Tuesday, 17 July 2018


I cannot go ahead with any time consuming recipe share... I am tired if not from a jet lag but of few things like sharing our Turkey Tour album with friends and then assessing the mind sets of people around based on it! I may be always wrong doing so, but to me I am always right! There will be no authentic Bengali food share today.... definitely not! I travelled the entire Turkey wearing my "gonshu baba" locket... got clicked with it standing in front of mosques... and also wore short length dresses in a muslim majority country... no one stopped... that is the uniqueness of a tourist spot... it all depends on how we wear a dress and what we intent to do with it! No, I may not wish to attack any individual or any faith .... I just observe the people around.... they have a lot of problem with trivial issues! Since, I have become a kind of person who does not aspire for "hundreds of likes" in social media, I do not compromise to make people happy.... If we are travelling Turkey.... then there will be pictures of mosques and Islamic monuments and not a temple! While travelling I will not be in a saree either! If a major section of my friends are non-Bengali speaking... then the preface to a tour post will always be in English.... Then some have problem with the preface itself! If we are travelling a historical place how can I write about something else .... one more factor is there too! My men do not survey my social media accounts before wearing their clothes on a tour! Then the most dangerous feature in me.... why do I write whenever I get a chance?.... because however poor I am in English, I love to write... I wish to improve in that arena! The husband sits in his office chair and writes an Essay every week... he says else he will forget to write English.... My kids, husband and few friends.... "virtual, real, known and unknown" write so good English that I feel I should practice to be in the loop even if I am unable to be like them! The mother and the husband so wished me to pursue English as a major few decades back, had I have complied to that, sat sincerely at the college library with few friends instead of roaming around Hathibagan, I may not have been sitting idle today.... that off course is a pain! I often take the name of one Chandrayee... I spoilt her career... how much of loggerheads I am with her... I have to admit it! During her statistics class I used to take her to the cinema halls! It feels good to see her become an ISC Examiner in Kolkata today! A Chandrayee or Nishi or Indirra are just examples... I have so many beautiful people around me as good examples.... I love them sans any kind of complications, regional tendencies, religious boundaries! So, I prepared and posted our tour album just the way I wished to without allowing any kind of influence on me! Henceforth, all my posts on my personal account will be like this... "I post what I wish to!".... So, a supremely delicious dessert MANGO & DATES INSTANT SUGAR FREE DESSERT is the call of the Day! I continue to learn good things from the "virtual, unknown" people besides the known, I do not care if people accept it or not.... they should know that I have no personal interest in doing so! It is a good habit to follow and learn from people who are worth it!

You can well understand how much I need a chilled dessert today.... what enrages me is people not being able to think in a broader perspective.... being modern is not in the clothes we wear but definitely in the mind set! I feel so happy to be a daughter of a father who taught me the right lessons of life at a tender age! Do the vast, unknown world of my readers wish to know what is there on my highly suspicious tour album? The son is wearing a black t-shirt with a headphone imprinted on it... he developed love for music without knowing any of my music loving friends, the husband wears a red & white shirt, sits under a "gach tola" and poses for me, in one I am wearing a black & blue dress all bare from the knee.... haha and an island girl t-shirt too! It all depends on the posture... many will agree with me! So, these are only few examples of the fifty pictures I shared in the album.... I did what I wished to and will not look here there for approval! So long my intentions are pristine, crystal clear, I should not bother about anything else... the daddy said long back! Both parents loved me to see in dresses more than a saree and bought me so... However, I developed a love for saree going after the mother.... soon to go public with few of my cotton sarees, all bare knee length dresses and below if not my thunderous thighs.... I am not bothered about the father likes... they brought us in this world.... but I strongly say no to certain things in life and I will stick to that... you can well call it my jealousy of not having a perfect BMI... I do not mind!Be it rejection or love... I have handled with elan.... always and ever will... Anyway, I do not make public my men... will do when the son gives me a reason to do so in few years... will he? Now, what I can do is share this 10 minutes recipe of a sugar free dessert MANGO & DATES INSTANT SUGAR FREE DESSERT for you which definitely is not authentic Bengali. I share Bengali recipes because Bengal has no place in the world map except for few dignitaries, because I grew up eating them!.... the sooner we accept the truth... better for us... this poor condition is because of us only... our mindset does not allow us to think beyond region... "doshta-pachter apish korbo aar boro boro lecture debo"... does not work in real situations! I had few dear guests the evening prior to our Turkey visit... We love them... hence called!... I had to think of quick something!This popped up in the mind!... I do not know if there are similar recipes or not.... I did not search through Google! For your anytime dessert craving or for the sudden guests you can try this instant sugar free dessert with mango, fresh cream and dates!


Mango : 2standard sized fully ripe
Dates : 8-10 [has to be good quality, fleshy ones]
Fresh Cream : 100-150ml [I always use Nestle]
Green Cardamom Powder : 1/2tsp
Chopped Dates : To garnish


Wash the mangoes and discard the skin. 

Take out the flesh as much as possible and add to the blender. 

Take the seeds out of each of the dates! Roughly chop and add to the blender. 

Blend for 2-3 minutes pausing every 1 minute!

Add the green cardamom powder and just pulse for once!

Pour onto a serving bowl, cover with cling wrap and refrigerate at least for 2-3 hours to chill.

Garnish with chopped dry fruits before serving!

Sunday, 15 July 2018


I know it is Rath Yatra today and a section of my readers & friends may not be happy to see me blogging on a chicken snacker .... In fact my ladoo gopal at this home is waiting for a treat soon! For that I need a little of preparation.... do some prior "kenakata".... taking a shower early morning, thorough cleaning the gas oven and the refrigerator... then cooking "payesh to khichuri to chutney".... then listening to the same old complain over phone "shobi to choya chuyi korey felish.... asuddho eshob".... the irritated me has to retaliate saying "do I have any option?... it is so difficult to maintain all these in an apartment house".... a major section of my guest room wardrobe is occupied with "thakurer bashon koshon"..... Who is after me always with such notes? Who else but our mother.... she is an unique piece... she has her prayer room at her terrace.... where is placed a big water tank too. She does not use that water to feed her Gods & Goddesses! Why? No, that is stored water! She takes shower three times a day, goes to the ground floor from the third floor terrace to fill the "komondolu" with "fresh" water... "koler jol".... specific timed water supplied by the municipality! She has developed knee pain... yet she has to! Then, I do not even have 1/4th of her energy level or body fitness! So, you know my parental home... or to be precise the mother belongs to the pre-historic age... she is again her mother's daughter! Since, I am their protege, I get homesick after five days of a tour.... I start hallucinating of a "lau chingri or kochi pathar jhol or shutkir bhorta"..... However lavish breakfast spread is there in the hotels we stay.... end of the day I am a "matir kachakachi manush"..... how can I ever forget that a majority in both sides of our family see such things on television or movies only? So, I feel happy & comfortable in my cosy... humble kitchen doing naan... I still feel very uncomfortable with people who had shown me the length of their "nose" few decades back.... they are "distant" people from Mars to me till date 😊......

Each time I come back from a tour, I prefer to prepare a dish from that place / country giving it a desi touch.... because I will not spend fifty dollars on ingredients which I may not use as often! So, this CHICKEN TIKKI & SPICY ALOO happened last night! You see few days of a tour is not enough to know the authenticity of food native of that place! What I do is take a rough idea from the restaurants we visit, take a look at what other people around is eating. This time we visited three cities / townships of Turkey.... just too inadequate to draw conclusions on their life and food! What I observed is that they prefer grilled meat.... kebab and kofta... they serve it with a little amount of rice, roasted peppers, a vegetable or more of French fries, a basket of Turkish bread or a very large naan or tandoori roti kind of! I found Turkish breads same as bread loafs... at least as they serve in the restaurants! If not that, they serve you Persian breads. The rice I felt is done in chicken or vegetable stock and butter.... absolutely no fancy! Another rice preparation I saw where they use certain ingredients to give it a yellow colour and serve with a light chicken / lamb / beef curry! The salad and soup have to be ordered separately. I found their lentil soup almost same as our mother prepared when we fell sick. Only the lentil soup has some spices but the rest has almost no spices or in so negligible amount that the very Indian, spice loving me could not feel it! So, I had to come back home and do something on similar lines if not with much spices but with good amount of chillies! This platter of CHICKEN TIKKI & SPICY ALOO can be had as appetisers or you may serve it with some homemade paratha / naan / chapati or just keep some bread loaf alongside! A first grade moron called the husband left home an hour back only to come back after few days. The hurry for some home cooked food yesterday was for this reason too! We always fight... even on tours on trivial issues.... End of the day I also realise that he is the one who did not let me carry a single luggage or allowed any hassle, he did not come to me with a measuring tape either decades back.... you know well I have perennial issues with my BMI.... height.... nose.... etc. etc. 😊..... Then.... I am a food blogger.... going by my blogger friends... I have to be a "sociable" person in "social media"..... so here I go with a CHICKEN TIKKI & SPICY ALOO for you all that my family loved a lot.... they love this kinds!
Though I have cooked them on the grill option of a microwave oven, you can pan sear them!

INGREDIENTS : [for the Chicken Tikki]

Minced Chicken : 300-400gm
Chopped Fresh Coriander : 1medium cup [root discarded, washed]
Chopped Green Chilli : 2tbsp [washed]
Chopped Onion : 1small cup [peeled, washed, chopped]
Minced Garlic : 2tbsp
Black Pepper Powder : 1tsp
Salt : As Required
Lemon Juice : 1/4small cup
Refined Flour : 2tbsp
Oil : 2tbsp

INGREDIENTS : [for the Spicy Aloo]

Potato : 2-3 medium sized
Red Chilli Powder or flakes : 1tbsp
Black Pepper Powder : 1tsp
Lemon Juice : 4-5tbsp
Chaat Masala : To Sprinkle 
Oil : 2tbsp


Let us do the SPICY ALOO first! 

I was too tired to take the stepwise pictures but I thoroughly enjoyed doing the platter!

You can boil the potatoes the way you wish. I mostly do this job in microwave! Wash the potatoes and prick with a fork all over!

Take them on a microwave proof bowl and microwave at lowest power for 4-5 minutes.

Once cool, cut into pieces not too thick or thin. Keep the skin on. Marinate with red chilli powder, black pepper powder, salt, lemon juice and keep aside for an hour.

After an hour, arrange them on a microwave proof plate. I use a convection mode microwave, so I need to place the plate on a high rack provided with the machine. 

Cook one side in grill option for 7 minutes, turnover and cook for another 5 minutes.

Sprinkle some chaat masala before serving!


Wash the minced chicken 2-3 times through a strainer.

Take it on a bowl and marinate with salt, black pepper powder, lemon juice.

Keep aside for an hour or so. After an hour, heat oil on a wok. Add the minced garlic and fry till we get a burnt aroma of it!

Add the onion and fry till golden brown. Add the chopped green chillies and stir for 1/2 a minute!

Add the minced chicken and fold in well. Cover cook till all the water that has released dries up!

Open cover and add the chopped coriander leaves and mix well. Stir for 1/2 a minute before you add the refined flour!

Fold in well the entire mixture and transfer to a bowl. Let it cool.

Meanwhile we will finish off doing all the naans and spread some butter on each!

Once the chicken mixture is cool, we will take out small portions and flatten in between our palms.

Place them on a microwave proof plate and cook one side in the grill option for 8-9 minutes.

Turn over and cook for another 5 minutes. However, last night we did not have to turn over and cook... they were done we saw! You will see first and do the needful.

Roast some big chillies, prepare a salad and get everything ready on the dining table!

Thursday, 5 July 2018


It was a long time wish to make a post as this.... as I have seen other bloggers doing... assorting some recipes from my own blog at one place! I may not be doing it the right way but I do not know any other way.... You all know how poor I am with technology! So, I am arranging them my way.... you have to scroll for a longer period... thats it.... if only you take interest in my recipes. I feel you should.... they are easy, done with low cost ingredients always available in any South Asian kitchen and most of them are heirloom... very Bengali! I am recording here 30 Vegetarian & Non Vegetarian Recipes including Chicken, Mutton, Egg, Fish, Vegetables, Paneer and some Desserts.... All the recipes are very easy, not at all fancy and done within an hour or so!

Shall we start scrolling and trying few at a time? You must prepare them to make your family & friends happy... in the process giving me the utmost pleasure! Thank You!

Just click the recipe headings / links which will take you to the particular post!


1) Click the below heading / link for recipe πŸ‘‡


This is a vegetarian dish with poppy seed paste, ridge gourd and potatoes.... this authentic Bengali dish goes very well with lentil curry and steamed rice!

If you are a resident of Singapore or Dubai.... substitute the poppy seed paste with roasted white sesame seeds and peanut paste!

2) Click the below heading / link for recipe πŸ‘‡


Three Bengali seasonal dal / lentil curries that are very healthy and yum....

3) Click the heading / recipe link for the recipe πŸ‘‡

A Bengali Recipe where we cook a very healthy, non spicy mixed vegetable curry with Sun Dried Lentil Dumplings!

4) Click the below heading / link for the recipeπŸ‘‡


This is another Bengali platter with Banana Blossom Fritters and Moong Dal / Split Green Gram Dal.

5) Click the below heading / link for the recipe πŸ‘‡


Paneer & Potato Kofta Balls in a normal gravy.


6) Click the below heading / link for the recipe πŸ‘‡


We love sour fish curries in summer with tamarind or raw mango!

7) Click the below heading / link for the recipe πŸ‘‡


Sea bass cooked in a green chilli-mustard sauce!

8) Click the below heading / link for the recipe πŸ‘‡


This is a small variety of cat fish... a fresh water fish cooked in simple spices and garnished with fresh coriander!

9) Click the below heading / link for the recipe πŸ‘‡


Its too yum and light on your stomach... try!

10) Click the below  heading / link for the recipe πŸ‘‡


An unusual Bengali dish learnt from a friend... I used Bengal carp, you can use any!


11) Click the below heading / link for the recipe πŸ‘‡


Unusual but supremely delightful for the chicken lovers... try with any kind of breads!

12) Click the below heading / link for the recipe πŸ‘‡


Its something this family loves... how about you?

13) Click the below heading / link for the recipe πŸ‘‡


A very Bengali semi-dry chicken curry that usually gets cooked in its own juices.

14) Click the below heading / link for the recipe πŸ‘‡


Oh! this is so quick and healthy!

15) Click the below heading / link for the recipe πŸ‘‡


If you love fresh coriander in every possible dish like me, this recipe is for you!


16) Click the below heading / link for the recipe πŸ‘‡


Do it everyday and have.... its that light! A regular egg curry with tomato, fresh coriander and almost no spices.

17) Click the below heading / link for the recipe


This is a regular in a Bengali kitchen and you must have it once to know how good it is! It rescues you on a "nothing do I have in the pantry to cook" situation!

18) Click the below  heading / link for the recipe πŸ‘‡


Thats how we have it every week! Try .... you must!

19) Click the below heading / link for the recipe πŸ‘‡


If you stay in Singapore or Dubai, skip the poppy seed paste and use roasted white sesame seed paste instead!

20) Click the below heading / link for the recipe πŸ‘‡


This tastes awesome with steamed rice.... quite spicy!


21) Click the below heading / link for the recipe πŸ‘‡


Does it require any word to describe... just click the link and do it!

22) Click the below heading / link for the recipe πŸ‘‡


When its mutton.... I do not talk much... I am busy eating...

23) Click the below heading / link for the recipe πŸ‘‡


There is no wrong having our favourite red meat twice a month... more so  if its done without oil!

24) Click the below heading / link for the recipe πŸ‘‡


This is a heirloom Bengali recipe offered to Goddess Kali.... you have to try to know how good it is!

25) Click the below heading / link for the recipe πŸ‘‡


The Indian restaurants in Kolkata / India serves this dish... the idea is hired from there... I cooked it repeatedly to get the right texture and colour.... now happy finally!


26) Click the below heading / link for the recipe πŸ‘‡


Its mind-blowing with all the goodness of fresh ripe mangoes and pistachios.

27) Click the below heading / link for the recipe 


A very authentic Bengali / Indian sweet which is too yum ... try it this way for a quicker version.

28) Click the below heading / link for the recipe...


My phirni is not so authentic in texture... I always use less rice... no compromise with taste which seems like pudding πŸ˜€

29) Click the below heading / link for the recipe


The quintessential Bengali dessert... done exactly how the grand mother used to do!

30) Click the below heading / link for the recipe πŸ‘‡


I do not know how authentic Bengali it is but it tastes amazing and done at Bengali homes a lot... mine is a very easy recipe.



A spicy Indian treat of noodles with bell peppers, prawn and chicken!!

                                                        !! HAPPY COOKING !!

Tuesday, 3 July 2018


It was indeed a very special day yesterday and as usual I forgot all about it.... It was the brother who called me at night and asked if I wished her or not.... and finally before retiring to the bed I managed to wish the mother on her birthday while the brother and his wife got lots of food for a cosy family party! So, ideally I should have blogged on a "ucche chingri".... bitter gourd with prawn or "loti shutki"... colocasia stems with dried fish or prepare some roshogolla and serve her with "ruti or porota" today!.... Oh! how she loves her flatbreads with rasgulla.... now that she is a diabetic.... she is not allowed to have much sweets! I have the pictures ready but I felt I will not get very personal in the blog.... I will try to kiss and hug people around as much as possible within my limited ability. It will be very wrong to blog on what me and my parents love today when I know that it is for my brother that I can get away with only few phone calls to her.... My mother really did get her dues back.... In the present day scenario when you see a different picture in maximum number of homes... it means a lot!.... Many monsoons back... she was seen morning till night with the son at the cricket ground... swimming pool or getting the daughter to school.... then rushing back home with the son.... do the rest of the cooking.... she did not have a life of her own.... we were her life! Ok, lets ease the situation a bit.... please do not ask our mother how old she turned... she might have turned 70-71 actually but you always get a wrong data from her .... haha! Once the deceased daddy... our beloved "Pa".... called me... "you know mamoni what your mother did?".... "what?".... she went for a voter id card renewal or something like that and told a number ten years less than the actual... haha.... The brother will get very angry if he reads this... he is blind about his mother... and he was always given the example of his big sister on how to earn trust of your parents... etc. etc..... Anyway, I am not the kind who will update her social media status wishing the mother.... there is no harm in doing so either.... I always respond to similar posts done by my friends. I will rather share a yum & healthy combo recipe of a super snacker and a lentil curry..... TIL ER BORA O BEULIR DAL / SESAME SEED FRITTER & BLACK GRAM LENTIL CURRY / TIL VADA AUR URAD DAL. I know the mother would like to have this with plain rice and some salad... yes she loves fruits and salads. Besides a mother.... a brother.... a husband... the son or the rest of the family.... I have my readers who keep my blog, my spirit going... so a treat also for those who does not have Bengal in their map! What else can I gift the mother until my next visit to Kolkata? Why not those beautifully hanging flowers that I clicked yesterday on my walk?

Ain't that too beautiful? I do not know what photography is... it is whole lot of a thing that I am too lazy to learn at the moment. Once back from the tour, S will start her swimming classes.... that should be the news at the moment....What more? Well, S comb searched the island to get an  "all covered" swim suit.... and she got one.... haha... I think this is a news more than me learning to swim at 47.... If not all the water of the pool come up when I jump.... there is a high possibility that I get to learn finally! However, I am trying to eat clean these days... at least one meal I am substituting with a big bowl of salad which has to be of my choice... at times I add a little bit of unpolished rice too!

You see I have to finish writing this post on TIL ER BORA O BEULIR DAL / SESAME SEED FRITTER & BLACK GRAM LENTIL CURRY / TIL VADA AUR URAD DAL quickly.... I have to colour my hair.... Cristine does the honour. 70% of my hairs are grey and I will not spend 80 sing dollars for my hair at a parlour every 2 weeks .... I do not earn! I am neither like my friend Nishi or ... or.... or.... Well I do not discuss all my girl or boy friends in public.... certain relationships are best kept to one's self.... that we are in touch in a real life scenario is good enough... lets keep it at that! Our father expired not knowing what social media is.... saying so I do not think rest of the fathers should refrain from it either.... just that they should not have an addiction like me..... So, before my hairs get ready for the upcoming tour, let me share the super simple, yet mouthwatering recipe of a snacker and a dal.... a very Bengali treat for you TIL ER BORA O BEULIR DAL / SESAME SEED FRITTER & BLACK GRAM LENTIL CURRY / TIL VADA AUR URAD DAL. Look at the sky... I just clicked... its ready for a heavy down pour and many of us love some fries and fritters on such days.

We can have this healthy bora / vada as an appetiser with some chutney and salad or make it a part of our lunch and dinner menu.... choice is yours. I have seen some blogger friends using sesame seed and aloo for a recipe, I even tasted the very authentic Nepali Til-Aloo at a friend's place and then our colleague... the very dear, glamorous, fit and fab Sunita Joshi Juneja ma'am got it at school when I had been working here.... If I can get the recipe from her, will blog on it... its simply mind blowing.... More on Sunita ma'am when I do that post... for now know that she is an engineer who teaches mathematics in a school.... That is the problem of staying in a small island you know.... job openings are less for the expats' wives.... and hence.... exploitation is at its peak!.... Now, you will see how people will start avoiding me .... haha... but I have seen how talents are exploited.... MBAs, MCAs, Engineers, PHD... do not get their dues.... I do not blame this island either.... they have to take care of their own people, win in elections too! Even if some start avoiding me, I will not mind.... I see the "reason and motive" behind an act! What I can do is prepare a healthy snacker with potato and white sesame seeds my style, pair it with a very authentic Bengali black gram / broken urad dal with skin, some salad and treat my readers, family and friends! There definitely had some fish or meat curry that need not be in the picture always. I did the TIL ER BORA my way and yes in 2tbsp oil... good job S....

INGREDIENTS : [for the Til Er Bora / Sesame Seed Fritters]

White Sesame seed : 1medium cup
Boiled Potato : 1big [washed, boiled, peeled, mashed]
Chopped Coriander : 3-4tbsp
Chopped Green Chilli : 2-3
Dry Mango Powder : 1tsp
Chaat Masala : 1/2tsp
Salt : As Required
Turmeric Powder : 1/4tsp
Oil : 2tbsp

INGREDIENTS : [for the Beulir Dal / Black Gram Dal]

Black Gram Lentil : 1small cup [I used halved, skinned urad / beulir dal]
Fennel Seed : 1/4tsp
Fennel Powder : 1tsp
Bayleaf : 1
Dry Red Chilli : 2 [halved]
Green Chilli : 2-3slitted
Ginger Paste : 1tbsp
Turmeric Powder : 1tsp
Salt : As Required
Sugar : 1tsp
Oil : 2tbsp [authentically mustard]


Let us prepare the Beulir Dal first.

I soaked the washed dal in hot water for 2-3 hours and boiled in enough water at low heat for nearly 40 - 45 minutes adding little salt and turmeric. It you are using pressure cooker, you need not soak but be careful and sure that you switch off gas oven after 1 whistle. Just take the urad dal in the pressure cooker, add 11/2 big cup water.... add salt and turmeric.... close lid and pressure cook at minimal heat up to 1 whistle.

Once cool, open lid! Pour the dal to a bowl. Heat oil in a wok and temper with fennel seeds, bay leaf and halved dry red chillies.

Now add the ginger paste and stir for a minute.... add the rest of the turmeric, salt as required, fennel powder. Stir for 1/2 a minute.

Add the boiled dal and fold in well. Give a quick stir and cover. Boil at medium to low heat for 3-4 minutes.

Open cover, add the sugar and slitted green chillies. Let boil for another 2 minutes.

We are done. This is how Beulir Dal is done in our family... which may be similar to other Bengali homes.

Let us prepare the Til er Bora now. I did it absolutely my way.

For this healthy fritters, I dry roasted the white sesame seeds. I kept 1/4 of the total amount as it is and dry ground the rest of it. Oh My! they release oil man... The boiled potato too is mashed and ready to be mixed!

Take the powdered sesame seeds, boiled potato, chopped fresh coriander and green chillies, dry mango powder, chaat masala, salt together in a bowl. 

Mix together well with your palm quite well. Add the rest of the roasted sesame seeds and fold in well.

Now tear off small portions and form smooth balls taking between your palms and press a bit.

Next step I for got to take the picture. Anyway, you can well understand I did not deep fry them.

What we will do is that we will heat 2tbsp oil in a frying pan. Arrange the til er bora on it.

We will now cook each side for 2-3 minutes pressing lightly with the back of a ladle. 

Enjoy hot with the beulir dal and salad. Have some fish and meat too!