Friday, 3 February 2017


Its weekend and our hearts do go out for some fries. At least my senior loves them during his wine session. The more we are aging, we prefer quieter weekends, at times accompanied by few friends. However, our movie going session with a couple friend continues . Going out for night shows when rest of the city retires for the day is so thrilling. Cooking is equally thrilling for me, whether it is for the family or friends. How much of big talks I give on health, when it comes to cooking I give utmost importance to our tastebud. The resultant fact ..... yesterday's blood report says the blood sugar level has gone quite high. I am not surprised anymore, for emotional fools like me, stress is a major factor besides unhealthy food habits. The only concern or truth whatever is that the junior should grow up quick enough to take hold of his father. The fiercely independent father says he can take care of himself till his last breathe. I remember all the incidents, from severe illness to sudden accidents that proves what he says. So, I never get angry when he threatens me to throw out of the window for been a fool. It is the same man who handles my extreme nausea condition with so much care. In the journey called life, we lose many a precious thing, but we gain too. My weekend take this time is that however threatened or dejected we feel, we should accept it gracefully yet not play a victim either. As they say learn to ignore.

So let us ignore all that hurts us and do what we love doing. For me it is cooking, reading and travelling. With a son gearing up for boards, exploring new places will not happen this year, reading thing is going slow too. Having all the attributes of Uncle Podger in me, I forgot all the books I bought this time back in Kolkata. So lets cook to keep ourselves happy. This time I wished to share a starter / appetiser recipe with my favourite ingredient paneer. I am also using fresh herbs in my cooking these days, don't they add a lot of flavour to dishes? I was trying my hands on these parsley and coriander coated batter fried paneer to go as a starter. They were crisp with use of rice flour in the batter. My family loved it, you too will. Let us prepare these paneer bites together and enjoy with tea, coffee, wine or with dal and rice.

INGREDIENTS :[for the batter]
Rice Flour : 1/3small cup
Refined Flour :1/2cup
Gram Flour : 1/4cup
Red Chilli Powder : 1/2tsp
Turmeric Powder : 1/2tsp
Salt : As Required
Sugar : 1/2tsp

INGREDIENTS : [for the fries]
Fresh Coriander Leaves [chopped] : 1small cup
Fresh Parsley [chopped] : 1/2cup
Green Chilli [chopped] : 2-3
Paneer Cubes : 200gm
Salt : As Required
Refined Flour : 2-3tbsp
Lemon Juice : 2tbsp
The Batter as made
Oil : 100-150ml to deep fry


Marinate the paneer cubes with salt and lemon juice for 1/2 an hour.
Take the freshly chopped coriander, parsley, green chilli, salt, refined flour in a bowl. Add 1tbsp water to bind everything together.

Drain the marinade from the paneer cubes, and start coating them with the parsley, coriander mixture.

Once coated they look as below.

Take all the ingredients for batter in a bowl. Add water as much required for a paste like consistency. Mix again very well.

Heat oil in a wok. Fry the coated paneer cubes dipping in the batter in batches. Fry both sides well till brown at medium to low heat.

Drain the excess oil, keep on tissue paper before serving hot with choice of your chutney or sauce. I served with tomato-tamarind chutney.


  1. This will make a delicious evening snack .. Lovely idea.. Addition of Parsley is such a healthy choice!!

  2. Cooking, reading and travelling sounds like a good life. I like to include exercising as well, this paneer bites are tempting. I want to bite in right now.

    1. Thats so true navaneetham... exercise is something that has taken a is a mix of everything...