Sunday, 31 August 2014


SWEETS and BENGALIS are synonymous you can say. I think one should visit our heritage city Kolkata to savour the wide variety of sweets available. I am sure you have to stay more than a fortnight to taste all varieties, while going back you are sure to carry few packets back home for your loved ones.
This particular dish today is a home made Bengali dessert. There are so many variety of home made desserts in Bengal using rice flour, refined flour, jaggery,shredded coconut, milk. All these reminds me of my childhood days. Winter vacation started and next day I was at my Maternal Grandparent's place, 100 km away fromthe city. Our morning started with freshest date juice from my grandfather's farmhouse and exotic  desserts made by my grandmom who singlehandedly managed everything including making the rice flour with a hand grinder. The dessert I prepared today is usually done in winters with date jaggery. Here in Singapore, we do not get date jaggery , so I used sugar.
Presenting this recipe to the world is a tribute to my 87 year old grandmom.

INGREDIENTS :( for the filling)
Shredded Coconut : 200 gm
Normal Jaggery : 100 gm
Water : 1 cup
INGREDIENTS : ( for the dumpling )
Hot Water : 11/2 cup
Rice flour :  1 cup

 INGREDIENTS : ( for the Kheer)
Milk : 1 litre
Sugar : 1 cup
Cardamom powder : 2 pinches.

In a wok bring into boil the jaggery and water. The jaggery will melt , keep on stirring. When the jaggery starts getting sticky, add the shredded coconut. Stir continuously. Add the cardamom powder and fold in well. Put off the oven when the water dries and the thing looks sticky. Your filling is ready.

Put the rice flour in a medium size wide bowl. Pour in hot water and keep stirring. It should not be watery but form a mould. After it cools a bit,mix the dough with your palm.
Make small balls out of the rice flour, make hole,put in little filling,close. Shape them round, half moon or oval.
In a deep bottomed pan, pour in the milk, let it boil . Keep on stirring . When the milk is reduced to about 600 ml, put in the coconut filled dumplings . Let simmer for another 5- 7 minutes.
Now add the sugar. Stir carefully. When the milk turns creamy, put in the cardamom powder.Switch off after 1 minute.
Please note, if you are using date jaggery, do not use cardamom powder. Date jaggery has it's own unique flavour.
Serve warm or chilled as per your preference.


  1. Awesome! Soma dear, thank you so much for this wonderful recipe. I am surely going to try it out, till then bookmarked in my flip board magazine (food matters).

  2. Balvinder Ubi.....thank you.....shall come up with more.....

  3. Thanks Balvinder Ubi....will come up with more....