Monday, 18 September 2017


It was Viswakarma[the God of Engineering?] Pujo yesterday and I do not have a bit of him within me, "ekta chotto pronam sherey palai baba." It is Mahalaya tomorrow.... end of Pitripokkho / Pitripaksh and the beginning of Debipaksh / Debipokkho .... We are all set to welcome Maa Durga and her kids .... in few days she will be on her Royal entourage of the earth   ..... her yearly ritual with her kids leaving behind her husband for few days.... according to the Hindu Mythology. With every passing year I am getting little older ..... not been a J Lo you see. Each year such occasions takes me back  to those days when pujo meant a month long celebration..... starting from going out with parents to buy 'notun jama.'.... new dresses on a sunny Saturday morning. Kids today will never understand the amount of joy it had.... they get stuffs throughout the year. Once I cleared class twelve, I became richer than many in my age group... I started giving home tuitions and earned 1200-1500 rupees per month, back in 1989. My parents never asked me to, it was by choice. It was during Durga puja, Bengali New Year I loved gifting my own with that amount.... My banker father opened an account in my name and said do not spend all of the amount, save some. My mother still have the semi-precious pearl set I gifted her with my first salary as a teacher in a school. The father used to scold whenever I gifted him something.... save... save mamoni... you waste too much. The actual scenario was different.... he used to wear it the next day and tell his friends see my daughter has gifted.... this was the scenario till March 2017. There were gifts for my now husband too with my tuition fees and later with my salary however meagre it was.... a shirt or a T-shirt... I could not afford a trouser along with it. Our priceless gift to each other.... our son off course, a daughter never happened.... an Olive Oyl will happen. Coming to the fact that once upon a time I was quite active..... I do not know why I  am sitting idle at home, I can always go back to my first job.... giving home tuitions.... For that one needs to be communicative which I have lost interest in. I am perhaps more communicative with the virtual world than real except for few people and with no regrets. I can feel I am back into my actual nature of been a happy loner.... all the "in-between" years were actually trying to fit in at my in-laws house.... who are of warm and friendly nature. I am a mixed bag inheritor of my parents... self-centric like the mother.... happy go lucky "Uncle Podger" like the father..... failing to be a person like him with warmth and excellent communication skills.

This ever smiling man full of warmth who happened to be my daddy did perform the ritual of paying homage to the ancestors on this day every year since his father's death in 1985. Waking up early morning and going to the Ganges and performing all the required rituals. The "pujo pujo feel" started right from Mahalaya. This year he is no more, there is an awkwardly low feeling deep inside.... yet I will wear my new sarees, get clicked and share some too because words like depression, sorrows were not in his dictionary. There is perhaps no tomorrow, do it now.... live the moment.This island gives you the opportunity to flaunt all you have on this occasion of Durga Pujo, that "baroyari pujo feel" with five pujos at different venues happening islandwide..... its an island mind it..... It is also Navaratri for many but I cannot go with full vegetarian shares for two long weeks prior to Durga Pujo.... it is that time of the year Bengalis will eat Chingri Malaikari for lunch.... and then Pathar Kosha or Murgir Chap with Roomali Ruti at 3am after pandal hopping.... with no antacid either.... some of my readers may get upset with some of my shares next two weeks, hahaha. Trying to stay in your good book, my share on this auspicious day is a not so authentic Bengali sweet..... but a makeover to our very own naru..... KAJU KISHMISH BHORA SUJI NARKOL ER NARU..... Cashew nuts and Raisins stuffed Coconut and Semolina Balls / Ladoos. This sweet is easy to do if we can have the patience to boil the milk for a longer period to get the right consistency. You need not boil that amount of milk as mine, I was actually preparing another dessert with milk and vermicelli simultaneously with this KAJU KISHMISH BHORA SUJI NARKOL ER NARU..... an irresistible sweet meat option for you this festive season. It became an instant hit with my family..... Come let us prepare this sweet together and bring smile to our loved one's faces.

Coconut : 2big cups [shredded]
Semolina : 11/4big cup
Dudh er Kheer : 1big cup [milk thickened over prolonged boiling]
Sugar : 11/2medium cup
Green Cardamom Powder : 1/2tsp
Raisins : 2tbsp
Cashew Nuts : 2-3tbsp [chopped]
Ghee : 3tbsp

Take the milk in a heavy bottomed vessel. I have taken about 2 lt. of milk as I was cooking another dessert simultaneously. You will take about 500ml of milk and keep boiling at low heat. Keep boiling till it becomes thick and reduces to about 200ml.

Heat a pan and add the ghee to it. Add the semolina and roast it till it turns brown at medium to low heat. Ahh you will love the aroma.

Transfer the semolina / suji to a plate . Place the same pan on the gas oven, no need to wash. Add the shredded coconut and sugar to the pan. Sprinkle little water. Fold in well and keep stirring.

After about 8-10 minutes, add the roasted semolina, green cardamom powder and fold in well. 

Add the dudh er kheer / thickened milk little by little and keep stirring. We will do this for 5-7 minutes.

Our naru mixture is ready, we will transfer them to a plate and let cool a bit.

Chop the cashew nuts, wash the raisins and get them ready at your work station.

Take small portions of the coconut-semolina mixture and flatten between your palms. Place some raisins and chopped cashew nuts atop.

Take little more of the mixture and place over the dry fruits, slowly and carefully bring in to the shape of a naru / ladoo.

You can see they are done and ready to eat. The happy souls at my home got happier having them. They will be done in large amount after Durga Puja and sent to the senior's office, for visiting guests. You too can try this KAJU KISHMIISH BHORA SUJI NARKOL ER NARU this festive season and see happy faces around. They can be stored in a refrigerator for a week.


  1. And we call it rave unde in kannada;-) Irresistible ladoos beautifully explained. yes,aroma it spreads in the kitchen is so lovely. Hey, like reading your writeup, nothing can replace paapa's place in our life!