Thursday, 27 July 2017


We had watched Ranvir Kapoor starrer Jagga Jasoos last night and oh! I am wondering what genre I can tag it as .... extreme state of fantasy? then I could not handle it. Throughout the entire movie I could not keep track of what was happening and preferred to sleep. My man says it was experimental, an attempt at a musical one, I strongly felt whatever it is, it failed. We both are Ranvir Kapoor fans at home, yet he could not keep me up on my toes. I thought it would be a thriller, but there was total absence of a strong script in the movie. However, my craze for Bollywood continues and we enjoy our night outs with a dear couple friend. We are so much of movie buffs that we do not mind venturing out on weekday nights. What varies is my level of satisfaction, back from watching a really good movie I usually feel very happy and content which was missing yesterday. The senior jokingly said its good to watch such movies often where we do not have to think much ... fill it, shut it, forget it. I am a sit at home, good for nothing not so good 'wo-man', I have nothing much to do all day other than watching movies, cooking a bit or reading or listening to music, yet I reserve this 'watching movie' part to be had together with him, I enjoy his company though it has never been a running around the tree kind of relationship. I keep on telling my friends it is not so that my man will get angry if I go out with you all, but I still do not because he feels and understands me way too much.... which you may not. His mother was a champion in freaking out with her girlfriends, chatting, eating out, it is quite obvious she would not be happy with this quiet, dull, unsocial daughter-in-law. He learnt to respect women from his father who never stopped his wife from doing what she likes. I have complained about him to people but till date he has never talked negative about me to anyone.... he could have. He always says be happy in what you do. So I happily prepare all kinds of pakoras or fries over the weekend to enjoy with our joint 'drinking session'. The son loves fritters so much so that whatever combination it is, he will have a couple of them. The husband loves the non-vegetarian ones over the vegetarian ones.

Narkel er bora or Coconut Fritters was / is made frequently at my side of the family. My mother hated wastage of food. Whenever coconut milk was used to prepare any dish, mani would use the remaining shredded coconut to prepare bora or pakora. That perhaps was the scenario in every middle class home then. I take pride in saying that a major part of my life was spent in a two-roomed rented house, and a happy home indeed where the mother used to say 'dekhli tor baba amar ekta kothao shoney na'.... see your father does not listen to me at any time and the next moment I saw she was all set to prepare murir moya, chirer moya, naru for him and us.... they were worst examples of feminism and so am I. I have not even inherited 1/4 of the quality of my mother or grandmother, whatever little I have I use it doing it for the dear ones. You people may well call it as a weapon to hide my deficiencies, what to do I am such a shameless creature, there is no place to hide my parasitical being in my present 1100 sq ft flat either. So, I keep on bragging about my-self to the world ..... these are all attributes of an illiterate you know. Anyway, preparing narkel er bora was not so much of a quick and easy thing in those days.... moms had to buy a coconut, break it, shred it and then proceed with the process of preparing heavenly pakora with it. We do not have to go through such hassles, we get readymade shredded coconut at shops here, so I prepare it often. Let me tell you what kind of an extreme case my mother is ..... she never gets small fish or chicken cut by the seller, she gets whole and cuts them by herself, she just asks the seller to get the skin off from the chicken. She is miser enough to keep a gardening help, and does it all by herself, even at unearthly hours of the afternoon wearing a cap. I am no where near her.... so when I see my blogger friends sharing posts of hand pounded spices and elaborate recipes, I see my mother and grandmother in them or yesteryear ladies at large. Some of them have blogged on narkel er bora or coconut fritters too beautifully, I am adding mine following my mother's recipe of it. I either serve it with a Bengali style coriander chutney or we enjoy it with some rice and dal. Come let us prepare it together.

Shredded Coconut : 2big cups
Green Chilli : 2-3chopped
Rice Flour : 1/2small cup
Gram Flour : 1/2small cup
Salt : As Required
Sugar : 1tsp [optional]
Turmeric Powder : 1/2tsp
Oil : 1medium cup to deep fry

Take the shredded coconut in a bowl. Add the chopped green chillies, rice flour, gram flour, salt, sugar and turmeric in it. Mix well. We will try not to add water because coconut itself releases water.

Prepare balls from the mix taking small portions and flatten little with help of your palms. They are ready to be fried.

Heat oil in a wok. Fry the narkel er bora at low to moderate heat in batches. We need to adjust heat from time to time. Too less heat breaks the fritters and too much of it burns them outside while the inside remains uncooked. Patience is required in cooking.

Take out the fritters already done and place on a tissue paper.

Transfer to a serving plate. At our home, mom used to prepare a coriander chutney / dhonepata bata with say a big cup of washed and chopped coriander leaves, 1/4tsp nigella seeds, 1green chilli, 1or 2 cloves of garlic. Blend to a paste, add little salt and mix well. We had it with piping hot steamed rice adding a little mustard oil to it.... a humble recipe from a humble household. It you are having it as an accompaniment to fries and fritters, skip using the mustard oil. Enjoy narkel er bora, crisp and hot with your loved ones.


  1. Something new to me Soma. Never knew coconut can be used for a fried savoury dish like this one. I am loving it. Oh, I want the chutney as well please.