Monday, 7 November 2016


Teasel Gourd again takes me down memory lane to a small township..... 100 km away from my hometown to my maternal grandparent's place. I was born there and brought up in that home for a pretty long time..... My mom been married at a young age who became a mother while still in college, I was looked after by the rest, pampered and spoilt with love to the extreme.... I vividly remember everything about the positive environment I grew up in and deep within try to assimilate all the broken pieces till date. Where is that vibrance lost ?? There is perhaps nothing called right or wrong in the world..... just a difference of perspective..... Just back from a movie few hours back, there is a question-answer session going on inside. The silly romantic went with certain hopes as her favourite subject is Relationship........ Watching it I could not digest what it had to say and eventually got disturbed, yes I get horribly disturbed when I fail to see emotional quotient in a relationship..... and I realise I am rigid and too old right from a tender age.... I find myself screaming at the world.... leave me alone with my beliefs.... Looking at me, the senior says there is no problem with the world, all problem is within you... broaden your spectrum madam S..... He  had no qualms with the subject of the movie and considers it to be quite normal..... well we accept and respect each other's differences of opinion....

Coming back to food, this teasel gourd, kantola or kakrol... as we call it in India, were grown in abundance at my maternal grandparent's place.... they do not need any such care, they just grow in abundance during monsoon. They are either eaten fried, in mixed veggies or as this..... batter fried with a stuffing.... Mine is a purely vegetarian stuffing and then batter fried.... as I had long back at a friend's place..... this batter fried kantola was not so common at our home, we mostly had it fried. I followed my friend's mom's recipe as much as I could remember. Such an awkward incident happened that day that it is impossible to forget.... While aunty was batter frying the stuffed teasel gourds and the two sisters and me were chatting.... suddenly a hiss hiss sound under the bed... In those days middle class homes had good storage under the bed.... and there came out a snake from a 'hari' [patila, deep bottomed vessel?]. Before I fainted it was driven off, kudos to the sister duo. The feeble heart me did have this crisp and yum batter fried teasel gourd with a plate full of piping hot rice.... Let us do this vegetarian dish together providing stepwise pictures for the same.....

INGREDIENTS : [ for the stuffing ]
Flesh of Teasel Gourd : 6-8
Shredded Coconut : 1/2 medium cup
Mustard Seed : 11/2tbsp
Green Chilli : 4-5
Salt : As required
Nigella Seed : 2-3 pinches
Turmeric Powder : 1/4 tsp
Oil : 2 tbsp [mustard]

INGREDIENTS : [for the batter]
Refined Flour : 1/4 medium cup
Gram Flour : 2tbsp
Rice Flour : 1medium cup
Salt : As Required
Sugar : 11/2 tsp
Water : As Required

INGREDIENTS : [ finally ]
Teasel Gourd : 6-8 [halved and scooped]
The cooked stuffing
The batter
Oil : 1big cup to fry...


Wash the teasel gourds, cut the ends..... half them... Scoop out the flesh.... Apply little salt and turmeric to the pieces. Keep aside. You can get rid of the skin of the gourds too.... I do not.

Wash the mustard seeds through a strainer. Blend all the ingredients for stuffing except for the salt, turmeric, nigella seeds and oil.

Heat oil in a wok and temper with nigella seeds. Add the blended raw thing, salt, sugar and cook till dry... it will take 10-12 minutes. Add the refined flour, stir.

It is done, we will transfer to a bowl and let cool.

With help of a spoon, fill in the halved kantola or teasel gourd.

Prepare the batter adding water little by little. It should be a paste like consistency. Coat the stuffed teasel gourd with the batter very well.

Heat oil in a clean wok. Fry the battered stuffed teasel gourd in batches.

Fry at low heat till all sides are brown. Transfer onto tissue paper to get rid of excess oil.

Enjoy with piping hot steamed rice.


  1. nice recipe...I never tried this...will try it very soon...Thanks for sharing madam :)

  2. I like it very much. Not sure on teasel gourd, but can I be sure if I can use bitter gourd? That batter is equally impressive.

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    2. Thank You Navaneetham... we use this stuffing for other vegetables too...

  3. Absolutely nice.. Have never tasted teasel so far. If i get to try my hands on this would be my first choice!!

  4. I have seen this veggie in stores, but didnt use it..Looks nice!!

  5. Interesting preparation and an interesting vegetable. Looks too good...