Monday, 13 February 2017


Ain't the little hearts looking beautiful ? They indeed are because I have put in a lot of love planning and making them. I do not believe in any one day of celebrating love, but there is no harm if there is a grand celebration on a particular day, what is wrong if a right ambience is created where one can say .... with you I experienced heaven on earth. The world need not go by my set of rules ........... At times I love going back to the childhood, teen hood days and cuddle with the fond memories. How silly we had been, specially the boys of the class. Their so called crushes within and outside the school gate, doing all stupid things seeking attention, even one or two young, new teachers were not spared. It was our 10th board examination, we had to go to another school to write the papers, a very beautiful, all decked up young teacher Pricilla used to come for invigilation...... do not tell me my boyfriends' all concentration was on the paper. Of them all, there was a sweet little boy whose crushes changed at higher frequency, and an indulgent me had to listen to all his stories patiently. At times I had to chase those girls to gather some data to give him some feedback. Looking at his deep, doe like eyes, I could never say dear you should not talk so much of beautiful women to a 'not so beautiful' one. I knew he was not doing it purposefully, he worshipped beauty and poured his heart to a trusted friend. Later he and others did get beautiful partners for themselves except for my senior.... no love for telling me he did not wish to have one.. All of them  more or less got what they wished in life, I hope, according to their own capability. As of my girlfriends, with some I literally grew up together. I do treasure them all ..... far or near. A dear one who lost his love few years back, has a wonderful kid as support. As I stepped into junior college, I came out of my shell and made innumerable friends.

My ever romantic nature was perhaps discovered first by our Bengali teacher .... I.... miss. She recommended me Maitreyi Devi's Na Hanyate .... meaning 'It does not die' when I was only 15. Is it her autobiography? We do not know, I believe there cannot be absolute truth in a biography too. We are not at the liberty to disclose everything about our life neither it is required.Through this write up I wished to say do not set hard rules for your kids, just see they do not cross boundaries... they definitely will do well in life.... Secondly, echoing Bengali Miss, one of my favourite teacher I found it to be the right time to recommend Na Hanyate as a wonderful read for those who believe 'It does not die'. To accompany any good read we need some tit bits or snackers .... hence these Mini Cheesy Paratha Bites that I made last weekend and served with a chilled bowl of StrawberryYogurt Dip with addition of shredded carrot, beetroot, chopped green chillies, cherry tomatoes and fresh coriander leaves. Come let us do both together and serve happily to our family and friends.

INGREDIENTS : [for the yogurt dip]
Plain Yogurt : 200gm
Strawberry : 2
Condensed Milk : 1tbsp
Carrot [shredded] : 2tbsp
Beetroot [shredded] : 1tbsp
Fresh Coriander [chopped] : 1tbsp
Cherry Tomato [chopped] : 1tbsp
Green Chilli : 2 [chopped]
Black Salt : 1/4tsp
Chaat Masala : 1/2tsp

INGREDIENT : [for the cheesy paratha bites]
Refined Flour : 1big cup[maida]
Wheat Flour : 1medium cup [atta]
Cheese : As Required [I used smoked]
Raspberries : 1 for each 
Salt : 3-4 pinches
Oil : 2tbsp + 1/2 tsp for each paratha


Let us prepare the strawberry-yogurt dip first. Prepare a paste with the two strawberries, add it to the yogurt taken in a bowl.

Add the condensed milk, black salt, chaat masala to it. Beat well with a spoon.

Add all the chopped and shredded vegetables to the yogurt dip.

Let chill for an hour.

For shaping the parathas and cheese slices, I used  cookie cutters of different sizes.

Take both the flours in a wide mouthed bowl. Add salt and 2tbsp oil. Rub well for 2-3 minutes.

Add water little by little and prepare a dough kneading it well for 10-12 minute. Keep covered with a moist cloth for 15 minutes.

Remove cover, take out portions and prepare balls.

With rolling pin shape them round dusting with some flour. Place the cookie cutter right in the middle and press.

Keep the heart intact, remove the sides.

Prepare a batch before frying.

Put the pan on gas. We can prepare 2-3 mini parathas at a time. First cook both sides for a minute, then fry in little oil both sides.

Transfer to a plate. Shape the cheese with smaller cookie cutter. Now place the cheese on top of paratha. Decor with a raspberry, top with the strawberry - yogurt dip, sprinkle shredded and chopped carrots, beetroot, fresh coriander, green chilli all over... enjoy with tea, coffee or your favourite drink.


  1. Paratha hearts touched my deeply. And the toppings makes it perfect. Valentines day has become so cheap because of social media, for me, I believe my imperfect other half is my everyday Valentine.

    1. Your each word I agree Navaneetham n thank you for always been so encouraging.....

  2. lovely share...Very well explained!!