Thursday, 10 August 2017


I perhaps have mentioned earlier that once I left school, the mother got me a round shaped baking gadget in which we could bake basic cakes and some basic biscuits. I remember besides some easy to make cakes, I  used to prepare some semolina biscuits with nigella seeds.... the famous 'cha er dokan er biskut' of Kolkata .... famous roadside stall biscuits of Kolkata ..... I do not know why I stopped doing them, perhaps after marriage. Then struggling with a little boy all alone for ten long years.... I cooked only that much as was required for the well being of my boy.... Eating out and travelling were what we waited for the father to come and take us to. Life was not so tough either with support from both sides of the family.... they were just a phone call away. I do wish to go back in that life when day and life revolved around my son, if only the senior stayed with us. I / We could not sail as much as compared to other mariner's wives.... for various reasons. My only concern was to take care of my son .... to get him all kinds of happiness so that he does not miss his father. Yesterday.... we were going out to meet a visiting friend and his daughter. They were in a short trip e route Kolkata from HongKong and said we wish to explore the place better we meet outside..... however I insisted them to come over at our place. I was gazing at the son once he was dressed up .... he grew up so fast .... that boy who knew nothing except for the mother's lap. I asked why do you have to wear black and white always?.... the son told his maternal uncle [ the only one he talks to] that his favourite colour is black .... perhaps so the mother too has developed a liking for black and white.... or it may date back further..... Anushree [Rumni] and Gargi if only you are reading this.... do you remember how your parents used to make fun of mani for her madness for black sarees..... and that particular incident at Nalli's, Chennai...... good old memories. My mother perhaps know only of two colours... black and red.... she wears white perhaps because she has to.

That son who grew up so fast and his father both love homemade basic cakes, what to do their girl fears to go beyond her limit. When it comes to baking.... oh I have made / make so many mistakes.... but I love baking small goodies for my men..... I pack them along with their lunch boxes.... the junior has something like short break in their school, while the senior refuses to eat any breakfast .... I do pack his breakfast too though there are severe fights on this issue. You cannot give in either if the waist size remains same for 35 years.... So the miser wife does not do any misery on feeding them ghee, butter or cheese.... I do tell the senior if you have followed the diet plan I made for you in the past years you would not have to lament for not having a girl friend. As usual the answer is get lost. I do not mind, rather get myself engaged in preparing this lemon and nutmeg flavoured banana cup cakes which they liked very much. There was a time when my brother, mom and father loved the cakes I made.... that is the only thing the mother allowed me to do.... at least I could do something for them. For the LEMONY NUTMEG BANANA EGGLESS CUPS we need very less ingredients. Come let us follow the easy steps carefully and prepare these basic cup cakes full of natural flavours together for our loved ones. These cup cakes goes very well as a tea time goodie or to be packed in your kid's snack box.

Cake Flour : 1 coffee mug [If you use plain flour, amount is same]
Baking Soda : 1/4 tsp [ If you use plain flour, baking soda should be 1/2tsp, baking powder 1/3tsp]
Nutmeg Powder : 1/2-1/3tsp
Lemon Zest / shredded skin : 2tsp
Banana : 1[ripened enough]
Plain Yogurt : 1/2 medium cup
Condensed Milk : 1/2 small cup
Sugar : 1/4 medium cup
Milk : 1/2 small cup
Vinegar : 1tsp
Oil : 1/2 small cup
Butter [melted] : 4-5 tbsp [ if not increase the amount of oil to 1/3 small cup]

Take the flour, baking soda and nutmeg powder and mix well.

In another bowl, take the sugar, oil, butter and beat well for 3-4 minutes. Add condensed milk, milk, vinegar, a mashed banana, plain vinegar and fold in well. Beat for about 3-4 minutes until we see bubbles forming atop and the texture is lighter. Add the mixture to the flour mix. Add the lemon zest too. Fold in just roughly and not to a smooth batter. Our batter for the LEMONY NUTMEG BANANA EGGLESS CUPS is ready.

Pre heat oven to 180*C. Fill some muffin cups with the batter until half or little less than that. Arrange them on a baking tray.

Place the rack inside the microwave and atop it the baking tray with cake cups. Bake at 180* for 15-18 minutes or adjust according to your machine. They should be done. Once cool they look as below.

I am as novice a baker as a child who is learning to speak, so my cakes may not look as perfect as that, but they taste well. Enjoy them as your tea time goodies or pack your kid's school box with these quick to make cup cakes.


  1. Such a Lovely cupcake..They look awesome.. Banana and Lemony flavour will really complement each other..

  2. Lemon + nutmeg + banana = cake. What more can I ask for? Amazing.