Thursday, 17 November 2016


At our home, weekends call for a sweet and I love doing them, the simple ones though. The Indian supermarket here has an array of packaged sweets air flown from India. I do buy the dry varieties at times when there are special occasions or prayers at home. Once a friend said the sugar syrup of the tinned sweets has bacteria. Ever since I try to prepare sweets fresh at home. There is also a sweet shop in the Indian Market selling fresh sweet. I do buy them whenever I visit that area, however I miss the touch of that professional hands in the making as it is back home. Off course, we do not get the winter special date jaggery sweets anywhere here, for that we have to travel a few hundred kilometres which I feel is worth it. Till then my men have to be happy with whatever little I can do.

The fresh fruits are kept at home to pack along with their lunch boxes. The peculiar duo will eat fruits only that way, if given at home they will not touch. In so many years I am adjusted to such things and play my own tricks as and when required. I do eat fruits but has been prescribed not to eat much. This morning I saw its about to be the weekend, yet there are a few leftover fruits that needs to be used. Everything has a shelf life. Never in a mood to do elaborate cooking these days, I planned for this Fresh Fruit Stuffed Sweet. We can do the stuffing with any fruit but not with one with too much water content. Take note that the fruits have to be sweet. I used bread because the coverage of the sweet had to be little harder as it is a no cook one. Moreover, it will be stuffed with fresh fruits, hence should be firmer than our usual sweets. I have provided stepwise pictures for the whole process. Let us prepare this Fresh Fruit Stuffed Sweet together. I tried with little amount, you can adjust as required.

INGREDIENTS : [for homemade paneer]
Low Fat Milk : 500 ml
Plain Yogurt : 1/2 small cup
Ice Cubes : 1/2small cup

INGREDIENTS : [for the sweet]
Homemade Paneer : As we get
Milk Powder : 1/2small cup
Refined Flour : 1tbsp
Sugar : 1/2small cup
Green Cardamom Powder : 1/4tsp
Bread : 2-3pieces
Ghee [clarified butter] : 2-3tbsp
Orange: 6-7 segments of one
Grapes : 7-8
Garnish as you wish or do not
Any other fruits can be used with less water content, I did with what I had at home

Pour the milk in a heavy bottomed vessel. Switch on gas and bring it to boil. Beat the plain yogurt and add to the milk. Stir and switch off gas. Add the ice cubes. Let rest for 5-10 minutes.

Strain the whey through a white cloth and tie with your kitchen tap. Squeeze the extra water. Let it rest for about 45 minutes.

Heat 1tbsp ghee in a frying pan. Cut the sides of the bread slices and toast both sides brown. If you think your paneer and milk powder mixture is firm after kneading, you can manage well, skip the bread part.

After 45 minutes take down the paneer and untie.

Transfer to a plate. Add milk powder, refined flour, sugar, mash and knead well for 10 minutes.

Add rest of the ghee and the toasted bread torn into small pieces. Mash very well for another 5 minutes.

Now the mixture is firm and non-sticky. Keep it covered for few minutes. Meanwhile peel the orange, take out the skin of the segments and throw the seeds. Chop into smaller pieces. Wash and chop the grapes into smaller pieces.

Rub your hands with little amount of ghee.Take portions from the mixture, shape round, make hollow, stuff with little amount of fruit mix, close and smoothen with your palms.

Now its done. I prefer to serve it chilled.


  1. Well done, saved the fruits and here we have this amazing sweet treat with fruits. I sure am learning new inventions.

    1. Thank You Navaneetham.... I so much hate wastage...

  2. Amazing sweet treat..loved it chef Soma 😍👌

  3. Amazingly creative and perfect to satisy my sweet tooth!

    1. Thank you Anitha... after a long time...good to see...

  4. Totally love this sweet Soma.. This is so healthy and nice !!

  5. Hi, Soma I am a big fan of yours. I like your innovative ideas and recipes...this looks delicious..:)

    1. Thank you Swati...... like ur cooking so much too....