Tuesday, 19 December 2017


The situation or the occasion is such that I had to take that tremendous pressure of baking ... ahh else some of my dear friends will take it to their heart.... take the example of Bianca Castafiore alone.... she is not in the right spirit at the moment either! However, baking a cake is never a cake walk for me, rather like a catwalk .... that too when you discover  some fresh 'borboti' hanging when out on a walk or a bunch of fresh 'laal shak' adorns your kitchen counter!.... thats pretty painful ya! A winter wet market in Kolkata / India means greens and loads of greens.... from 'peyajkoli' to 'palong shaak'....

I hope the above pictures describe me pretty well and also the reason why it takes 3:45 minutes for me to complete a half marathon..... but yes, December in Kolkata is also about fresh bakes, and a ritualistic visit to the St. Paul's Cathedral or to the Park Street area, picnic starting with oranges in the bus and ending with 'mangsho bhaat' around 4pm, nonetheless to say "poush sankrantir pithe puli" is one major attraction. I wished to go very simple and rustic today, there was a lot of rich cooking yesterday and the sight of food is not giving me much comfort. In fact this morning I planned not to go ahead with any recipe sharing on the blog, then back home from my walk and gym, I had a super soft chicken filled "bao"... local steamed bun... felt happy enough to share a Xmas friendly recipe for all my readers and friends who are celebrating... Even we do celebrate or celebrating Xmas since childhood with oranges & local bakery fruit cake. After the high nose senior came into my life, he started taking me out for turkey and wine if he was in town during winter .... So "cake to banti hai yaar".... By the way, if you have come across my self boasting post of the platter I cooked for someone yesterday, you will pardon me for being so once a year. This morning, I felt there was nothing so much to boast of compared to what the yesteryear ladies did on such special days.... starting from "panch rokom bhaja to chaler payesh"... not less than 10-12 dishes or even more... and they did not click pictures like me either. I was really expecting few people to take it on me, they did not .... a slice of this simple LEMON & NUTMEG FLAVOURED COCONUT CAKE for each one of you.

By the way, I will not give myself the sole credit of creating this recipe, neither can I give credit to anyone! Tell me how to?.... I perhaps had taken little from here, a bit from there... now totally forgot what from whom ... "kar theke kon angsho ta jherechi money kortey parchina chai, haaha"..... Do not expect this horrid baker to treat you all with a proper Xmas  cake.... I am not the one who will get all the ingredients required for it... moreover I myself will have all the wine before soaking the ingredients in it and start all kinds of drama to seek the attention of my men. Better I do an easy bake like this LEMON & NUTMEG FLAVOURED COCONUT CAKE so that you can have it as your teatime snack not only during Xmas season but on any day..... each day of our life counts! In this cake, I have used eggs with a mention of an alternative to it. It should work. Cheers to all those who consider a cake batter as "shinni".... just my kind!.... please do shed off the idea of asking me questions on Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics or on text books as such before entering through that door.... hope you guys are kind enough not to cause me an untimely heart attack. I think I am done with all my rubbish for the day and can dive straight into this basic cake recipe with coconut, lemon jest and nutmeg.... I am kind of allergic to artificial flavours, prefer natural flavours on my food.... Thai food is hence very much of a favourite... that Kaffir lime leaf... aha... Come let us do this soft, with full of fresh flavours.... LEMON & NUTMEG FLAVOURED COCONUT CAKE together.

Refined Flour : 1coffee mug
Baking Soda : 1/2to 1/3tsp
Egg : 3-4 large [If you do not use it, increase the amount of condensed milk to 1medium cup and add one tbsp of vinegar to the batter]
Condensed Milk : 1/2medium cup
Plain Yogurt : 1/2small cup
Sugar : 1/4 medium cup
Butter : 11/2 medium cup [melted]
Lemon Jest : of 2standard sized lemon
Nutmeg Powder : 11/4tsp
Shredded Coconut : 1/2coffee mug

Preheat oven to 180*C.
Take the refined flour, baking soda and the nutmeg powder in a bowl and mix well.

Take the sugar and butter in another bowl and use a table spoon or an electric blender to beat. I use a spoon in general because this horrid baker always beats more than required if using an electric blender.

Once the mixture turns frothy, add the eggs one by one and beat very well. Add the condensed milk and yogurt and beat again. After 3-4 minutes, add the shredded coconut and beat once so that it is just incorporated well.

Add the flour mix little by little to the batter and keep beating, nothing like a table spoon as a beater for such a lame baker, I tell you! Once we have added all the flour mix and the batter seems lighter in texture with bubbles forming atop, it is ready to be baked. Add the lemon jest and mix well.

Grease an aluminium or any bake proof tray with little butter. Pour the batter in to it.

Bake at 180*C for about 40 minutes. I use the convection method of my microwave oven for any kind of baking, so you should be cautious with the time, it may vary!

Once done, let cool and turn over on to a plate.

Enjoy a slice or two with your tea or coffee!

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