Saturday, 17 October 2015


It was a promise made to myself that besides curries and fries and desserts, I will also share some healthy bites and salads from time to time. Of late I have learnt the benefits of following a healthy diet. I keenly follow the wonderful healthy recipes around, learnt a lot. This enables me to mix and match various ingredients and prepare different kinds of salads and salsas. I often give an Indian twist to them adding Indian spices. For me it gives the feel of an Indian chaat which is healthy too. So it becomes an absolute pleasure to have it at lunch, or at times I also serve it as an appetiser along with other non-vegetarian dishes.

Given my health condition, I try to have a carb free or low carb lunch which have to have protein, fibre and necessary nutrients. Bengalis and salads are remotely related. Hence my salads have to have an Indian twist with few spices sprinkled on it. The other day I got some raw mangoes from the market to prepare chutney. It was then that this idea of preparing a raw mango-moong bean salad popped up. I had some guests at home, so I served it along with the non-vegetarian appetisers. They loved it, so did I. Let us do it and have it fresh.

Raw Mango : 1
Cucumber : 1small
Green Moong Dal[green lentil]: 1small cup
Bengal Gram : 1/4 small cup
Sprouts : 1/4 small cup
Coriander Leaves : 1tbsp
Green Chilli : 1
Roasted Cumin Powder : 1/2tsp
Roasted Coriander Powder : 1/4tsp
Black Salt : As required[alternatively plain salt]
Lemon Juice : 2tbsp

Wash the green moong and bengal gram and soak in enough water overnight. Alternatively soak in hot water for 2 hours. Drain the water and wash again.

Peel, wash and cut the raw mango into bite size pieces discarding the seed. Wash and cut the cucumber into small pieces. Was the sprouts too.

Chop the coriander leaves. Dry roast the coriander seeds and cumin seeds and grind them to a powder.

In a bowl add all the ingredients and toss well.

Serve immediately. Enjoy as your lunch or serve with other appetisers....goes well with kebabs.

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