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This is how a Bengali style FULKOPI ALOO MOTORSHUTI DIYE KHICHURI is done and this is exactly how we love to have it with.... ilish maach bhaja, beguni, aloobhaja.... hilsa fry, batter fried eggplant, potato fry.... yet two accompaniments are missing.... egg omelette / mamlet & papor / papad! There is no time, date for having khichuri / khichdi / rice & lentil hotch-potch ..... I meant to this family anytime can be a khichuri time without waiting for some rain.... This tropical island gives us the freedom to prepare khichuri anytime given it rains every now and then. The men in this family anyway prefers easy meals.... to which I do not comply! When I am not in the mood to cook, I would take resort to such platters as this heavenly FULKOPI ALOO MOTORSHUTI DIYE KHICHURI. All these ingredients are always at home more or less. If there is no hilsa, I do fry double egg omelette for them... if I wish I will have one... "beguni thaktey dim khabo keno?".... eggplants in any avatar is a bliss for me! I hope I can finish off the post quickly, wrap up with lunch and the little work I need to do on Sundays and the two of us are going out .... no not on a coffee date but to get new curtains for the drawing room! Back in Kolkata the husband was not required even for this work.... we have a Skipper within 1/2 a kilometre from home and thereafter a quick snack meal was a must at Haldiram's.... the biggest in Kolkata is in our neighbourhood. Why did I force the husband to leave sailing and settle down together.... I was going mad with a rebel kid and sincerely expected the father will take utmost care of his son's studies... what a let down! Each time I go for a PTM, I am told our son knows far beyond text books.... an A* student.... as a mother my chest should exactly be the size of Rwittik Roshan's ... You bet it is not the case... why? The teachers have more to say... he fails in application because he does not study! The A* student scores 75-80-85 while the others get anything between 95-98! Their English teacher may feel very unfortunate to be a Bengali... here is her conversation with me... "Maam to Me... Ari is excellent! kintu fakibaaz... kurey... likhtey chai na... chollishta prose thakley ponero ta pore ashey... then I start weeping.... apni merey oor chamra gutiye din .... to which she says.... apni amar chakri ta khaben? I do not want to lose my job".... I think the school has stopped recruiting Bengali teachers thereafter! I come back home heavy hearted and release all frustrations on the husband.... you are spoiling him... had I been in Kolkata I would be a part of a systematic group and the son would have been under my control. He has to retaliate saying shut up!... do not crib.... you would have deployed eight teachers for eight subjects... the son would have mugged up everything and vomit in the paper.... when would he have the chance to think? Kids do not play there, evenings are for private tutors! The fight continues and people in this family do not need to go out to fight.... it happens in the comfort of this couch! How do I help myself  to cope up? First, I play a rapid fire game with myself in Karan Johar style! Below is how it goes!
1] Who is better.... Aparna Sen as an actor or a director? Come on... a director off course.... she never was fit to sing around the tree.... "lokkhiti dohai tomar... anchal dhorey rekho na".... she is too big a persona...
2] Choose between Shabana & Smita.... yeh frustration barane wali question ho gayi.... both are iconic when it comes to natural acting.... they do not act.... accha ok Shabana in Paar and Smita in Akaler Shandhane are etched in my heart.... and yes.... Tabu stormed in after a Machis and Hu Tu Tu...
3] John Abraham / Rwittik Roshan / Jholmol Khan  or Ilish?... silly question.... Ilish off course! I do not take real name of Jholmol... his fists are not in his control.
4] Your most favourite movie based on a love story till date? Mr. & Mrs. Iyer.... Which scene the most? That last scene... when Rahul Bose handed the entire roll of the film to Kankana... perhaps never to meet again. He did not require any material thing to be kept with him in her memory.... Why was I weeping resting my head on the husband's arms?.... because he is the best husband in this world....
5] If asked to choose anyone between Ilish & Mutton?.... Tension wali bata ho gayi.... Ilish offcourse!
Once over, I go for my walk and start with the silly clicks.... I click something similar to my dream home... a neat... no fancy, cottage pattern landed property and WhatsApp it to the husband.... What is his answer?... He suspects the wife has started having cannabis! The sad me then click randomly....

On way back, she had to buy some guava and have it too.... try your guava pieces with some black salt and generous amount of red chilli powder... mast!

I get philosophical thereafter and discover a grasshopper on my green chilli plant.... after so many years I got to see!

Above is how the day is till the monkey is back home around 4pm... 9 pm onwards all fights start.... it is for you the son is not in my control... quick is the answer... I want him to be independent! I am not surprised coming it from someone who stood firm by the family at age 20.... at an age when boys or girls go out on special dates .... or study hard behind closed doors.... I always wish to give him comfort .... the sole bread earner for the family for few decades now.... at times with this FULKOPI ALOO MOTORSHUTI DIYE KHICHURI....

Things are not so good as such, I am just trying to give a cover up! A young, energetic, very warm administrator of one of the Bengali food group Somsuddha is in ICU of a Kolkata nursing home, all of a sudden! I do not usually mingle in any group because I know I lack brain and I cannot maintain it! I just browsed yesterday and saw the news.... he has a little girl... feels so bad.... It may be a week or so, a boy from school... a class junior died of auto immune disorder.... survived by a daughter and son.... aged 18 and 13 respectively... I could not stop myself from messaging a friend.... "so wickets started falling?".... Then, life must go on with good amount of humour as a coverage! ..... and yes, for a fitter me I cannot survive on salads, bakes and roasts.... that last 7 kilos to be a perfect me is not going to happen in this lifetime! A FULKOPI ALOO MOTORSHUTI DIYE KHICHURI happens often instead and most in our community do it this way. My way of khichuri has to have a lot of green chillies... and dollops of ghee! I did not take any stepwise pictures for this... I was so eager to have my share of illish.... They say... once there is egg in the fish... the taste is less.... but ilish eggs are so good that we love it that way.... the son seems to be mine of late.... he loves crispy fried ilish, its eggs and kechki maach.... river water sprat.... Silver fish is near to it in taste.... ikan bilis too!

You can also try the following recipes of mine :





Fragrant Rice : 1coffee mug [We use gobinda blog / kali jeera / chinigura]
De-husked Moong Bean : 1/3 coffee mug
Cauliflower Floret : 1coffee mug [medium cup]
Potato : 2medium [peeled, washed, each cut into 4 pieces]
Green Pea : 1/2small cup
Green Chilli : 5-6 [slitted]
Ginger Paste : 2tbsp
Cumin Powder : 2tsp [using paste is better]
Coriander Powder : 1tsp [using paste is better]
Turmeric Powder : 1tsp + 1tsp
Dry Red Chilli : 3-4 [halved]
Cumin Seed : 1/2tsp
Bayleaf : 2
Salt : As Required
Sugar : 11/2tsp
Ghee : 2-3tbsp
Oil : 5-6tbsp [we use mustard]

Dry roast the dal till it is light brown. Marinate the cauliflower florets and potatoes with turmeric and salt!

Wash the rice and dal separately. Soak the dal in hot water for an hour and then put for boil adding little salt. The rice needs to be soaked for 1/2 an hour and added to the heavy bottomed vessel when the dal is boiled about 30%, may take 12-13 minutes at medium heat.

Heat oil in a wok and fry the cauliflower florets and potatoes separately. Reserve the oil in the wok.

Add some salt and turmeric to the boiling dal and rice. Add more water as and when required.

When it is 80% done, may be in another 10-12 minutes, add the fried potatoes and cauliflower florets, slitted green chillies, stir. Let boil for 5-6 minutes, add some water if required. Switch off gas.

Reheat the oil in the wok and temper with cumin seeds, bayleaf and halved dry red chillies.

Add the ginger paste and fry for 2 minutes. Add the green peas, cumin powder, coriander powder, salt and turmeric and stir for 1 minute. Add the rice and dal mixture and sugar to it and fold in very well. Let boil for 1-2 minutes and we are done. Add the ghee and mix well!

Enjoy with fries.... and yes it is incomplete without ilish bhaja.... hilsa fry!

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