Thursday, 15 June 2017


This is my summer assignment to all the kids.... known ..... unknown. You do not need to know a kid to love them. It just comes naturally. My senior is a better person to talk on this matter. At their home I have seen a couple of neighbourhood kids growing up ..... from morning till night playing, eating, sleeping. I am not a good daughter-in-law to them, neither they are perfect to me. A perfect situation cannot happen perhaps, then there would not have been any term like 'swargey jaoa'..... going to heaven. I have no guilt or regret for not been able to say publicly.... aww you know I love my in-laws so much... more than my own parents. I am a very poor actor. I know I am doing my duty well. I do not have the silly habit of patting my own back, I believe it is for other's to say.... yet I wish to say that if I could trust my paa-in-law so much so that I kept all my financial papers with him, at times even blank cheques, I know I am on the right track. I respect his dedication and sacrifice for his family and the Communist Party but I cannot accept his patriarchal mental set up. Keeping with the majority of the society, they expected me to leave my parents and be their's totally. I am unable to give in to that, neither do I believe in or support strict rules imposed on widows of any age. My men lives with an 'impossible to tame woman'.... they deserve dessert every now and then. I do not bother even if my man's sister is reading this.... she is very matured and a daughter-in-law herself, never fuelled her mom and dad against me...... so she deserves from her S di..... what? My stupid brother kisses her mother and sister right in front of his wifey.... the poor girl smiles and runs from pillar to post to settle our daddy's property... what gift is awaiting for her from didibhai?..... well gifts are best as a surprise.

However are my in-laws to me, they are mine. They have lot of good deeds to their credit. The foremost is that they are helpful to others and have done a lot for people and extended family once with very limited financial resource. They loved kids, perhaps from them their son picked up this attribute. Kids are so comfortable and happy with my man who manages them pretty well. I so much wished for a second child, a daughter to be precise. He said we have so many around as our friend's and relative's and each time I said, he came up with a personal finance chart.... me too is living with a terrible person. Jokes apart, we could not take a firm decision on it for a couple of reasons. Do you know I prepared this sweet just in the morning and wished to blog on it immediately..... for a couple of reasons.... my grand mom is touring 'Jairambati' and 'Kamarpukur'.... with her three daughters. They are holy places for us and 'ailaaa... kya baat'.... grandma too did 'Mangalchandir Uposh' on tuesdays and whenever I was there, I enjoyed a bowlful of 'shaboo makha'.... tapioca pearls mixed with sandesh, shredded coconut, mango, banana, milk and sugar. It is also a holy month for many others .... I  get a bit tired on the next day of fasting, I respect those who are doing it for a month..... there is no wrong if you sooth your mind and body with this yum dessert.  I have a message also for those who consider touring or staying abroad..... is a crime..... come on they have earned it in a hard way shedding a lot of sweat. If tomorrow you get a chance you will not spare time to go .... learn to appreciate people..... and yes I will always praise the country I stay...... from time to time.... besides other reasons.... on my night run day I went to the race ground at an unearthly hour of the night.... ALONE.... praising the good in others does not demean my own. We are more of a nationalist...... we earn foreign currency for our motherland. Finally, I dedicate this post to the angels of the world.... THE KIDS.... rest each one of us have a satan living within. Come angels, let us prepare this instant, easy, melt in the mouth cool dessert at the comfort of our home. Ask your parents to make good use of leftover things..... I did it with leftover... a little of this and that.

Ice-Cream - Any Flavour [I used vanilla-chocochip]
Paneer - 100gm
Condensed Milk : 1/4medium cup


Take the ice-cream and cubed paneer in a mixer. Pulse for 30 seconds or so.

Take the ice-cream in a bowl and lightly crumble.

Add the mashed paneer and condensed milk to the ice-cream. Lightly mix. You can add little cardamom powder to the mix if you wish.

Transfer to individual bowls and freeze for half an hour. Serve chilled.


  1. This sounds delicious. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  2. With age catching up, and crawling with it tiredness, also after my biological clock stopped ticking, I am an instant person. Instant cooking instead of sweating profusely in the kitchen, this instant ice cream sandesh goes into my fridge now.

    1. Oh Navaneetham you spoke my mind... me too following your way...