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No, I will not start with the much cliched "poush toder dak diyechey, aaire chute aai aai aai"...... Gurudeb may get angry.... there is more and still more to him than the very few verses of him that circulates in the social media.... I have not read him enough so that I can make an impromptu quote from his treasure trove. Instead, let me thank the recipe source for this easier method of doing Chitoi Pithe..... I did not even dare to follow our mother's recipe..... she follows her mother's recipe which requires two particular variety of rice and salt..... they would wash and soak the rice overnight, drain the water next day, half grind in a "hamandista" and then prepare a semi smooth paste in the "shil nora" .... then would go ahead with the recipe. I will take a bow with reverence, saluting all these yesteryear ladies.... the super women but will follow an easier recipe that I discovered in a Facebook Page named Daisy's Recipe & Cuisine Gallery! I am so very thankful to this page for helping me to try and be successful with a traditional Bengali recipe with an easier method using modern equipments! I followed that particular recipe almost blindly, added some shredded coconut that the island provides us in abundance and got this near perfect, soft NARKOL DIYE CHITOI PITHE O KHEJUR GUR. It is a celebration time for the Indians spread all over the world! If it is a Makar Sankranti, I have to go ahead with something traditional that suits, if it is an Eid celebration, I will go ahead with a chicken recipe, its as simple as that! I was telling a very dear and trusted someone just yesterday that life seems complicated these days but I prefer a straight road! Do not ask me if the person is a man or a woman.... haha..... I never do think before an action and that lands me in to unwanted complications! Let me tell you about an incident that occured few weeks back. I was inside an Asian store, happy and content with the size of "ilish" or with a packet of "loitta shutki"..... chit chatting with the store guys.... all of a sudden I discovered they used the beef cutter machine for cutting my fish or mutton, chicken! I screamed "eta ki korlen apnara, aar nimuna mach apnader thika."...... Then I saw the pain on the known faces who call me "Apa"..... On my way back home, a feeling of gloom and guilt overshadowed me.... I was thinking what if they hold me at gun point tomorrow for hurting their religious sentiments? It was only last week that my son while ordering a beef steak was instructing the restaurant manager for a rare one ... with 20% cooking... I felt awkward then too! Why? Some where there a party wins 80 seats in a State Assembly election only by visiting temples prior to the election ignoring the other places of worship.... there are also other such places where you can stay in power for long if you speak ill of or destroy temples! Meanwhile, in both the countries a girl child is abducted, raped, strangulated and killed! .... and we are busy spitting at each other! It is good to protect animal rights, not alone of cows though.... but one should ensure that the kids and adults do not die in a hospital in absence of oxygen! I will not go ahead with a chicken keema ball share on a Makar Sankranti Day just because I try not to hurt sentiments. However poor I am at bakes, I did share a cake recipe for Xmas.... All of us have every right to uphold and take pride in our own culture and tradition, but without hurting the sentiments of the rest! We are unable to be this perfect always and that is so humane....

Chitoi Pithe is an authentic Bengali, savoury snack recipe which is done during Poush Sankranti and to be had with Khejur Gur / Date Palm Jaggery..... Unable to follow the yesteryear ladys' laborious method, unavailability of the required ingredients and utensils, I preferred to follow an easier method I discovered in a Facebook page. I follow such pages to go back in time, relive childhood through the food shares that  I grew up eating! This recipe  requires use of cooked rice which our mothers will never approve of! Cooked rice is "shorka" or "etho" to them.... she always complains "tora etho - katha manishna ekdom" .... The poor lady is at our Kolkata home now, cleaning before Sankranti because the daughter could not make her winter visit. It is only for her that it has not turned into a remains till date. Yet I do not do the 1/4th for her what my little brother does. Anyway, we do not offer savoury snacks to the God usually, so I went ahead with using cooked rice. I like it and giggle when the rest of India or say people of this island offer God what they eat!.... This recipe of NARKOL DIYE CHITOI PITHE O KHEJUR GUR uses a special variety of rice, cooked rice, a little of oil, sugar, salt, baking powder..... the shredded coconut is my addition! I really got an authentic taste of Chitoi Pithe. Inspite of being a diabetic, I am indeed enjoying it with date palm jaggery or a cup of tea.... You can turn these snacks into a dessert adding them to thickened milk. Will come up with that recipe later.... Till yesterday, I prepared only 3 desserts and pithe altogether because my men are small eaters. By the way, the picture of my Patali Gurer Payesh [ Date Palm Jaggery Kheer] just got updated... do you like it?

I still do not know how to share links of my previous posts as some of my friends do.... I am the only food blogger perhaps with no technical knowledge, neither I am a cook with precision.... I always urge people... leave me alone... be it in the kitchen or in life.... I perform better that way and do not wish to bother others either. Traditionally, this recipe requires a "matir shora" and "matir unan" but you can see Daisy's Recipe & Cuisine Gallery have provided us with a recipe that is full proof and can be done in gas oven and in a cast iron wok or in a round shaped, non-stick wok. I would suggest you to use even smaller wok. In the beginning I made the blunder of spreading the batter with the back of the ladle a bit.... never do that.... else they will not rise, neither will remain soft and fluffy at the center.  I corrected after getting it wrong initially....

Heavily Inspired by :
Daisy's Notebook & Cuisine Gallery

Gobinda Bhog / Chini Gura / Kali Jeera Rice : 11/3coffee mug [we get this variety in Asian store]
Cooked rice : 1small cup
Shredded Coconut : 1medium cup
Oil : 2tbsp
Sugar : 1tbsp
Salt : 1/3tsp
Baking Powder : 1/3tsp
Water : As Required for a paste like consistency


Wash and soak the rice overnight.

Next Morning, drain the water and transfer the rice to a grinder, add all the other ingredients except the shredded coconut.

Add some water and grind to a fine paste. Do the grinding part with intervals and do not add water all at a time!

Pour the batter into a large bowl.... Add little water if only required! Mix well.

Add the shredded coconut.

Mix well again the entire content.

Heat a cast iron or non stick round, small wok on gas oven very well. Take a round shaped spoonful of batter and pour gently at the centre of the wok.

Do not do anything.... just cover and reduce heat to minimum immediately.

It took me 1 minute for each to fluff up though the original recipe said 30 seconds.

Gently take out, the bottom will be little burnt..... while the centre will be fluffy! Authentically we enjoy NARKOL DIYE CHITOI PITHE O KHEJUR GUR / date palm jaggery.... You can also enjoy it with your favourite chutney and hot cups of tea.... even stale the next day!

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