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Someone at home is not in a great spirit since yesterday night!.... Even the wife got concerned looking at the hopeless face of Messi... after all she did accompany her father to different playgrounds in Kolkata for a football or a cricket match... if not often but at times! The brother was / is a sports lover, not me! After school, I stopped!... There after I took interest only in college, friends and all the cinema halls in the Hathibagan area.... and at times to Hind, Globe, Light House, New Empire! Wasn't it in front of the Radha Cinema Hall that me, Chandrayee, Tanushree, perhaps Lena Ghosh was caught trying to get in to watch a "A"marked movie by the now husband T? We did not have Gautam Mukherjee as a body guard that day! This guy got hold of us and asked what we were doing there? He used to give private tuition to the brother then... I got scared that he may tell the mother... and our venture remained unfulfilled! Lena went in perhaps, she is Dr. Lena Ghosh now, teaches Bengali at a college but remains the same naughty.... a mouth that needs to be sealed! However, I was too broken when one of my heartthrob .... who is now perhaps a reader at the Calcutta University... Professor Dipankar Sinha was seen at the ticket counter of the New Empire Theatre Hall to watch a "J" series movie! Sir joined our college as a 27 years old youngster, we were 20-21.... I got hooked towards him like few of my friends... I loved his teaching style and so cried when he left us for a job at the Kalyani University.... One day, a friend who was his neighbour or knew him personally delivered me this message that Sir watches such movies with his friends... and S felt awful.... all love gone! Haha, Sir was seen at Nandan  "chattar" more, still S had / has to remain S. At a later stage, I realised that what I had for Sir is hero worship .... I loved him as a mentor / guide!.... I failed to realise that he was a normal human being too! T so many times tried to make me understand that all of us are humans, that we should accept people at face value, that each one of us are different from the other and we need not be perfect! So, such a level headed person like T too looked broken yesterday.... and I must do something to boost his mood... say serving him and our boy a plateful of GARAM MASALA NOODLES! Besides, I do not have enough time to do some complex cooking.... we are going for a tour next weekend and I have my grey hairs to be covered, nails to be done, trim my eyebrows and "dari-gof", do some face job!... I thought of shedding few kilos too but that did not happen.... I am cooking recipes from my own blog, eating them too! I need to change the pictures which does not reflect me .... they should look like what I cook at least!.... the only thing I can!.... I am yet to give you a shocker! We will get our visas just seven hours before our flight 😳..... the reason I always tell you not to follow this family in any matter... we are that way...

You see GARAM MASALA NOODLES is not something I wish to blog on though I do it often... my men prefer such kinds on their table.... I sweat way less in the kitchen this way.... I just have a mental block.... who will blog on a "jibh porano loti".... or "shorshe narkol potol" or a "beulir dal?"..... Beulir dal is a West Bengal thing.... I was born there and I am not really is torn between "two Bangla".... I love Beulir Dal with Posto.... and if I cannot have posto... I will prepare a yum fritter for you all and my family and share a wonderful combo recipe. Today, let me do a khichdi / hotch potch share.... though I do not know why I am so eager to be thrown out from this island. Do you think they will tolerate me after they see me adding "gorom moshola" to noodles? This too I sourced from someone 18 years back! Coming to that! Noodle was introduced to Bengali Middle Class Households perhaps in the mid 80's?.... since then I love it.... be it mom made or at the streets of Kolkata or at the signature restaurants of Kolkata... If you ask me to be very honest, I love the "benglified" or Indian Style Noodles way too much.... but our mothers did not add garam masala to a noodle dish ever.... neither did any chef of any restaurant in India... then where did this dumbo S derive this idea of GARAM MASALA NOODLES? S till now has worked in three different schools. She enjoyed working in the institution she joined first, worked their for 5 years and left 15 days prior to her marriage.... Although they paid me or the rest less than a daily wage labourer.... I loved being their every day.... I was young, I could work hard and I loved the trust, the faith they had on me... the importance and the freedom to work my way I got!Their declaration that this girl is the pillar of the primary section gave me a high!.... I enjoyed the convoy of parents encircling me each evening.... In the five years, only two-three parents questioned me on my method... "you are not generating the power of thinking in kids".... now I admit that my method is obsolete at the present day scenario.... but my kids then are engineers, doctors, teachers today.... I am thankful that learning by rote did not lead them to nowhere! Anyway, from there I joined a school in Belur.... Oh! God! handling teens is so very tough! There I had a Punjabi colleague Namrata Negi, who also taught me to cook Bitter Gourd with chilli-mustard sauce! I remember her of all because of their three sisters... the middle one who was a senior nurse at the Liluah Hospital won 25 lakhs in Kaun Banega Crorepati.... So, Namrata ... the youngest used to feed me cooked at home ladoo, mustard green sabzi. While in this island, I had some South Indian colleagues who treated me with mango rice to meen curries! Back then, I loved catching an early morning 56 / 56A bus from Dunlop more and cross Dakhineshwar & Belur Math all five days of a week... I am a Hindu... I will but without targeting other's belief or faith!.... Our parents did not bring us up that way! Anyway, I lost the job in two years because I got pregnant before the completion of the initial contract period.... ugh! I still cannot forget the pain of losing "korkorey panch hazaar takar note" every month.... which was a good amount for an useless me in 1999! I totally got out of the track, busy bringing up my new born! Now that I am in the food world,  I think I should blog on a GARAM MASALA NOODLES that I have learnt from that girl... Though she used to prepare a vegetarian version, I usually add prawns and minced chicken to it!.... I have warm feelings for the people of this island! We are basically non-vegetarian loving people, so such additions of prawns and chicken are always very much of taste enhancing to us! I do with eggs and potatoes too... our family version.... If you say so, our mother did non-vegetarian noodles sans the garam masala.... she added vinegar and soya sauce... I love spice in everything!.... ahem.... I meant food! I do not know why Indian doctors are not so happy about having noodles as a healthy food options.... its same as rice! People of this island are far more healthier and have a higher longevity compared to an average Indian.... they work till 85! I am not well read, so what I do is... I try to add a lot of vegetables to the noodle dishes.... broccoli, cauliflower, bell peppers, beans, carrot.... It helps or not... we enjoy! I love the crunch of spring onions atop anything! Add tofu or paneer too.... so that there is less intake of carb filled noodles.... In fact how does it matter if we are having it once a week?

Anyway, the Bengali-at-heart me always gives a "congo to Banga".... so I have to provide the recipe links for my vegetarian stuffed pointed gourd and ridge gourd-eggplant-sun dried lentil veggies  attached to this post! Do them for sure, you will love!.... They are with updated pictures now.... I did a fair job I think! Do click the below links for the individual recipes!




Noodle : Any variety of 500 gm should serve a few [I love glass noodle but cannot manage them at home]
Small Sized Prawn : 250-300gm [de shelled, cleaned, washed thoroughly]
Minced Chicken : 200-250gm [washed and strained few times]
Garam Masala : 11/2tbsp [I use store bought.... but freshly made at home will give better flavour and taste]
Red Chilli Flakes : 1tsp [skip or use less if you have smaller kids at home]
Vinegar : 1/2small cup
Chopped Green Chilli : 2tbsp [use less if you are doing it for smaller kids]
Red, Green, Yellow Bell Pepper : 1/2 of a medium sized of each.... cut into strips
Minced Garlic : 1tbsp
Cubed Onion : 2-3tbsp
Lemon Juice : 2-3tbsp
Salt : As Required
Black Pepper Powder : 1tsp
Tomato Ketchup : 2 tbsp [the husband dislikes, so I use less]
Oil : 3-4tbsp
Chopped and washed spring onions to garnish!


Half fill a medium sized, deep bottomed vessel with water. Add some salt and few drops of oil. Bring to boil and let the water boil for 3-4 minutes. Switch off and immediately add the noodles breaking them into smaller pieces.... not too small either. Rest for 2-3 minutes. Strain and keep in the strainer for 10-15 minutes to discard all the water.

Rub few drops of oil on the boiled noodles, they will not turn soggy and  stay apart..... we do not want "noodles er fena bhaat"....

We have assorted together everything we need.... bell peppers cut in to strips, cubed onions, chopped green chillies, minced garlic[not in picture], small prawns and minced chicken marinated in salt, black pepper powder, lemon juice! 

We will actually soak the chopped green chillies in vinegar for 2-3 hours.

Everything should be cleaned and washed before using we know.

Heat oil in a pan or wok and temper with minced garlic. As the minced garlic turns light brown, add the onion cubes.

Quick stir at high heat for a minute! 

Add the marinated prawns and minced chicken without the marination and stir at high heat for 3-4 minutes.

Add the bell peppers and quick stir at high heat for a minute.

Add the boiled noodles little by little and keep mixing. Add the red chilli flakes, garam masala, salt as required!

Now keep stirring the entire thing at high heat for 2-3 minutes.

Add the chillies with vinegar, tomato ketchup.

Stir at high heat for a minute or two.... Yep.... we are done!

You are not lazy like me, so you will do some "veg manchurian" to serve alongside! I had to have my salad!

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