Sunday, 4 June 2017


Aamkora Shorshebata Dim ..... Eggs cooked with mustard paste and grated raw mango ..... slurp is what will be your reaction once you try this. Little tangy and hot, it is  enjoyed more during summers. I got the basic idea of this dish again from a Bengali Food Magazine "Hyangla Hseshel"..... literally meaning the greedy kitchen. Few months back they had posted such a recipe of eggs cooked with kasundi..... that is a raw mango and mustard paste sauce. The recipe post very much appealed to me but I did not have kasundi in my stock ..... I think I will soon cease to have the tag of an 'organised homemaker.'....... the way I am becoming forgetful. Anyway..... that is when the idea of cooking this egg curry with raw mango and mustard paste popped up. I am not so much fond of egg as much as of my senior, his mother and my daddy. The mother and son's love for egg has a number of hilarious stories associated with it. My father's love for eggs may have been a recent development because my side of the family is heavily into fish and meat. My brother had a general apathy towards egg since his birth. The mother played so many tricks getting him to eat egg but all went in vain. So, egg was a weekly or bi-monthly affair at home. Now I hear my family too is into eggs. This happens you know when fish prices rise up to 500 - 1500 per kilo. When I look back, I feel my mother had every quality to become the finance minister.

Though I have decided to put up an egg recipe after a long time, I actually needed to blog on a mutton / lamb curry to my brother's delight. He liked his didibhai's idea of baked postor bora and even shared it in his stream. He deserves love from me... one who could not think beyond mutton biryani or porota-mangsho till he got married. His Indo - Chinese loving wifey got him there and made him explore other cuisines. You may need antacids if you hear his everyday breakfast menu ..... its luchi / poori. When the worried elder sister warns.... she is too bad and not worth talking. The blind in love mother does not even understand how harmful it is to have deep fried stuffs each and everyday. So, I will blog on his favourite mutton... a red hot one when he says... didibhai I had a bowlful of salad and yogurt with my porota -mangsho for lunch. However angry the entire Bengali community gets with me, I must say by yogurt we meant only "mishti doi" haha.... It is in recent years we made friends with tok doi.....plain yogurt ...... but a considerable section of us do love our "macher tok" during summers. I feel all communities have some similarities when it concerns food. Did I ever think our "shutkir bharta" has a cousin in the Red Dot called "Prawn Sambal" or a "moglai porota" or "mughlai paratha" has a partner in crime "murtabak"..... one murtabak a week.... flat 1kg weight gain in two days.

How is your weekend going on? Me too cooked, read, sang like you all and got heavily drenched in vodka. We decided to let our hair down this weekend and called over few friends with whom we can go to hell and get back too..... unhurt .... cook some "pathar mangsho" and "chingri diye chalkumro ghonto" next day and parcel to their homes. You see however angry some of you are getting with me.... I love my vodka sessions.... after four quick shots I can see my nose has become as sharp as my daddy's and telling few people with similar complex.... do not worry ... let us concentrate on buying end number of sarees ........ I treasure my cool blue with a white temple border.... my beloved pastel green with a red contrast pallu, or an all time loved red and white dhakai..... and what about my red and blue chamunda silk?.... shall wear that when my mood permits... let it rest in the dark, cold corner of the wardrobe till then. I will be in love with vodka however angry you or my mom gets.... it helps me to forget quite a few incidents .... I need it till I am caught with dementia which has a possibility in all probability. My friend from college Dr. Nishi Pulugurtha.... a professor of English at a Kolkata college writes on alzheimer, life, philosophy, history, travel. She also writes for a New York based magazine Cafe Dissensus managed by few of her friends perhaps. I follow and love reading them. Nishi is an Andhraite by birth..... a Bengali in spirit and by marriage.... a friend and neighbour to whom I can confess.... Nishi while you spent your time in the college library.... I was mostly seen in the movie theatres.... wish I would have been a little more serious then.

Coming to the dish today, I am blogging on an egg dish after quite sometime, some of my readers do take interest on my egg recipes. You need not get doubtful on my love for fish... it is a lifetime love just as my love for mutton. In quick succession are all kinds of chaats and pickle. Come on I do not have any good news to give you at this juncture of life. For my friend Bianca I prepared some jam and ice-cream with healthy nuts, shall come up gradually. Let us cook together this uber cool, delicious egg curry with homemade chilli - mustard paste and grated raw mango and have it with.... ok just two table spoon rice will not be so much of harm. Well this self proclaimed fitness pal actually eats everything and cries for having horrible saddle bagged  back. Not every one is Milind Soman..... you must follow his Facebook page to know what gets him the Iron Man title. Besides his hard work and tenacity.... he has a mother in her 70's who still runs wearing a saree and does her planks regularly. My mother is no less when it comes to energy and been active.... her kids are foodies.... haha... and lazy too...

Egg : 4 [preferably duck]
Black Mustard Seed : 2tsp
Raw Mango [shredded] : 11/2tbsp
Dry Red Chilli : 2
Green Chilli : 3-4 [ I love my shorshe bata hot, you choose yours]
Turmeric Powder : 1tsp
Salt : As Required
Nigella Seed : 1/4tsp
Oil : 4tbsp [ we use mustard oil ]

Boil the eggs in enough water adding little salt. Let cool and take off the shell carefully.

Rub some turmeric powder and salt on them after making few slits.

Prepare a paste with pre washed mustard paste, green chillies and salt adding little water. Keep your shredded raw mango near you.

Heat oil in a wok. Fry the eggs lightly and take out.

Temper same oil with nigella seeds and halved dry red chillies.

Add the shredded raw mango and stir for a minute. Add the homemade chilli - mustard paste and quick stir for just half a minute. Add rest of the turmeric, add a cup of water.

Once it comes to boil, add the fried eggs. Let simmer at low heat for 3-4 minutes. Add salt if only it is required.

Switch of, its done. Enjoy fresh with piping hot steamed rice.


  1. Enjoyed reading your narration and lovely pics... so temptimng

  2. Eggs are always a spendour. We will never say no to this egg dish indeed.

  3. Wow Eggs and Raw Mango,I could sense and feel the taste now :) Lovely share dear!!

  4. How I wish I could taste this. Aww! you have just put up combo of my favorites. best regards always:-)