Thursday, 21 December 2017


Wondering why an ice cream share during winter? What if I get very selfish and say why should I bother for others, I stay in an island with tropical weather and can have ice cream every hour of the day! How would you feel?.... very much irritated. I remember.... when "rationer chal" .... that is when the subsidised price of rice meant for a particular, but a larger section of India had a sudden rise, some people around said.... "it does not matter to me, I do not eat that poor quality rice!".... I wondered then, I wonder always  if we think or treat an issue like this, a country is bound to degenerate, extremist forces with rise... if you do not provide us our basic needs, we will snatch it! From that belief we are here today taking shower in walnuts, salmon, cod and what not, planning a short break in our neighbouring country's happening resort atop water.... A father who loved to tell us the story of how he was chased by the 60's Kolkata police and had to take shelter in "secret homes" at times ..... has a son who changed his political allegiance all of a sudden!.... However good life seems to be, it is not guilt free! We have so much shifted from the ideology that perhaps got us together years back. Now I tell him .... boss show me the pictures of the toilet before booking a resort or a hotel..... hypocrisy has reached new heights right here! However, the husband says we still and always will represent the working class, yet the confused me has to prepare and have a bowlful of ROSE & FRESH MINT COCONUT CREAM ICE CREAM WITH WALNUT to ease the situation and do what I enjoy doing... recollecting memories! Indeed there was another one besides the daddy's indoctrinated stories, for five long years I had to give a patient ear to someone's happening stories.... S you know those girls at the tennis court look so wow in their minis, you know S yesterday evening I had a fabulous TT match with one Rapunzel in the club.... and this S ran to that girl for her roll number or to the other for her address within the periphery of the school .... Thank God, there were no G plus or Face Book or Twitter in those days, that someone would have employed me to hack "pretty girls' " social media accounts. That someone was selfish enough never to enquire about my likes and dislikes!.... Obviously, I would not have told that I loved gazing at those little, homebound steps of someone after school .... I am too self-respecting to be a beggar! I whispered "eei chotto chotto paye cholte cholte thik pouchey jabi, jekhaney jete chash,"..... I was longing for a bigger environment called a college, where I wished to make a lot of friends without allowing anyone to come too near to me..... rest, for sharing all the tension and pain, I had one "T"..... You see after so many years, I have not learnt how to hold a tennis or a badminton racket, neither could transform myself how much that someone taught me how important it is to have a beautiful face!...... I fell in love with a non glamorous job called cooking, yesterday was my first experience with Pita Bread served with Mixed Dal Cutlets.... I will not share it on blog unless I perfect them with practice.

The entire evening yesterday was spent doing this platter.... I am a bit exhausted... Hence, I will go ahead with a very simple. frozen dessert recipe as this ROSE & FRESH MINT COCONUT CREAM ICE-CREAM WITH WALNUT & PISHTACHIO and go for a long walk with the ear phones on! By the way, indeed alluring are some of the authentic Bengali shares around, I will get back to them next week.... You are  only making me greedy and jealous at the same time.... slurp... slurp...

How much of irrelevant, stupid stories laced with utter lies and imaginations do I feed my readers, the recipes I / we share are full proof. How did this ROSE & FRESH MINT COCONUT CREAM ICE-CREAM WITH WALNUT  & PISHTACHIO happen? You know how I hate wastage.... what was to be done with the leftover coconut cream that I used for the prawn malaikari the other day?.... once opened, it gets spoiled within a day or two even if we refrigerate.... So I had to make good use of it. The coconut cream was too much of a good quality.... creamy... I always store a rose syrup for adding to the son's smoothies and iced drinks, mixed nuts are kept to keep me away from my hunger pangs, I grow my own mint leaves.... the idea of assorting them together happened naturally.... the nocturnal senior too should have something or the other while watching television .... No, we do not go by the diet or health rules always. The ice-cream thing is a family love, we have it anytime and I think I have made a good use of the coconut cream.... No wastage, few ingredients, no bake, less guilt frozen dessert as this ROSE & FRESH MINT COCONUT CREAM ICE-CREAM WITH WALNUT & PISHTACHIO was a pleasure to have.... You must try it to trust me! 

Coconut Cream : 50ml
Fresh Cream : 300ml [I think I used 2 tins of Nestle]
Full Cream Milk : 1litre
Rose Syrup : 4-5tbsp
Sugar : 1/4small cup
Fresh Mint Leaf : 7- 8 
Chopped Walnut & Pistachio to garnish


Boil the full cream milk until half or even less and let cool completely.

Wash the mint leaves and chop roughly.

Take all the ingredients except for the chopped walnuts & pistachio in a blender and pulse for 3-4 minutes, taking a pause at very minute.

Pour in to a container and cover. Refrigerate for an hour. Take out and blend for about 2-3 minutes with an interval after a minute.

Pour in to a container. Microwave the chopped walnuts & pistachios for a minute and add half of them to the ice-cream mixture and stir.

Arrange the rest of the chopped nuts atop the mixture, cover and freeze for at least 5-6 hours or overnight. Enjoy with a sinful piece of cake or just as a dessert!

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