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"Sankrantir Pithe-Puli" had been / is a regular affair in both sides of our family.... in fact in a maximum number of Bengali homes! Way later, I got to know that entire India celebrate it as per their tradition. How come the primitive me will not follow the tradition? I am not a pro or energetic like our mother, so decided to prepare one sweetmeat at a time.... Anyway, in a tropical country having "pithe-puli" is not time bound! So, I am not in a hurry! You will see in the ingredient list, I did this Bengali, winter dessert PATALI GUR DIYA CHOSHIR PAYESH with 11/2 lt. of milk.... The making of choshi / chushi / rice flour strips takes pretty good time and requires patience! I am an impatient being but really enjoy following tradition. Cristine did help me in the making of "choshi".... else I would have taken some 1/2 an hour to 40 minutes more! It is not that if we relocate to another country... I will not prepare them.... may be will do in lesser quantity & frequency! My senior loves "pithe-puli".... there was a time when he could have a plateful of them.... now he has little at a time. I enjoy cooking for my family. I know homes where people carry "roti" in lunch boxes that are inedible.... heard from themselves. I am not in the habit of poking my flat nose in other homes but this irritates me! One may not have any interest in the kitchen and household chores ..... there is no wrong in it ..... at least you should have the interest & ability to train your help to cook proper meals! Anyway, I do not get home 6000-7000 dollars each month... so no big talks. As I always say and believe that one has to set their priorities at a young age... one cannot get everything in one life.... There is only one life but.... what we lose is lost for ever.... One can wet the pillow thinking of the people and time lost forever but not repent over it... no point! Get the maximum happiness out of what you have and consider it a blessing.... My T is a rare breed who told me long long back that he does not have any expectation from life.... I was impressed but it was not told to impress me.... even if I serve him "jhol-bhaat" everyday .... he will not complain! This is a lesson he learnt from his father who I saw preparing his own cup of tea back from the office while his homemaker wife used to be busy partying with friends! I do not like thankless women and men who keep telling lies right on my ears that she or say he alone has brought up her kid / kids! I do not support patriarchy, neither a matriarch and such lies are uncalled for when I can see the truth right in front of me.... I am not in the habit of arguing, neither can I oil anyone to remain in their good book .... what I do is just avoid such discussions! I so wish to use my spare time engaging in a home delivery business... however I am caught in between very strict rules.... My ultimate wish is to own a "Bengali Eatery... Bhaater Hotel" in an "Office Para" of Kolkata... when? I am 48 already and enjoy my stay in the island! If your husband is not a food lover, your dream remains a dream.... I am not keen on any joint ventures with any of the family members or friends! All said and done, I continue to cook easy, everyday recipes for my loving followers, readers... the food has to be eaten by the family but.

As told, I did serve the PATALI GUR DIYA CHOSHIR PAYESH with "luchi"... poori made with refined flour, frozen French Fries cooked in microwave. I keep a packet for such lazy days. Moreover, the senior & junior will not have a bowlful of dessert in the evening and then a dinner. As anticipated, the junior did not have the dessert at night... he never does! I am not worried as he will have it once back from the school today! The nocturnal senior had it post dinner. I went to sleep in peace.

Choshi / Chushir Payesh is usually done using date palm jaggery, milk, rice flour. The dough for the strips called choshi or chushi is done with rice flour authentically. I added a little of refined flour and semolina to the dough so that they remain soft even after refrigeration. Remember, Bengal eats it in winter.... they do not refrigerate it there. It is never recommended to reheat such kinds, it curdles. We live in a tropical island, the tradition bound me has to make it. You see my priorities in life are clear cut.... being a diabetic I still had to have half a bowl of PATALI GUR DIYA CHOSHIR PAYESH.... I did not mind to sacrifice wearing trousers in the process, haha! What makes me happy is that my not so much of a Bengali son loves the flavour of patali gur / date palm jaggery.... I noticed that he eats payesh / rice kheer made with patali... stopped having the one made with sugar! I am still hopeful that one day he will have everything his mother wants him to ....... haha! Going a little further with my expectations... I think my daughter-in-law too will unless he brings someone from Timbaktu... will she call me Mrs.SSR?..... nooooooooo...


Full Cream Milk : 11/2lt.
Rice Flour : 1/2medium tea cup
Semolina : 1tbsp
Refined Flour : 2tsp
Date Palm Jaggery : 150gm [broken into small pieces]
Sugar : 1tbsp
Salt : A pinch
Warm Water : As Required for a soft but firm dough


Take the rice flour in a bowl.

Add a little of warm water first. Rub for a minute.

Now add the semolina and refined flour to it.

Add more of warm water little by little and form a soft & smooth dough.

Now, we will pour the entire amount of milk on a heavy bottomed vessel and put it for boil at the lowest heat.

Before we sit to prepare the rice flour-refined flour-semolina strips, we will break the date palm jaggery into smaller pieces.

Now, take a chair and sit... you need to show up your patience at this step. 

Tear out very small portion from the dough!

Rub lightly in between your palms. Do not press hard. 

Authentically, the strips are even more finer but I am not a perfectionist, quite impatient too! Mine worked pretty well in the boiling milk.

We did go and stir the boiling milk in the kitchen in between.

Cristine helped me equally at this step, else it would have taken more time.

Keep the strips on a plate dusted with flour.

When the milk reduces from 11/2 kg to about 800ml which may take some 20-25 minutes, add the rice flour-refined flour-semolina strips to the boiling milk.

At this stage and thereafter till the completion we will not move from the kitchen. We have increased the heat a bit and the bottom may burn due to any negligence.

After 2-3 minutes of adding the strips, we will stir the content gently and frequently. 

When they look like above, they are soft and done. Add the sugar now and let boil for another minute.

Switch off the gas oven. Add the broken pieces patali gur / date palm jaggery. Gently stir, they will melt in minutes.

Never boil after adding the jaggery, the kheer may get curdled. 

We should be done.

It is not necessary to add all of the jaggery if not required. You can store it back in the refrigerator.

I never use flavouring agents like cardamoms & rose water when there is date palm jaggery used in the dish!

Have it fresh and warm or stale... having it stale gives you the best taste!

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