Monday, 30 October 2017


"Bhaat, Porota, Luchi"... Rice, Paratha, Poori ..... I am kind of addictive to these three storehouse of carbs .... Each day I swear on the gym, I will not eat these three things more than one or two days per week.... I simply fail to conform to that and end up tasting what I made for the family. It may not be in large quantity .... may be it is two to three table spoon of rice or not more than one paratha or two pooris .... yet it does not help in the weight loss process. Perhaps the missing link here is the uncountable number of fries and fritters that goes inside on a regular basis ..... My most loved comfort food is any kind of fritter, dal, rice, ghee, green chilli with a bit of salt. Sweets were never a priority for me until I was diagnosed with diabetes. There is so much truth in the 'forbidden' logic ....  one apple that created so much of stir.... haha..... same is with sweets in this house.... I get them or prepare more often for my men and end up tasting one or two while they say weekly one sweet is permissible for the diabetics. I have seen in the gym that a proper diet works better than only exercise. The problem with me is that I know it all but fail to follow the basic rules required to stay fit. Staying slim and fit is a necessity for me.... entirely for health reasons .... Obese since childhood with high power glasses and with a height of 4'10" .... I never did try or knew the tricks  to woo a boy .... going to the gym or spending hours in the beauty parlour..... whatever. Even as a teen, I always felt that to change the person I am to attract someone is the worst blow to my self honour ..... my eye kohl may smudge, face paint may wash away, waistline may double in size .... what then? One has to accept me as the person I am and the feelings has to be mutual ...... it applies to boys too .... this wooing thing only looks good in movies which is not real life. From then till now .... its been 30 long years.... with half century at the doorstep .... I was even unwilling to comb my hair on my special day that is when the senior scolded so hard.... however I am, I am his queen and he indeed treats me as a queen on my special day. We have two back to back celebrations at home... the autumn phenomenon .... on his day I cook everything from the cake to mains to sweet at home by my choice off course ..... On my day.... I do not go near the kitchen .... I get a royal treat.... going out and doing what I love.... eat... eat and eat more and not TOMATO RICE alone. Why my post smells so much of 'me' today?..... because I always wish people, rather real world people to know who or what I am ..... ferociously "tyara" haha .... that is stubborn and cold to anything I do not like....

When was it..... my day? May be yesterday, day before yesterday or whenever ..... that is not important.... what I strongly felt was that I am getting old .... a sense of lethargy gripped in so much so that I refused an invitation of a lunch fair at Marina Bay Sands or a buffet at Hyatt and said... call 'Food Panda'... let us enjoy at home.... this is the first time I did not step out for even five minutes ..... and I loved so much been with my own at home. These are all signs of aging when any kind of excess seems to be a baggage ..... and every inch of my body screams leave me at myself .... I find it very difficult to mingle with folks with different mindsets.... this is a quality I lack ..... a reason why I simply love seclusion .... more so when the world seems to be very much complicated compared to the pace of my brain activities.... better I do what I love .... go for long walks alone, sit down at a food court thereafter, take silly clicks now and then and eagerly wait for the men to come back home..... Evenings are the happiest moment in this family..... if only my little brother lived near..... Such a preface is not required to share a recipe of TOMATO RICE ..... but my readers know by now whatever talking I do, I do it here.... in my personal space.

As I always say my men love rice when it is fried with anything or everything with good seasoning and served with baked or grilled fish or meat or otherwise.... the salad and vegetables are obviously for me to enjoy ..... haha .... you see they are mine .... end of the day I have to give in to their wishes. This TOMATO RICE is often done in my kitchen though not during celebrations but I wished to share this humble dish of TOMATO RICE done with Basmati Rice, a freshly made spice paste along with a generous  amount of tomato.... what else? You will not see me anywhere near ghosts.... I am far from them since childhood.... but watched them all from "Hanabari" to "Bhoot Bangla" to "Kiley Ka Rahasya"..... thrillers with all scares of ghosts... God.... why on earth the angelic faces are to be painted as that I do not get but they can also question .... why do you have to get so mad during Holi? So let us respect each other's tradition and do not cross boundaries but gently avoid what is not me.... Who am I?.... ohh the very sight of Pumpkins all over the social media makes me drool and crave for some "gorom bhaatey kumro sheddo, kancha lanka aar shorsher tel" or "kumror chokka aar luchi"..... you bet I am that rustic, earthy soul till date who does not have any problem accepting an invitation over pumpkin spiced latte either.... I am not in the habit of breaking hearts, haha.... Coming to the island we stay.... we do not have to make any extra effort to stay rooted.... every 200 mt, there are shops selling "ankher rosh" or "tormujer shorbot".... sugarcane or watermelon juice. As of today, we will cook TOMATO RICE together which is a very quick, easy and simple recipe. Rest its another Monday made happier with a movie show tonight with a very understanding couple friend .... something I thoroughly enjoy.... from the company to the atmosphere of the hall...

Long Grained Basmati Rice : 1big cup
Tomato : 2big [washed and chopped]
Onion : 1big [peeled, washed and sliced]
Coriander Leaves : 2sprigs [washed and chopped]
Cumin Seeds : 1tsp +1/4tsp
Coriander Seeds : 1tsp
Fennel Seeds : 1/2tsp
Dry Red Chillies : 3-4 + 2
Dry Mango Powder : 1/2tsp
Green Chillies : 2-3 [slitted]
Mustard Seeds : 1/4tsp
Bayleaf : 1
Turmeric Powder : 1/2tsp
Salt : As Required
Oil : 3-4tbsp


Dry roast 1tsp of cumin seeds, 1tsp of coriander seeds, 1/4tsp of fennel seeds and 3 to 4 dry red chillies in a pan and add to the blender. Add the chopped tomatoes.

Blend the entire mix to a paste. We have already cooked the rice up to 60% to 70% and strained all the water.

Heat oil in a wok or a pan. Temper with 1/4tsp of mustard seeds, 1/4tsp of cumin seeds and a bayleaf. Stir once and add the sliced onion. Once they turn golden brown, add the spice paste with tomatoes.

Stir the spice paste for about 2-3 minutes.... add the turmeric powder, dry mango powder and salt as required.

Add the rice, slitted green chillies if using and half of the chopped coriander leaves.

Fold in gently and stir for 2-3 minutes. We have to be very careful at this stage so that the rice grains do not break.

Once done, we will transfer the entire content to a serving bowl and garnish with onion rings and the remaining chopped coriander leaves. Serve the TOMATO RICE hot and fresh with gravied / grilled / baked meat / fish or may be veggies too.


  1. I love tomato rice times I had few soya chunks or green peas...It has come out very nice

    1. You are right Amrita .... we can make add ons... thank you

  2. Replies
    1. So sorry I am... missed ur comment.... thank u so much...

  3. Awesomeness. A hearty meal with the customary tastes we simply adore.