Sunday, 16 July 2017


My men's favourite Indian food.... any kind of South Asian Bread but again not only with Raita and Achar / Pickle.... there has to have a chicken or lamb curry. You bet there always is because the fat old lady is very much concerned about her chopsticks. The senior would have raita as a second sides with his favourites as this anda paratha or keema paratha but the junior will not even touch yogurt. It is not his fault, the mother fed him so much of yogurt as a child that he got averse to yogurt now. Same with the senior, he got apple and banana everyday to school and now the sight of them irritates him. The one who sat beside him then can say better.... hahaha. However, I realised sitting beside or say sitting together within a classroom does not make one each other's friend, friendship is an altogether different equation. I conclude that in a classroom of say thirty people, all cannot be your friend... some are friends..... rest are just classmates. I may be wrong.... given my lack of wisdom. My known circle can blame the idiotic me as reason for my husband getting distant with some people, or is it like what is to happen will happen? As of me I am so averse to certain attributes of some that I do not want any kind of renewed relationship with them, they did no good to me however innocent they pretend to be to the world. However, by God's grace nothing bad has happened to me till date..... I do not know about future. Heartbreaks are ok for me, rejections too because each person is different... hence their choices too ..... what I cannot stand is exploitation because the present me hates to be that user friendly that I had been earlier. So whoever is trying to get me play match-match game I do not want to be part of .... is only irritating me.... I am late to understand but when I realise all these I simply get pissed off. Since I cannot plead innocent like some who were actually not at all so ..... I have to vent it out and I prefer to compile everything on my blog which is also my 'Life Tales.' I sincerely hope people do not force me to bare open my heart totally and publicly.... let us stay away from each other maintaining a respectable distance. If your sole intention is to irritate me then go ahead, I will set my own track. Rest... the colour of a saree, dress, lipstick does not matter, most of the time I forget who wore what the last evening.... the forgetful me is so occupied in her own world.

See how I lose track. Actually there were couple of birthdays yesterday and day before of dear people of whom all are not Bengali. This Dim Porota / Anda Paratha is not a birthday like post but wished to say Hi! I care! to all those who mean, for the rest do not get on my nerves, I am a scorpio..... though I know some take advantage knowing I cannot do wrong to people who mean. Anyways, as I say all kinds of Breads are favourite with my men.... Western, South Asian or Middle Eastern. At home, I preferably do some of the South Asian ones, rest I am scared to try thinking I cannot perfect them. I think I have to try soon. This egg parathas are really a joyful venture.... beat the egg.... roast and powder the spices, chop the onion, chillies and coriander leaves.... mix all and go ahead. I served it with a bowl of cucumber and onion raita and a store bought garlic pickle which is a favourite of mine. Come, let us do it together with help of few pictures.


Refined Flour : 1coffee mug
Wheat Flour : 1coffee mug
Egg : 3-4
Chopped Coriander : 2tbsp
Chopped Onion : 1/2small cup
Chopped Green Chilli : 1tbsp
Dry Red Chilli : 2-3
Coriander Seed : 1tsp
Cumin Seed : 1tsp
Fenugreek Seed : 1/2tsp
Salt : 1/4 tsp
Oil : 1tbsp + 2tsp for each paratha


Take the flours, salt together and mix well. Add the oil and fold in well again. Beat the eggs and get the chopped vegetables ready.

Dry roast the spices like cumin, carom, coriander seeds and dry red chilli and coarsely ground them.

Add the beaten egg mix, chopped coriander, onion, green chilli and freshly ground spices to the flour mix.

We will not use water to prepare the dough, the beaten eggs do a wonderful job to prepare a soft dough in 10 minutes.

Tear out tennis ball sized portions and make roundels with help of both palms.

Dust each roundel with flour and roll out round sized parathas with help of rolling pin.

Heat pan on gas top and place one paratha at a time. Cook both sides till they turn little brown. Add oil each tsp for each side.

Once done transfer to a plate. For the Raita beat plain yogurt with little black salt, yogurt and ginger juice. Add chopped cucumber, onion and green chillies. Garnish with chopped coriander leaves and little red chilli powder. You can also serve the dim porota / anda paratha with some pickle of your choice.


  1. A very unique way of preparing Egg Paratha. I loved the idea of adding beaten eggs to knead the dough. I am egg crazy. Can survive on eggs. A perfect breakfast dish for me and so so yummy .

    1. Thank you dear... it was truly a good idea to add beaten egg to the dough which helped make softer parathas.... You know na T loves eggs too much...

  2. This is the food for my other half-half. He will love it to its core.

  3. Wow, quite a new idea to add the eggs to the dough,shall try out soon