Wednesday, 6 September 2017


There is some conspiracy going on in the household that the lady of the house has gone senile and should be sent to either a mental asylum or deep in to the forest, the biggest fear of going to either of the two for me is that there is no wifi connection at these places perhaps ..... According to my boys, I am doing too much of moral policing, developed a pokey nose, interfering in other's life.... oh the list is not so short. I definitely have something to say on my defence as every other individual do as we love ourselves the most. I cannot threat them either saying who will cook for you ?.... they are naughty enough to say .... yeah we are free now to order from the  fast food joints. On a serious note, the wise man at home always says we should not react to every other incident wife.... learn to take people at face value, stop judging. I do not have the wisdom or intelligence or whatever to act smart like him and  always let my heart bare to the world. I am too fragile and get disturbed at silly little things, specially if it is done by people who mean. Since I have not learnt to ignore, I get more confined to my own self.... knowing to overlook things is an art, the world will not act according to my wish. Perhaps that makes me loner seeking seclusion from the mankind itself.... since I love my blog too much.... I need to remain in the crowd... and the lack of grey matter causes rest of the stir .... "gondogol pakaoing."

I was trying to follow the trail to the root cause of me been so unaccommodating. I reached to a short statured woman with two kids.... always at service of her kids and family.... who never felt that at some point she should untie the "pallu of her saree" and let her kids fend for themselves. The daughter took rounds with her man wearing the warmth of her mother's lap. Like the daughter, the mother too expected that her daughter will be treated the same way in the new home.... a bone of contention brewed.... "amar meyeta roz kotogulo dokaner kena cake mishti, fol niye chakri kortey jai, keu duto ruti porjonto kore deina.... school theke firey nijei jol niye khai... keu ektu shorbot porjonto korey deina".... I remember my mother lamenting of no-one packing her married daughter's lunch box at the in law's house with home cooked food .... never telling the daughter you must learn now to take care of yourself and the rest .... that is called blind in love... that is perhaps so my brother at mid thirty is seen kissing his mother five times a day and his wife gifting a latest model refrigerator to the mother-in-law even after that.... there must be a reason for that..... there must also be a reason for me to never failing to do my duty towards my not so much of a friend maa-in-law.... does not matter if there is less love in the relationship.... she was strict so I could learn everything we need to take care of a household. I learnt everything from scratch and self-centric enough not to allow anyone in my kitchen ..... I feel very disturbed if anyone does so.... every fork and spoon has my signature on it. I cannot be lazy to that extent where I allow my cook to use one kilogram flour to prepare poori for four people.... not asking her why you have to take so many to your home.... doing so one has to get off the couch leaving two Ts .... tea and television.... My point is if I am a sit at home woman, I should take care of my home. I will not exploit others and not get exploited. Do I regret for not having it otherwise.... never my readers.... The Almighty gently placed me on a very trusted, full of warmth lap right from my mother's .... only if I could sing with him "sawan barse tarse dil, kyun na nikle ghar se dil".... the island gives you lovely rain situations for romantic liaisons, if only your man's first lady love is not an air-conditioned room in a tall building.... so if this fat, old lady is talking about a Neellohit, she only means Sunil Gangopadhay's fictional character and not of any real life business minded or whatever..... mind it smiling, beautiful barbies.... a word is a word for this 4'10".... with progressive lens glasses wearing for 40 years now,  70% grey, obese since childhood ..... exactly four fillings at the inner jaws... no worries.... come let us learn the tricks and method of preparing ladoo without any pain ..... let the heart go on... it does not really disturb a routined life.... moreover, one's heart solely reserves the right to who it keeps and who it does not, does it ever listen to any reasoning??.... so silly this stupid thing is....

This festive sweet or ladoo does not require any pre-planning. Done with cashew nuts, sesame seeds, jaggery and ghee, this KAJU TIL GUR GHEE LADOO is something that will be loved by anyone from kids to adult..... This can well be a make ahead festive sweet or be made anytime to satisfy our taste buds.... more so if you have a sweet tooth.... One good thing about this ladoo is that you never have to struggle to bind it into a round shape even if we are not cooking it.... the magic is the use of ghee and the moisture released by the gur / jaggery... I think the oil from the cashew nuts and sesame seeds also has their contribution in this matter. Come let us see how we can do it together with the help of some pictures.

The recipe may resemble nearly with some other but I have not followed particularly anyone's for this. In fact I have drawn idea from a number of such posts on sweets by my friends at large.

Cashew Nut : 11/2 medium cup
Sesame Seed [white] : 1/3medium cup
Ghee[clarified butter] : 1/2 small cup or little more
Jaggery : 1small cup
Cardamom Powder : 1tsp

We will take the sesame seed and cashew nut in a pan and roast them till light brown at slow heat.

Once brown, we will switch off gas and let cool the sesame seeds and cashew nuts.

Take the jaggery in a hand pounder, ready to be ground.

We will grind the jaggery into smaller pieces.

Now we will take every thing... the jaggery, cashew nuts, sesame seeds and the cardamom powder in a electric mixture.

Grind them into a finer mixture pulsing it for about 3 minutes at intervals.

Transfer the mixture to a plate, you can feel it is warm.

Add the ghee little by little and keep kneading for about 7-8 minutes.

We will immediately start forming balls and smoothening between palms to give the shape of a ladoo.

.... and they are ready to eat.... We can also store them in airtight containers up to a week.... using ghee will not spoil them quickly. Do not add water at any time to shape the ladoo, if required use more ghee.

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