Wednesday, 24 September 2014


Sweets, Sweets n Sweets......that's what we love to prepare and eat during festivals. Indulging to the extreme is what we do with ourselves during this period. And why not? Such occasions come once a year, to enliven our hearts and we  savour the moments for the next one year. Moreover, any celebration, among us, is incomplete without sweets.
Yesterday was Mahalaya. We generally offer something homemade or store bought to God on such days. I had no time in the morning, hurried down to work , and the whole day I felt awkward. Back home I thought I should not go to bed with guilt. Let me prepare something which is quick and easy to make, without compromising with the taste.
So, I came up with these KACHAGOLLAS , which I loved so much in my childhood. It is made with Chena( curdling the milk with lemon juice) and sugar. During winter we alternate the sugar with date jaggery.
Finally I ended up at around 9 pm and felt extremely happy and content. Hope my God will forgive  me for serving the dinner late.
One thing you should keep in mind, even if you refrigerate, this sweet tends to spoil quickly. So I would suggest to have them all within 2 days. 2 litres of milk shall make about 15 sweets approximately.

Cow Milk : 2 litres
Sugar : 1/2 cup
Lemon Juice : 3 tablespoon
Green Cardamom Powder : 1/4 spoon
Chopped Pistachios : 6 ( not required if you are using date jaggery)

Let us first prepare the Chena( Indian Cottage Cheese). Pour 2 litres of milk in a heavy bottomed pan. Put on the gas oven for boil. When it boils and comes up, pour in the lemon juice. You can see the milk curdling. Give in one cup ice cubes and cover. Let it cool.

Now take a clean white cloth. Pour in the curdled milk through it, so that the whey is drained away. Please do not throw away the whey, store it in the refrigerator to use later. What is deposited in the White cloth is called Chena. Tie the cloth tightly, put under running water and then hang for about 2 hours. All excess water should go away.

Now blend the sugar along the green cardamom to get a powder form. Chop the pistachios. Mix with the Chena and keep mashing until the sugar is mixed well and the thing turns smooth. Shape into round balls with the help of your palms.

You are done. Your God is happy, your family is happy, you are too! Enjoy!