, our pride today, I felt I should talk about Anindya Chatterjee of the famous Bengali Band "Chandrabindu." If he and his team has taken Bengali music to few places in the world, as an old time friend I should clap for him. I am not that kind of a person who will say oh Anindya.... we were best of friends in college and shared our lunch everyday. No, it was not like that. He was a year senior to us and we were just friends who chatted everyday if our off periods matched. His wife I see a Bong beauty.... a journo by profession. In college his eyes were stuck into another beauty.... daughter of a Kashmiri mother and Bengali father doing physics honours. She was too mild,  pure and studious, and I could not help him anyway. Jokes apart, Anindya had excellent command over Bengali, no wonder he will write the lyrics of his songs. I remember he used to say I do not wish  to go for a 9-5 job, I will do something else. They were four or five friends who took part in skits and extempore and would ask some of us to go and cheer for them when they went to different colleges.... Calcutta Medical.... RG Kar... National Medical.... Presidency.... Vidyasagar or elsewhere.... we did comply skipping our classes. I remember Upal.. one of the band member was from science department and I knew him by face only.... I was closer to Anubrata of physics and Sanjay too but the last two did not join the music band. Chandril.... now a band member and a journo was an excellent orator too and used to come from City college as a competitor of Anindya. They became friends later. I had a misunderstanding with Anindya later over a silly issue ..... one day I had to follow the trail to his Sahitya Parishad Street home to drop a letter in their letter box on behalf of a dear someone. Anindya thought the girl in question was me and was not very kind about it. As of me I could or can never disclose the name so long I am alive. I know if I meet Anindya in a concert we will smile at each other and request for an autograph. Last year he came with his band to this island but I missed as we were touring Europe. Some of my dear friends are still close to him, we need to plan something. As of me, I had a couple of crushes while in college, but then I did not feel the drive within to go and talk and settle for something. I had to call my senior to my college and ask take a look at that boy, does he look dependable? He used to get angry.... how do I know, how can I decide for you S? I stepped backwards, I knew they cannot give me 100% commitment. Yes, I have commitment phobia.

Why did I say all these in the above para - phrase? I have a message to convey ..... give your passion some time and love even if you are not willing to take a risk or be able to become as successful as Anindya. Secondly, hold hands only when you can trust and fully depend on a person. With doubts in mind we cannot do justice to any relationship. Life is definitely not only about running around the trees and singing songs. I keep my fantasies active to fulfil that area .... To girls in their 20's ... not so attractive .... you do not need to stoop low to seek attention .... focus on what can take you to new heights, find strength in your potentials. Grilled Pineapple and Matar Aloo Tikki post is not something where I should talk about Anindya and his band..... the excellent aloo tikki seller then took me there ..... I also have buddies .... non Bengali speaking, vegetarian who said S... your boris look good. I have to express my gratitude to them. Then some friends are touring Europe and eating grilled stuffs .... ok I wish to walk together with them .... then some butterflies are flying around in multiple colour tones..... so let us add some colour to the post .... let us take everyone in. What do I wish? Well..... who bothers? I do take care of myself cooking some mutton curry and paratha or ilish and rice for myself..... wearing a white and black combination of handloom cotton with antic silver jewelry ..... I know I look best when I am me.... rest are all made up because I only preach rise above yourself. You can prepare this yummy, healthy starters hassle free. In fact your kids can do it for you, I love watching them constructively engaged in cooking, painting, reading, dancing, singing besides studying.

You can do them in skewers, I find this method easier. I do not have griller and do all grilled stuffs in convection mode.

Let us get the  Aloo Matar tikki ready to be grilled.

Potato : 3-4 medium sized
Green Pea : 1/2 small cup
Black Pepper : 1tsp
Green Chilli : 2 slitted
Aamchur Powder : 1tsp [dry mango powder]
Chaat Masala : 1tsp [assorted spice powder]
Salt : As Required
Melted Butter : 1-2 tbsp


Pressure cook 3-4 medium sized halved and washed potatoes in enough water up to one whistle.

Once cold peel of the skin and mash well adding salt, chaat masala, black pepper and aamchur powder.

Add the green peas and 2tbsp melted butter. Fold in gently.

Prepare balls or tikkis taking out small portions. They are ready to be grilled.

Let us get the pineapple ready to be grilled.


Pineapple : 1medium
Tandoori Masala : 2tsp [I use Everest]
Red Chilli Powder : 1tsp
Lemon Juice : 1/2small cup
Oil : 1tbsp


Peel the pineapple properly and wash. Cut half lengthwise.

Cut further into smaller cubes. Marinate with tandoori masala, red chilli powder, oil, salt and lemon juice. Keep marinated for 1/2 an hour.

Arrange the marinated pineapple cubes and aloo tikki on your grill plate. Place it atop the tool.

Grill one side for 8 minutes. Check.

Turn over and grill for another 5-6 minutes.

They are done, enjoy fresh with your choice of salad, dip, chutney.


  1. Hope one day u meet ur friend and all the misunderstanding should be wiped forever...Love reading your story and I could recall some of my college stories...Those are golden days I believe...this wonderful dish you prepared out of your passion which is just awesome

    1. Thanks so much Amrita... those golden days are not to be forgotten really...

  2. Perfect combo. I love aloo and I also love the sweet sour and charred pineapple. Awesome.

  3. I want them now.. Such a perfect snack for evening :)

  4. loved the combo of flavours from pineapple and aloo... cool snack