Thursday, 23 February 2017


Well this post has few messages to deliver ..... does it smell like fanatically Hindu..'istic' in flavour or look? I never do mean it, neither can I help it .... If tomorrow is Maha Shivaratri, I definitely will come up with something that can help people on the day to break their fast with. It is as simple as that..... I practice Hinduism but I preach world religion. I did come up with a hearty-cheesy post on a loved filled morning just to say 'I do not care or fear of your sticks' to a group of fanatics. B.... Bhaijans you are so much unwelcome. If two lovers walk hand in hand staying within the limit of decency, no one should poke their big nose. Yet, I am not an enlightened soul.... I still couldn't taste beef but do not stop my men to have it either .... I am a bit prejudiced, yet never stop my son loving bacon as a breakfast. Though I should never preach any particular religion in this space but for a greater purpose I wished to say.... by chanting the Buddhist phrase "Nam Myoho Renge Kyo", I could get rid of so much of negativity from within.... prescribed by a dear friend Pampa Choudhury it ingrained a lot of positivity in me. So however angry friends do get with me, I smile and whisper if not today, we will understand each other someday.... if we do not irritate each other, we are just robots and not human. Above all, we need to respect other's belief..... I am so very ok with others not been so ok with me.We need not be ok all the time.

Coming to the Mawa-Narkel Sandesh, it was done last  Saturday for some visiting friends due on Sunday..... rest of the main courses were all authentic Bengali. I could not think otherwise as two among them brother like Kaushik Neogi and friend Paramita Ghosal are typical Bengali food connoisseurs. The lady who is a pro in Bengali cooking and an English teacher at IG Level in an Indian International School gifted me two precious packets of 'Bori'... dried lentil balls, just when the boris gifted by Ipsita was about to finish. I must mention, right in the midst of this Island city, she does prepare  bori by herself. Coming to Kaushik I had to mention him, it was him, his brother and few others who played the guinea pigs when I started experimenting in kitchen after marriage. When I over boiled the rice for pulao, they said Boudi [sister-in-law].... do not worry the taste is good, next time be a little careful.... they are special always and I do not need to show it off in social media. They started their career together with my senior and I wish to see them all up there ......
They always treated me as a mother hen.... so whats the point visiting the gym?.... haha....

Jokes apart.... this post is also to remind you about someone from whom I have learnt a lot just as from some of you. She is none other than Piyali Shekhar Muttha of ''My Tryst With Food And Travel'' fame. If you are yet to visit her food boutique, do it quick  at .... You see I cannot post links yet, hihi, the reason why I say I do not qualify to become a food blogger. I am not good at pie and tarts either, but one of my beautiful friends will not understand that and get angry with me often... Why I mentioned Piyali today? ..... because we are missing her too much, she is also the one who been a decade younger than me would scold me and say be positive please. I just wanted to say that no news is not always a good news.... we are worried. Anyway.... let us do these Mawa Narkel Sandesh together, offer the lord and break our fast praying for our loved ones.

Full Cream Milk : 500ml
Condensed Milk : 50 ml
Shredded Coconut : 2big cups
Sugar : 1/2small cup
Cardamom Powder : 1/2tsp
Ghee : 2tsp
Raisin : To Garnish

Heat a wok and pour the milk in it. Keep stirring till it reaches a creamy consistency. This will take a couple of minutes, we cannot allow it to burn. This time I did not use my instant mawa [reducing milk to more than half].

Once we get the milk to a creamy consistency, add the condensed milk, sugar and keep stirring till it becomes sticky.

At this point, grind the shredded coconut further in a grinder and add to the wok. Fold in very well.

Keep stirring till the mixture comes out from the sides and is sticky. Add the ghee and cardamom powder and fold in well.

Transfer to a plate. Take out small portions and prepare desired shapes. I used a cookie cutter, we can definitely do with hands or moulds. You see I am doing anything with cookie cutter except for cookies. I know I need to.

Garnish each with raisins or you may not. Grease the plate before serving.


  1. A beautiful touch to the traditional Sandesh.. Lovely Share!!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Proloy... ekhane tomai deke oak holam

  3. Priya @asmallbite
    Lovely share and very interesting story behind....

  4. A lovely story you have a good family :D

    1. Keep you treasured blogger friend close to heart, and I will keep this sandesh close to my heart.

    2. Always for each other Navaneetham