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Its Xmas.... what else could I do?.... There might be many other things to be done but I am not a versatile cook you all know .... cake is safer, however poor I am at it! Considering all my readers and followers, I kept this baked delight .... BEETROOT.. BUTTERMILK.. NUTS.. NUTELLA... A CAKE...... egg free, plain and simple ..... there can always be some like me who gets fever at the thought of baking. This cake was part of a special menu earlier this week, many of you know from my share in different public forums. I however feel, on this special day I will prepare everything at home.... a day when we were given the greatest gift of our life years back! Since I remain quite busy on that particular day, and given my inability to make proper use of the icing colours, I will go for the most simple and hassle free bake with the simplest decoration. Moreover, I will not spend 50 dollars buying ingredients of which I may not be able to make good use of, would you believe my family prefers plain sponge cakes! Anyway, I found it wiser to get a jar of nutella and do the topping... tore some leaves from my table top indoor plant, flowers are there in store always... and there it is... not so classy but good taste wise. I did have a small share from this BEETROOT.... BUTTERMILK.... NUTS.... NUTELLA.... A CAKE and now I am compensating for the sin with what?.... Oh God! Oats and watermelon.... anything I hate has to be accompanied by something I love... in this case watermelon is a love... anytime pleasure!

I again say and will stick to it, "onek paap korechi jiboney tai oats khetey hocchey.".... Oats is not a matter of joke for me, specially after packing their lunch box with poori & paratha! God is not always kind to me.....

Why should the Almighty be kind to me? I am kind of judgemental... my list of dislikes is this big, but I give people the liberty to dislike me too .... its mutual! In a word, I disliked immensely when a Smita Patil danced to the tune of "aaj rapat jaye to humhe na uthaio"..... she is meant for an "Akaler Sandhaney" or Shabana is meant for a "Paar".... or both in an "Arth".... a movie too close to my heart and the daddy did allow me to watch it while at school.... The deceased old man helped me to garner interest and love for finer things in life! I remember, while I first joined Facebook I may have shared few clippings of "Arth".... thats when someone messaged me "Are you depressed S?" Awww what a joke!... thats what was my immediate reaction.... after that I lost all kinds of "social connection" with the person... cannot even say "depression choro, cake chalega?".... The immediate answer would be..... there are better people to feed me cakes and patties than you.... So better I tune in to a Chaplin or ask Mrs. Funny Bones... what about sharing the Sunday Times columns... we are waiting! Even these celebrities crack jokes on us.... Milind Soman does a 15k in Mumbai.... is it a news for us?.... he will do it in half an hour.... we want bigger news from the Ironman! I am again going offtrack... let me share this decadent, cake recipe which may not be authentic of any place but is good and yum to try at least for once! I have used everything that is available at home like beetroot paste, buttermilk, cashew nuts, walnuts, nutella for this BEETROOT.. BUTTERMILK... NUTS... NUTELLA.. A CAKE! Shall we do it together now?

Refined Floor : 1coffee mug
Baking Soda : 1/3tsp
Beetroot Paste : 1small cup
Butter Milk : 1/3medium cup
Condensed Milk : 150ml
Sugar : 1/2small cup
Cinnamon Powder : 11/2tsp
Oil : 1medium cup
Vinegar : 1tbsp
Cashew Nut : 10-12 [halved]
Walnut : 10-12 [halved]
Nutella : As much required for the topping...


Take the refined flour, baking soda, cinnamon powder in a bowl and mix together well! I do not sieve, need to buy a proper one... so sieve if you may!

Beat the oil and sugar together for 5-6 minutes if you are doing it manually like me! Add the buttermilk, condensed milk, sugar and vinegar now and whisk further for 3-4 minutes.

Add the beetroot paste and keep beating till bubbles are formed. Add the flour mix little by little and keep beating until all of the flour mixture is incorporated well and the batter is light and fluffy.

I use my table spoon to whisk the batter, while the electric one rests in the cupboard with the cookie cutters!

The cake batter is ready!

Take the halved cashew nuts and walnuts in a bowl and microwave at low power for a minute!

Arrange the nut pieces nicely atop the batter once we have transferred the mixture to a bake proof bowl.

Preheat oven to 180*C.

Place the bowl inside atop the low wired rack and bake for about 36-40 minutes at 180*C. I bake in the convection mode of a microwave oven, so you adjust yours accordingly.... I am not an expert!

Once cool, turn over onto a plate!

Apply nutella atop as much as required!

Decor as you wish and enjoy the sin.

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