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Paneer....... Cottage Cheese......we can really do wonders with it......from exotic starters to everyday comfort curry to creamy shahi paneer or  paneer korma to chilli paneer. I wonder if ever the Mughal Badshas had it or not..... Neither did I see something like chilli paneer at any Chinese restaurant or in food courts in Singapore....... that doesnot mean they are anything less in taste......or we stop experimenting with it in future. Being too much of a favourite with me and my son..... I keep it handy in my refrigerator..... A very dear friend was asking for some simple everyday recipes for Paneer...... so I may quite bore the World with paneer....... a pain for those who are not paneer maniacs. My friend is a busy professional, heading a NGO , she doesnot really have time to spend much time at the kitchen. So to her honour this simple recipe.

I quite really like the Indianised version of Chinese food. This dish of Paneer with Bell Peppers we have tasted in different restaurants back home. We need different coloured bell peppers, onion and paneer [Indian Cottage Cheese] to do this, made aromatic with minced ginger and garlic. Let us do this easy vegetarian starter dish together.

Paneer : 200 gm
Bell Peppers ( red,yellow,green) : 1 each. ( cubed)
Green Chilli : 3 to 4 (slitted)
Ginger ( minced) : 5 gm
Garlic.  ( minced) : 5 gm
Soya Sauce ( light): 4 tablespoon
Salt  : little( as per your requirement )
Cornflour : 1 + 1/2 tsp.
Onions : 1 big.( cubed)
Oil : 1 tablespoon

At first soak the paneer pieces in warm water. If they are fresh for one hour, if frozen for atleast two hours.

Take half of each of the bell peppers and cut into small squares. Wash and keep aside.

Mix the cornflour in half cup water and keep aside.

Heat oil in  a frying pan. Drain the water from Paneer and apply little salt and 1tsp cornflour on them. Mix well. Add them to oil, lightly fry and take off. Place on a tissue paper.

Add the washed minced garlic and ginger....stir  quickly. When they release aroma, add in the onion pieces. Saute well ,till they turn pink.

Add the washed bell peppers and slit green chillies. Add a pinch of baking powder as they help to retain the original colour. Stir for two minutes, now add the fried paneer pieces. Saute for another two minutes.

The paneer and vegetables should not turn brown and the veggies should remain crunchy. At this stage add the soya sauce and salt. Stir. Add the cornflour mixed water. Stir for one minute. Garnish.

We should always have it hot.

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