Saturday, 14 April 2018


I prepared this baked beetroot yogurt ...... BAKED BEET ER DOI very happily and thought I will blog on it on the occasion of Poila Baishakh.... that is Bengali New Year! Till day before yesterday it was ok except for the fact that I did not like the image.... which seemed very much imposed and loud to me! It was an immediate reaction, yet I did not do any thing about it but let it be! I wished to put through a message that I may not like shines and too much of colours but I do not have a problem with people who like it otherwise.... How can I when I come from a family where people cannot think beyond red, yellow, green, blue! On my each visit, I cancel at least ten of the mother's sarees and say you will not wear this kinds.... now she is in track more or less! I have not followed protocol much in my life and that gets  me in to trouble! I have a childhood friend Sukanta Saha, whose mother... our Mira Mashi's choice of saree I loved since our school days. I never hesitated to tell our mom.... "mani.... I like mashi's choice of saree... off beat, matt finish, ethnic!"..... Till date I do not get what is so wrong in that? I find a singer from a different state of Eastern India very classic, I do not go public with it avoiding further controversies! So, many like mine may not find the images of BAKED BEET ER DOI appealing .... As of me, I adore two kinds of food photography.... appropriate props and the subject.... wherein the picture itself weaves a story.... there is another kind that is plain and simple focussing on the food! This particular picture does not conform to any and not suitable for a Bengali New Year Day! I can guarantee you the taste though, I do have a recipe of baked doi / yogurt blogged on earlier.... this time use of the fresh cream made it so much easier for me! The discomfort of going ahead with this dessert today lies elsewhere! For the past two days, two doe eyes on a blue-yellow dress is haunting me, pelting stones at my "glass heaven".... that I am a "hypocrite" is established even stronger! I am not supposed to keep trays of fresh & dry fruits on display when India is fighting for a cause.... a genuine cause! Two Kashmiri Pandits leading a team to get justice for a muslim girl is a ray of hope denoting integrity but we should not focus on this aspect... never! It is humanity that stood up against barbarism ..... in the history of the country the alternative do / did happen.... so religion is not important here... but the crime.... the grievous truth that the woman tribe is vulnerable! Then I am just a food blogger.... not a versatile cook either.... I do not have 25 different dishes to choose from! Here is a small time blogger struggling to get some readers! Had I been able to create a niche for myself in these few years, would You have seen me doing "ghanta pujo" in different groups? never.... Moreover, I wish to treat my personal Facebook stream and the Facebook page as two different identities![in self defence again!]

Anyway, we can say that baked doi has become a craze sort of in the entire Kolkata, if not in West Bengal! Correct me if I am wrong, I am not an well informed person... not a part of the Kolkata food scenario for a long time now.... There was a time when it took me one spoonful to differentiate  the quality of food between Grain of Salt at 22, Camac Street and the one that came up in its place after few months! Me and the Boss kept wondering for a long time why Grain of Salt could not sustain in the Kolkata food scenario.... See how self centric I have become.... majority there cannot afford even a normal Park Street restaurant on a regular basis, leave alone a boutique restaurant!.... I am feeling lack of love towards myself these days!.... Coming to the point, we truly loved the food served at  Grain of Salt..... saying so without any prejudice, the master will not train me for free on different cuisines, praising the master will not make me famous overnight!.... Once our mother said.... mamoni.... watch the fingers at work.... they are so much at ease making cooking easier for you using few ingredients most of the time! She seemed happy if she did not have to buy creams to mixed nuts for a dish. Each time I use "mutho mutho badam".... the guilt is on.... my middle class values will not set me free... neither should it! So, the point is it is Bengali New Year tomorrow.... I wished for a vegetarian share, global as far as possible considering all my friends around...... trying to remain apolitical. The doe eyed girl along with her likes are not going to leave me sooner, I kept fast yesterday not alone for my son but for them too.... Standing right at the present, I do not find it necessary to share the picture which I like doing.... the daughters are in distress... my prince will remain my prince... The mother of a prince was a girl child too and a victim of #metoo, however protective the mother had been ..... If you have given birth, be a caring parent.... getting boxes of chocolates and dresses for the kids is not good parenting.... a considerable part of our time and life is to be given to them! This BAKED BEET ER DOI is a very quick and simple recipe done with few ingredients like plain yogurt, cream, condensed milk, green cardamom powder, rose water and kewra water.... the raw smell of the beetroot juice had to be hidden. We can have this superbly yum dessert just like that or you have these choice of toppings to add! Go as you like it!


Plain Yogurt : 400-500gm
Beetroot Juice : 11/2medium cup
Fresh Cream : 150-200gm [I used a Nestle 170gm tin]
Condensed Milk : 1/3small cup [I used 1/2 of a Milkmaid 329gm tin]
Green Cardamom Powder : 1/2tsp
Kewra Essence : 2-3drops [screw pine essence]
Rose Water : 3-4 drops
A Convection mode Microwave oven : Using oven may be bad but our owner will not allow traditional manual ones, neither do I have the time, energy or patience to go back to basics .... so cheers to technology! I hear some "bahargaons" do not use microwaves, we use!


Below are the ingredients we will be using to prepare BAKED BEET ER DOI.

We have prepared the beet root juice in a juicer using very little water. We are not using the entire content of all the ingredients, follow the amount mentioned in the ingredients list!

Whisk together everything very well!

Pour into bake proof ramekins or cups.... I am the owner of a frill free kitchen and home.... I use coffee cups / soup bowls and anything for everything!

Cover them with aluminium foils!

Fill a bake proof tray with some water so that the ramekins immerse 1/2 in the water. Place the low rack with water filled baking tray and preheat oven to 200*C. Do not look at my baking tray, I am my mother's daughter.... not in the habit of throwing away things!

Place some of the ramekins filled with the yogurt mixture on the baking tray!

Bake for 13-14 minutes at 200*C..... Exactly the time taken in my machine!

Rest for few minutes before you take out the finished product and set on the second batch!

Let the BAKED BEET ER DOI cool down completely before you refrigerate them!

Always enjoy this sinful dessert chilled!