Saturday, 7 October 2017


Finally the busy early autumn schedule this year seems to have come to a pause.... I will not use the word 'end'.... festivity is a part of our lives.... it is all about the magnitude of it. Before Diwali... there is a breather period of fifteen days.... How will I spend it? relaxing with the usual routine and preparing some sweet and salted snacks for the occasion. In our childhood, Bijoya Dashami lasted till Kali Pooja / Diwali.... people visited each other, exchanged pleasantries .... had that ritual of "kolakuli"..... that my son kind of kids may call silly hugging. It was after Diwali, we geared up for our examinations.... though for me that "gearing up" never happened.... the reason why my mark sheets are hidden in the dark, secret chamber of the wardrobe. Five days of doing what I am not has come to an end, the last two days I was supposed to wear fair amount of jewelry as part of our ritual while busy preparing goodies for our goddess of wealth but I kept it minimal.... so tired and unwilling I had been but there was no dearth in my effort to worship her with what she loves...... if my mother-in-law has stopped doing it.... I must carry forward the tradition as long as I can.

What am I having right now? two stale pooris / luchis with a cup of tea.... that too after a glass of water with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar which claims to have some slimming effect.... off course not after having two pooris.... that too stale. I am that way... you should not try to find reason in me.... I do what I wish to .... emotionally drained for a long time now, poor observant, with questionable amount of grey matter..... you can call me "ghaar tyara".... that is the Bengali term for an untamed horse. Even, I do not know my next move, I always wish to be left at myself, thats how the wise man at home handles me. Last two days had been very busy..... yet the men at home will revolt if I serve leftover vegetarian meal to them today too.... tomorrow is a Sunday.... Cristine is on leave.... that nightmarish thought of cleaning the kitchen after cooking makes me cook 7-10 dishes on Saturdays. I am too tired to share an elaborate recipe today, let us share this quick and easy recipe of a DESI STYLE EGGPLANT DIP.... done with eggplants, tomatoes, sesame seed, peanuts, olive oil, green chillies, onion and coriander leaves. We only need to roast the tomato and eggplant and the rest is assortment and blending. The onion slices are crispy fried and they add to the taste of the dish. There was off course a meat curry to accompany. We usually have it with poori / luchi / paratha.... I am yet to try making pita at home..... soon will. You can try and test with your choice of mains. Come let us do it together.

Eggplant : 1big [the fleshy variety]
Tomato : 1medium
Onion : 1medium 
Green Chilli : 3-5 [choose yours]
Sesame Seed : 1tbsp
Peanut : 11/2tbsp
Coriander Leaves : 2-3tbsp [roughly chopped]
Salt : As Required
Oil : 2tbsp
Olive Oil : 1tbsp [to drizzle atop]

Wash the eggplant and tomato thoroughly. Pat dry and grease with few drops of oil. We will roast the vegetables one after another atop the gas oven. Once done, place them on a plate and let cool. Once cool.... take off the skin from both the eggplant and tomato.

Chop the coriander leaves roughly discarding the roots, wash. Peel, wash, slice the onion. Heat 2-3tbsp oil in a pan and fry the onion slices till they are crisp and brown. Take out and keep on to a tissue paper.

In the remaining oil, fry the sesame seeds and peanuts lightly till they turn golden brown. Take out. Let cool.

Squeeze the water from the eggplant and place in a blender. Chop the tomato and add it too to it. I usually discard the seeds. Add the salt, washed green chillies, chopped coriander, lightly fried sesame seeds and peanuts.

Blend for 3-4 minutes pausing every 1 minute. We are done. Transfer to a serving bowl. Drizzle some olive oil and garnish with crispy fried sliced onion and some chopped green chillies. Enjoy with your choice of mains.


  1. Soma totally love this desi eggplant dip...

    1. Thank You so much Amrita... we loved it really..