Tuesday, 29 August 2017


Celebrating Life ! .... We all do and we must... Any celebration calls for some sweet treats. While Gonshu Baba is enjoying his stay on earth with the royal treats of modak, ladoo, fruits.... I felt let us concentrate elsewhere .... the humans living on earth deserves some love too. At the home front, I always have to prepare this or that titbit kind of things ..... you know if there are growing or grown up kids at home they look for food everywhere .... on the table, kitchen cabinet, refrigerator. At my home the scenario is such, I do it with lot of love, interest and energy.... because I have nothing else to do. I pretty well remember the teen me.... parents not at home..... the two siblings had a severe fight and then a muah muah kind of make up .... and after that an empty biscuit tin. My personal record is having about 15-16 biscuits at one go, the little brother followed but he was not a foodie as a child. Thick layers of mom made jams on marie or cream cracker biscuits are perhaps the reason for all the assimilated body fat that this old lady is finding hard to shed. That does not stop her from preparing sweets each week. I am just done with these super quick and yum MICROWAVE CHOCOLATE YOGURT CUPS and another desi sweet which I will definitely share.... but later. There has to be fair distribution of love, Gonshu baba alone should not steal away the show. There is a celebration this weekend too and we have a long weekend. I am gathering more energy to gear up for arranging a fairly good dinner spread for a pair of visiting uncle and aunty from India .... their kids took good care of my visiting in-laws while I was attending my bereaved family back in India. Their dessert will definitely not be these chocolate-yogurt cup cakes.... you know I got some betel leaf for the purpose .... let us see what I can make out of them.

Then for whom I am baking these super simple, easy, quick, homemade goodies? .... for my loves at home, for anyone who stopped by me at some point in life and smiled ..... to leave a message for those who I call the only agents of God on earth .... take up baking at this tender age so that you are not scared of it when you reach my age. The recent development somewhere in the world makes my belief stronger and firmer that there should not be any agent between me and God.... I will deal with Him directly.  How much of a diabetic I am, an addiction for dessert is better than been blind for all the wrong kind of things. A couple of our friends, acquaintances stay in Houston as my senior's company has an office there ..... sending a sweet message to them ..... stay strong, you are in our prayers. I was thinking if such is the scenario in a developed country... how can we blame the government of a developing nation?.... taking the example of the recent flood in Assam. Coming to food.... when I bake I do taste a piece of it and I must have tea or coffee with it. We are tea connoisseurs at home, we stock different flavours of it.... Recently, I have developed love for coffee.... take it from me it eases your bowel movement..... aww that sounds so unromantic coming from a romantic like me ... hahaha... I must admit I am nearing half century.... back in 1988, it never came to my mind while watching Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak.... Aamir eloped with Juhi and took refuge in the secluded hill .... where will they pee? It is more of a genuine problem back there than supporting a criminal who should be hanged right now. To sooth my nerves I prepared this extremely flavourful Cinnamon Coffee to go with the eggless Chocolate-Yogurt Cups done within five minutes in a microwave. Shall we dance?.... err I meant shall we cook them together .... it is such a stress free procedure that we can sing and dance while doing them. Inspiration for all my microwave baking is drawn from all the Youtube videos on them or just typing Google.

INGREDIENTS : [for the chocolate-yogurt cake]
Cake Flour : 1coffee mug
Baking Powder : 1/4tsp [1/3tsp if we use plain flour, 1/4of baking soda too]
Cocoa Powder : 1/2small cup
Plain Yogurt : 1/2coffee mug
Milk : 1small cup
Condensed Milk : 100ml
Sugar : 1/2small cup
Vinegar : 1tbsp
Oil : 1small cup
Melted Butter : 1/2small cup
Vanilla Essence : 1tsp
Some powdered sugar to garnish the cup cakes....

INGREDIENTS : [for the Cinnamon Flavoured Coffee]
Coffee Granules : 11/2tbsp for two medium sized cups [my pick is Nescafe always]
Milk : 11/2big cups
Water : 1small cup
Sugar : 2tsp[ I skip]
Green Cardamom : 3-4 

Take the cake flour, baking powder and cocoa powder in a wide mouthed bowl and mix well.

In a blender, take the melted butter, oil, sugar and blend for a minute or two. Add the condensed milk, milk, vinegar, plain yogurt and vanilla essence..... blend for another 1-2 minutes.

Add the flour mix little by little and blend for a while, finally blend it for about 2-3 minutes.

Arrange few bowls and pour the cake batter till half in each one of them.

Arrange them inside the microwave properly.

I cooked them for 3 minutes at 160*C. You can adjust yours according to your oven.

We will prepare the cardamom flavoured coffee now. Take the sugar, milk , green cardamom and water in a saucepan. Switch on oven.

 Let it boil for about 6-8 minutes . As the milk thickens, we will switch off gas and add the coffee powder. Mix thoroughly with a spoon. Pour onto cups through a strainer.

We will dust some powdered sugar atop each cup cake and enjoy both the MICROWAVE CHOCOLATE-YOGURT CUP CAKES and CARDAMOM FLAVOURED COFFEE hot and fresh...


  1. Cups of happiness. I would love such cups for an easy to put together sweet treat.

  2. They are so easy to prepare... a must try