Saturday, 7 November 2015


I wished to prepare something easy, fuss free, simple much ahead of Diwali. Something with whatever ingredients available in my kitchen without killing much time. During this festive season we are quite busy cleaning every nook n corner of our homes, decorating them with diyas, arranging for rangoli in whatever way we can. I am so much loving roaming around the Diwali Bazaar that is held here every year, as if a home away from home. Colourful diyas, painted pots, wall hangings and all kinds of home decors are flooding the market, feels like buying them all. Besides all these we need to prepare some homemade goodies too. This time is is Chirer Ladoo/Flattened Rice Ladoo for me.

There had been the practice of preparing Chirer moya among us, grown up eating them made with whole flattened rice and jaggery. Mine is a different one, a simplified and quick one. Done with 2-3 ingredients, it can be stored without refrigeration upto 3-4 days as it is dairy-free. Let us do it.


Chirey[poha] : 200gm
Peanut[unsalted] : 2tbsp
Jaggery : 100gm
Sugar : 2tsp
Green Cardamom Powder : 1/2tsp
Raisin : 10-15
Ghee : 1tbsp


In a wok, heat the ghee. Roast the peanuts at a very low heat. They should not burn.

Add the chirey and keep stirring at low heat for 3-4 minutes. Switch off and let cool.

Grate the jaggery or crush them with a rolling pin. Wash and soak the raisins for 1/2 an hour.

In a grinder, add the roasted chirey/poha, peanuts, jaggery, sugar and the cardamom powder. Grind them to a coarse powder.

Transfer to a plate. Strain the water from the raisins and add to the mix.

Shape into round balls. If we have any problem binding the ladoo, we can rub a little ghee on our palms.

Healthy, savoury ladoos ready within an hour. Store them in a tight container.

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