Thursday, 12 October 2017


Isn't that the king of all fruits for many of my tribe?.... and what I see around is the versatile use of this magical fruit .... sweet... juicy... yellowish red in the kitchen of so many.... of certified chefs to self taught, homely cooks. I simply loved the idea of not having mango only as a fruit but using it to prepare a number of desserts... from cheese cakes to various desi sweets. Since, you already know that my fingers are not so friendly with bakes.... my kitchen is at most times filled with sweet aroma of desi desserts.... this time with a MANGO HALWA. There will be at least one dessert stored in the refrigerator for the day... I do so for the teen at home, my nocturnal senior and for any sudden guest given that there is no "doi mishtir dokan".... every 200 mts. here..... though there are malls every 1-3 km perhaps.... which has more food stores than clothing shops these days I see. It is so difficult for a foodie diabetic like me to practice self control. So we can always get something or the other for sudden guests within 15 minutes..... but  I have grown up in an environment / family where guests were always welcomed with food made with lots of love and care at home... from the drinks to mains to chutney to sweet. It was not the number of items that mattered but the warmth expressed doing so. In the grandmother's kitchen, there were two big clay ovens .... 'matir unan'.... I have never seen her frowning in irritation with arrival of guests at anytime.... there was always something or the other in her kitchen cabinet to treat people, no beggar went off from her gate without a coin or some food during her reign. The lady is nearing 90... cannot hear properly... still can look after herself without any help..... I love her.... I grew up in her lap.... I have very sweet memories with her to cherish.... and more so because she loved my father too much. When I see my friends doing everything in the kitchen from scratch ..... my hope gets alive that our lives indeed has not become 'bottled.'.... and the efforts of these yester year wonders will not be done away with entirely.

My brother has just called and conveyed me a very good news..... the elder sister who has always guarded him like a tigress is too very happy and wishes to treat her readers with some sweets ..... no there is no cliched statement like... oh you know our daddy is coming back in the family.... that way they are not giving any hope as of now, neither did he say didibhai... ok I will now match my political ideology with yours.... yet some 'mishti mukh' folks because some relations are perhaps not related to any calculation. Fresh Fruits are very much used in my kitchen both for desserts or in curries other than Bengali. We indeed treat Mango as the 'king' given we are still having it which ever variety we are getting coming from the neighbouring countries or elsewhere. This was the first time I have used freshly pureed mango to prepare a scrumptous dessert as this. The ingredients I have used for this MANGO HALWA are ripe mango pulp, semolina, pistachio, cashew nut, raisin, sugar, full cream milk, condensed milk, ghee. There might be similar recipes of MANGO HALWA already, I have not followed any. This dessert with mango, semolina and mixed dry fruits was part of an offering to God, hence I could not click pictures of the steps... we are not supposed to. Yet it will not stop us from doing together this yum laden MANGO HALWA which can very much be a part of your festive dessert menu.

Ripe Mango : 2-3big
Semolina : 11/2medium cup
Sugar : 1/4small cup
Condensed Milk : 2 -4 tbsp
Full Cream Milk : 1big cup
Cashew nut : 6-8halved
Pistachio : 4-5chopped
Raisin : 7-8
Green Cardamom : 2-3
Ghee : 4-5 tbsp


Wash the mangoes, peel and cut into small cubes. Add to a blender, blend for 2 minutes to get a paste / puree. Pour in a bowl.

Heat ghee in a pan / wok. Tear the green cardamoms lightly and add to the ghee. Your kitchen is filled with a magnetic aroma... haha...

Add the chopped pistachio and halved cashew nuts , stir. Add the semolina, fold in well and keep stirring till it is roasted well and turns little brown.

Add the mango puree and sugar. Mix well the entire thing. Add the condensed milk and again fold in well.

Let it cook while we constantly stir the mixture. Add the milk little by little and stir. Pour the entire content and let boil for sometime. Add the raisins too.

After 3-5 minutes it should be done.  Add more milk if required. Drizzle a tbsp ghee atop. Garnish as you wish.


  1. nice food blog..
    halwa looks yummy and mango is my fav too.

  2. Mango halwa? Oh-my-mouthwatering. I will love some please.