Tuesday, 6 June 2017


You see eating can be guilt free but not for long if it is someone like me. Back from my long brisk walks, I needed this vibrantly yellow with hues of green... melt in the mouth... creamy.... all vegetarian Mango Ice-Cream with Pumpkin Seed done with Thai Rainbow Mangoes. Ice-Cream is always a 'She' for me which is to be enjoyed with our beloved... which can be a 'him' or a 'her'. What is most important to me is 'love'.... and I decide who I give that and who I do not. How will I describe this bowlful of bliss.... may be as happening as "Parvin Babi" in a saree..... hahaha I am very naughty.... as the man of this house say that his wife is a veteran and consistent "bird watcher."Jokes apart ..... I praise beauty... it can be a woman, a man, a nice gesture, a giving heart, a rainbow, a grasshopper that is trying to fly.... anything that takes me to an another world... a creative world of fantasy, romance... my small utopian world. That is where I mostly stay even when I am cooking or reading. Music is already a therapy that helps you to stay away from anything that irritates you.

Many years back a palmist said you have an artistic hand girl. I found no truth in it. I was so pathetic at painting, perhaps I scored a C grade in my boards. I used to watch and get surprised to see how our teacher or friends good at it would give a stroke. Later I so very tried with my son taking him to different teachers. All in vain, that is when the senior intervened.... stop it S... Fine Arts is not something that can be forced on anyone..... it is an inside job. Last year we really enjoyed watching the paintings of the stalwarts in Amsterdam and elsewhere. So those who have real artistry in them, there is no reason why they should not pursue it. If a pathetic singer like me can sing, one should give their passion a fair chance. In fact I was not in the mood to write today, instead thought of recording a song. I do but not sharing them on Twitter or G+ ever since some of my friends complained of severe damage in their ear drums. Then someone stormed in and said hi! There was a feel good wave... I asked how come you are so near to me? Did your high nose someone allow you to come here? .... I am no where near Pricilla till date... wondering....

I do not believe in the saying 'do not look back.'...... I believe our past... present.... future are entwined..... though we do not know what is going to happen the next moment. You see as my tale goes... I should post a mutton or chicken recipe everyday.... then why do not I? That is an answer I am looking for..... Well so long it was the little Alice within me who was feeding you unreal stories woven in her dreams. In reality.... my study shows my readers wish vegetarian dishes from me. I think I am on the right track because when we go back we may have to survive on vegetables. When a State machinery takes up the "noble" responsibility of deciding what we eat and what we do not, what should we do? I was just thinking so many factors require immediate attention.... suicide of farmers to get relief from debts, education and health sectors.... ahh my elder son has a very good opinion on these matters and I stand by him.

At times blogging on a roast chicken or ice-cream full of cream gets difficult when majority of people back there stands in front of me and says you are a 'hypocrite'... what you guys do is very less ..... awareness is not enough... we want action.... if you do not give us our basic rights, we will snatch it. What is wrong in that? A mother of a child who does not get enough milk on her breast due to malnutrition can target her bow and arrow at me who can afford a pediasure for her son. We will talk more about them when we blog on 'lauer chokla boti' or 'kanchakolar khosha bata.' Today's share is an easy, peasy, 10 minutes, kids friendly ice-cream done with only four ingredients ...... mango, pumpkin seed, fresh cream, condensed milk and little sugar..... may be for touching a bruised soul or to pass on the message to my fellow workers... we are together with all our differences... Food is something that binds cultures.... and if culinary art is considered an art .... I / We may be tagged as artistic. Enough of talking, let us prepare together this mango ice-cream with pumpkin seed which your kids can do for you when you guys are in a romantic mood... not all search the kitchen in Google map like mine, none of the two wished their respective mothers on Mother's Day.... I live with terrible people.... I need ice-cream more often.

Mango : 2big [I used Thai rainbow]
Fresh Cream : 1medium cup [I used Nestle]
Condensed Milk : 1/2medium cup [ I used Milkmaid]
Pumpkin Seed : 1-2tbsp
Sugar : 1tbsp [optional]


Peel the mangoes and get the pulp. Discard the seeds. In a blender, blend it to a paste.

Add the condensed milk and pulse for a minute. Add the fresh cream now and pulse for 2 minutes.

Pour the mixture in a bowl and cover with cling wrap. Freeze for 2 hours.

Take out and blend it for another two minute. Pour onto the same bowl and stir in half of the pumpkin seeds. Top up with rest of the pumpkin seeds and cover with a cling wrap. Freeze for at least 4-5 hours.

Take out and let rest for 5 minutes before serving. Enjoy an out of the world experience in the comfort of your home.